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Our second year of marriage, our first house, and some coming attractions.

14 Feb 2004 to 09 Feb 2005

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14 Feb 2004

Timmy's birthday celebration at our clubhouse in Pt. Loma.

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19 Mar 2004

Timmy and his Lola see Hi-5 (American cast) tour at a few LA venues (shopping malls). We got to see them in SD later, where they remembered him from the LA shows.

[20040319_04.jpg] [20040319_07.jpg] [20040319_10.jpg] [20040319_11.jpg] [20040319_12.jpg] [20040319_13.jpg] [20040319_14.jpg]

03 Apr 2004

Coloring Easter Eggs with Isaac.


11 Apr 2004

An Easter Egg hunt in the backyard in Claremont.

[20040411_08.jpg] [20040411_10.jpg]

27 Apr 2004

A visit to Bryant Park in NYC during our East Coast trip for Maureen's cousin Daniel and Esther's wedding.


29 Apr 2004

After a visit with Ani in New Haven, we take the train back to NYC, and pick up Timmy's tux (for being ring bearer again).

[20040429_02.jpg] [20040429_06.jpg] [20040429_10.jpg] [20040429_11.jpg]

30 Apr 2004

Timmy poses with Marc, Chris Fezzuoglio, Maureen, me, and Lily, the flower girl. Incidentally, the photographer's picture of Timmy and Lily running down the aisle won an award.

[20040430_05.jpg] [20040430_06.jpg]

[20040430_13.jpg] [20040430_16.jpg] [20040430_17.jpg] [20040430_19.jpg] [20040430_21.jpg]

We discover how alike Ethel and her grandma look.


Timmy dances with Lily and another little girl at the reception in the NY Botanical Garden, then Maureen and Marc.

[20040430_41.jpg] [20040430_47.jpg] [20040430_45.jpg] [20040430_51.jpg]

Timmy offers flowers to sisters Joanna and Esther.

[20040430_54.jpg] [20040430_57.jpg] [20040430_58.jpg]

16 May 2004

Meanwhile, back in SD, we bought a house in Scripps Ranch (actually a condo that approximates a townhouse). Here's our first turn with the dinner group, Sunday brunch.

[20040516_02.jpg] [20040516_03.jpg] [20040516_04.jpg]

31 May 2004

A visit from Edison, Dara, and a newborn Maddee (actually almost two months old here).


12 Jun 2004

A visit from Ivan and Jocelyn.


10 Jul 2004

We celebrate Lola Alice's birthday...

[20040710_01.jpg] [20040710_02.jpg] [20040710_03.jpg]

...and announce (first to Lola Alice by way of sonogram snuck into her birthday card) the forthcoming birth of Timmy's little sibling (sister, it turns out). Sadly, she would not see the birth, but we pay tribute to her by name upon that birth.

[20040710_04.jpg] [20040710_05.jpg]

Birthday cake at Tita Shirley's, along with all her children.

[20040710_11.jpg] [20040710_12.jpg] [20040710_13.jpg]

11 Jul 2004

The annual Sunday Dinner Group (henceforth referred to as SDG) picnic at Dana Landing.

[20040711_02.jpg] [20040711_04.jpg]

16 Jul 2004

Timmy and a classmate at his daycare, A Brighter Future.

[20040716_03.jpg] [20040716_04.jpg]

05 Sep 2004

Maddee's Baptism in Pasadena, and a small reunion with Ronan, Joe, Sheryl, and Renee.

[20040905_12.jpg] [20040905_15.jpg] [20040905_04.jpg] [20040905_08.jpg] [20040905_16.jpg] [20040905_18.jpg]

12 Sep 2004

Another SDG turn at our place.

[20040912_05.jpg] [20040912_08.jpg] [20040912_16.jpg]

24 Sep 2004

Noreen and Gio visit the Natalie and Bob. I show them our online wedding pictures, in the format the, unfortunately, requires a head-turning for portrait-oriented photos.

[20040924_01.jpg] [20040924_02.jpg] [20040924_04.jpg] [20040924_07.jpg]

26 Sep 2004

The (quadrannually, in our case) SDG camping trip, this time at Lake Arrowhead.

[20040926_03.jpg] [20040926_07.jpg] [20040926_08.jpg] [20040926_09.jpg] [20040926_14.jpg]

09 Oct 2004

This time Maureen goes to her own 10-year high school reunion.

[20041009_01.jpg] [20041009_02.jpg]

23 Oct 2004

Ivan's day-long bachelor party includes spelunking in the Anza-Borrego Desert. Wow, it's not often you see that word. Spe-LUN-king.

[20041023_06.jpg] [20041023_09.jpg] [20041023_01.jpg] [20041023_02.jpg] [20041023_04.jpg] [20041023_21.jpg] [20041023_25.jpg]

The most rewarding mud cave ends here with a victorious Ivan and Kevin.

[20041023_29.jpg] [20041023_30.jpg] [20041023_34.jpg]

31 Oct 2004

Halloween falls on Eric and Liz' SDG turn, so we trick-or-treat in Carlsbad, where the running joke is that they pass out iPod minis at every door. Timmy is Abu from Aladdin, and we enlist the help of SDG members (*cough* sweatshop! *cough*) to finish sewing it.

[20041031_03.jpg] [20041031_05.jpg] [20041031_08.jpg]

06 Nov 2004

Ivan and Jocelyn's wedding at St. Gregory's (near our new house) and reception at the La Jolla Women's Club. A magic trick with a candle and napkin goes awry.

[20041106_01.jpg] [20041106_02.jpg] [20041106_04.jpg] [20041106_06.jpg]

[20041106_08.jpg] [20041106_07.jpg] [20041106_09.jpg] [20041106_10.jpg]

20 Nov 2004

Kim and Dan's wedding in the OC. My only decent pictures are a view from the choir and a table picture with the couple.

[20041120_01.jpg] [20041120_03.jpg]

25 Nov 2004

The Buñags come down to our house for the Thanksgiving, along with my parents and Claire.

[20041125_01.jpg] [20041125_02.jpg] [20041125_03.jpg] [20041125_05.jpg]

26 Nov 2004

Timmy and his Lolo show off their (more or less) matching shirts.


27 Nov 2004

Uncle Cilio and Auntie Nieves visit while my parents and Claire are still here.


04 Dec 2004

One of Timmy's soccer lessons.

[20041204_01.jpg] [20041204_03.jpg]

08 Dec 2004

Timmy and Santa at Timmy's new daycare.


11 Dec 2004

Ben and Marsha come with us to Old Town for dinner. We also play Text Twist.

[20041211_01.jpg] [20041211_05.jpg]

19 Dec 2004

Felix visits from LA for Festivus at our place. He also helps out and saves us the business of getting messy ourselves.

[20041219_01.jpg] [20041219_02.jpg]

24 Dec 2004

Christmas Eve Mass at the UCSD Catholic Community. The first time I made it to this one, I think.

[20041224_02.jpg] [20041224_04.jpg] [20041224_07.jpg]

25 Dec 2004

A Christmas party at the Jovenals (Jocelyn's parents).

[20041225a_02.jpg] [20041225a_03.jpg] [20041225a_04.jpg]

26 Dec 2004

A visit to Tita Lee.


31 Dec 2004

New Year's Eve at the Chabot Space & Science Center.

[20041231a_02.jpg] [20041