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The second half of 2008. More weddings and returns of old friends,

04 Jul 2008 to 01 Jan 2009

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04 Jul 2008

Claremont Independence Day parade.

[20080704_1658.jpg] [20080704_1707.jpg]

10 Jul 2008

Timmy's last day of Cooking Camp. He's happy to be there, really. Bright sun.


22 Jul 2008

A night at Poway Fun Bowl.

[20080722_02.jpg] [20080722_05.jpg] [20080722_06.jpg] [20080722_08.jpg] [20080722_09.jpg]

25 Jul 2008

The McKinneys welcome Charlene and Roland after they move to SD.

[20080725_01.jpg] [20080725_03.jpg]

Chris plays with Nathan and Evelyn.

[20080725_10.jpg] [20080725_08.jpg]

27 Jul 2008

Gilroy Garlic Festival with Ben and the Ibañez and Camaclang families.

[20080727_03.jpg] [20080727_05.jpg]

Garlic ice cream and non-garlic sno-...mounds. Mmmm mmmm!

[20080727_08.jpg] [20080727_09.jpg]

Timmy works on a wood craft.

[20080727_14.jpg] [20080727_16.jpg]

Timmy displays his wooden vehicle.

[20080727_21.jpg] [20080727_22.jpg] [20080727_23.jpg]

28 Jul 2008

Marc's first visit to Fentons.

[20080728_01.jpg] [20080728_03.jpg] [20080728_04.jpg]

09 Aug 2008

Annual SDG Picnic, first time at Crown Point instead of Dana Landing.

[20080809_02.jpg] [20080809_10.jpg] [20080809_03.jpg] [20080809_04.jpg]

[20080809_05.jpg] [20080809_14.jpg] [20080809_16.jpg] [20080809_17.jpg] [20080809_21.jpg] [20080809_27.jpg] [20080809_38.jpg] [20080809_41.jpg]

[20080809_56.jpg] [20080809_47.jpg] [20080809_48.jpg] [20080809_49.jpg] [20080809_60.jpg] [20080809_71.jpg] [20080809_75.jpg]

10 Aug 2008

Ryan and Min's wedding.

[20080810a_02.jpg] [20080810a_05.jpg] [20080810a_03.jpg] [20080810a_06.jpg]

[20080810a_09.jpg] [20080810a_11.jpg]

[20080810a_12.jpg] [20080810a_13.jpg] [20080810a_14.jpg] [20080810a_17.jpg] [20080810a_19.jpg]

[20080810a_21.jpg] [20080810a_23.jpg] [20080810a_24.jpg] [20080810a_25.jpg] [20080810a_27.jpg]

Reception time. The kids get it started.

[20080810b_04.jpg] [20080810b_07.jpg] [20080810b_09.jpg] [20080810b_15.jpg] [20080810b_18.jpg]

[20080810b_20.jpg] [20080810b_22.jpg] [20080810b_27.jpg] [20080810b_30.jpg]

[20080810b_42.jpg] [20080810b_38.jpg] [20080810b_41.jpg] [20080810b_33.jpg]

[20080810b_59.jpg] [20080810b_49.jpg] [20080810b_67.jpg] [20080810b_70.jpg] [20080810b_72.jpg]

17 Aug 2008

SDG and karaoke at our place (with the Filipino theme).

[20080817_04.jpg] [20080817_09.jpg] [20080817_08.jpg] [20080817_01.jpg] [20080817_02.jpg]

The kids gave it a shot too.

[20080817_06.jpg] [20080817_07.jpg]

30 Aug 2008

Isabella's party at Bears, Buddies & Toys. All the girls dress as princesses.

[20080830a_10.jpg] [20080830a_16.jpg] [20080830a_19.jpg]

The boys can dress as knights or pirates.


Evelyn gets makeup.

[20080830a_29.jpg] [20080830a_31.jpg]

Isabella's royal court.

[20080830a_34.jpg] [20080830b_07.jpg]

Close-ups of the birthday girl.

[20080830b_25.jpg] [20080830b_31.jpg]

02 Sep 2008

Timmy's first day of second grade.

[20080902_04.jpg] [20080902_07.jpg]

13 Sep 2008

A visit to Julian with Ben. Evelyn really likes her apple pie.

[20080913_04.jpg] [20080913_02.jpg] [20080913_03.jpg] [20080913_06.jpg]

28 Sep 2008

Timmy's first (and my second) violin recital.

[20080928_03.jpg] [20080928_04.jpg] [20080928_10.jpg]

Evelyn tries her hand at violin again.


Me and Timmy with our teacher Greg Lawrence.


Evelyn poses at Lorna's Kitchen.


11 Oct 2008

Pumpkin patch at Bates Nut Farm.

[20081011_06.jpg] [20081011_11.jpg]

Two large pumpkins offer a good photo op.

[20081011_14.jpg] [20081011_16.jpg]

Pumpkin patch gives you wiiiiings!


Last poses.

[20081011_20.jpg] [20081011_24.jpg]

16 Oct 2008

We get our own Legoland membership and bring the Lantins, who we haven't seen since we lived on the East Coast.

[20081016_03.jpg] [20081016_04.jpg] [20081016_12.jpg] [20081016_13.jpg] [20081016_41.jpg] [20081016_46.jpg] [20081016_57.jpg] [20081016_66.jpg] [20081016_68.jpg]

17 Oct 2008

The Lantins stop by our house, and we surprise Jady with a birthday cake.

[20081017_01.jpg] [20081017_02.jpg] [20081017_08.jpg] [20081017_15.jpg] [20081017_16.jpg] [20081017_21.jpg] [20081017_25.jpg]

25 Oct 2008

Jon and Cathy's wedding. I guess we didn't get many shots of the actual ceremony. Here's choir practice.

[20081025_01.jpg] [20081025_05.jpg] [20081025_06.jpg]

Colin plays peek-a-boo from the pew.


Therese and Thomas Pang are grown now, and hang with an older Timmy and newly-met Evelyn.

[20081025_09.jpg] [20081025_11.jpg] [20081025_14.jpg] [20081025_21.jpg]

My DJ console (laptop with iTunes and my collection).


Evelyn takes to the floor.

[20081025_16.jpg] [20081025_17.jpg] [20081025_18.jpg]

The only shot we get of the actual couple.


Jeanette and Alejandra.


Isabella and Evelyn showcase flowers.

[20081025_26.jpg] [20081025_30.jpg]

DJ's allowed to dance, too, right?


26 Oct 2008

Brick-or-Treat at Legoland.

[20081026_03.jpg] [20081026_05.jpg] [20081026_07.jpg]

31 Oct 2008

The Oeis join us for Halloween in the neighborhood. Evelyn is some kind of winged princess, while Timmy is some sort of robot. He made it himself.

[20081031_02.jpg] [20081031_03.jpg] [20081031_06.jpg] [20081031_08.jpg] [20081031_14.jpg] [20081031_22.jpg]

04 Nov 2008

A small celebration of victory on Election Day. The nightmare is over. Or at least in the process of ending.

[20081104_01.jpg] [20081104_03.jpg]

16 Nov 2008

SDG lunch at the Lesages. Logan and Gabriel (and Phil) show their funny faces.

[20081116_02.jpg] [20081116_08.jpg]

22 Nov 2008

Legoland with the Baltazars. Apparently I like wearing that shirt here.

[20081122_02.jpg] [20081122_04.jpg] [20081122_09.jpg] [20081122_10.jpg] [20081122_14.jpg] [20081122_21.jpg] [20081122_22.jpg] [20081122_26.jpg] [20081122_28.jpg] [20081122_31.jpg] [20081122_34.jpg] [20081122_44.jpg] [20081122_48.jpg] [20081122_49.jpg] [20081122_50.jpg]

25 Nov 2008

A trip to Napa during our Thanksgiving visit to the Bay Area. Lunch at Bouchon.


St. Supéry winery.

[20081125a_05.jpg] [20081125a_07.jpg] [20081125a_14.jpg] [20081125a_17.jpg] [20081125a_18.jpg] [20081125a_24.jpg] [20081125a_26.jpg] [20081125a_27.jpg]

27 Nov 2008

Thanksgiving in Hayward.

[20081127_09.jpg] [20081127_11.jpg] [20081127_15.jpg]

06 Dec 2008

Festivus in Scripps Ranch. We had a butternut squash soup, webcams with the Lus, and a Top Chef game (guess the spice, quiz (with our mini Festivus pole instead of a buzzer), and dessert construction competition). Ultimately the Fach/Larrabure family won the coveted Festivus shirt to become "#1 family in all USA"!

[20081206_05.jpg] [20081206_06.jpg] [20081206_09.jpg] [20081206_12.jpg] [20081206_13.jpg] [20081206_14.jpg] [20081206_19.jpg] [20081206_20.jpg]

[20081206_21.jpg] [20081206_22.jpg] [20081206_23.jpg] [20081206_24.jpg] [20081206_25.jpg] [20081206_27.jpg]

[20081206_33.jpg] [20081206_34.jpg] [20081206_36.jpg]

09 Dec 2008

Timmy's second grade class performs at the local bookstore.

[20081209b_02.jpg] [20081209b_05.jpg] [20081209b_06.jpg]

10 Dec 2008

Santa at Evelyn's daycare.

[20081210_08.jpg] [20081210_10.jpg] [20081210_01.jpg] [20081210_03.jpg] [20081210_04.jpg] [20081210_06.jpg]

13 Dec 2008

SD Civic Dance's Winter Show in RB (Maureen does tap and jazz).

[20081213_07.jpg] [20081213_11.jpg] [20081213_14.jpg] [20081213_18.jpg] [20081213_23.jpg] [20081213_25.jpg]

20 Dec 2008

Dax and Joy's wedding. Timmy's a ring bearer again; Bryan and Gideon are groomsmen; Marsha and Leslie are bridesmaids.

[20081220a_01.jpg] [20081220a_04.jpg] [20081220a_08.jpg]

Evelyn gives another trademark pose as Timmy walks the nave.

[20081220a_10.jpg] [20081220a_16.jpg]

The ceremony and poses after.

[20081220a_25.jpg] [20081220a_30.jpg] [20081220a_34.jpg] [20081220a_39.jpg] [20081220a_49.jpg] [20081220a_65.jpg] [20081220a_68.jpg]

At the reception, Timmy strolls in, plays DS with Titus and Naomi, and everyone dances.

[20081220b_02.jpg] [20081220b_06.jpg] [20081220b_08.jpg] [20081220b_10.jpg]

[20081220b_11.jpg] [20081220b_16.jpg] [20081220b_12.jpg] [20081220b_15.jpg]

[20081220b_17.jpg] [20081220b_19.jpg] [20081220b_21.jpg] [20081220b_29.jpg] [20081220b_31.jpg] [20081220b_34.jpg] [20081220b_37.jpg] [20081220b_41.jpg]

[20081220b_45.jpg] [20081220b_47.jpg] [20081220b_49.jpg] [20081220b_48.jpg] [20081220b_50.jpg]

Finally, we take the opportunity to pose with the Christmas decorations.

[20081220b_55.jpg] [20081220b_61.jpg] [20081220b_64.jpg]

A thinly-veiled Evelyn.


21 Dec 2008

A short day at Knott's Berry Farm.

[20081221_03.jpg] [20081221_04.jpg]

25 Dec 2008

Christmas in Fairfield. We meet baby Aiden and play pin the sheep on the shepherd and shepherd dress-up.

[20081225a_01.jpg] [20081225a_03.jpg] [20081225a_04.jpg] [20081225a_05.jpg] [20081225a_06.jpg] [20081225a_07.jpg] [20081225a_09.jpg] [20081225a_10.jpg]

[20081225a_11.jpg] [20081225a_14.jpg] [20081225a_16.jpg] [20081225a_20.jpg] [20081225a_29.jpg] [20081225a_37.jpg]

26 Dec 2008

Our traditional Fentons visit.

[20081226_01.jpg] [20081226_02.jpg] [20081226_05.jpg] [20081226_06.jpg]

[20081226_09.jpg] [20081226_10.jpg] [20081226_13.jpg] [20081226_14.jpg] [20081226_16.jpg]

The nearby school has what looks like a play structure but may actually be a bike rack.

[20081226_21.jpg] [20081226_22.jpg] [20081226_24.jpg] [20081226_25.jpg]

31 Dec 2008

New Year's in Upland. This year's costume theme was anything food-related. In case you're wondering, Marsha's costume is sushi, Lola's is brasso de Mercedes (which somehow Leslie never heard of), Tita Shirley's is a mango, Maureen's is a pastilla, and mine is queso de bola.

[20081231_05.jpg] [20081231_07.jpg] [20081231_09.jpg] [20081231_15.jpg] [20081231_12.jpg] [20081231_16.jpg] [20081231_18.jpg] [20081231_20.jpg] [20081231_31.jpg] [20081231_28.jpg]

01 Jan 2009

After midnight.

[20090101_01.jpg] [20090101_05.jpg] [20090101_07.jpg] [20090101_09.jpg] [20090101_15.jpg] [20090101_11.jpg]

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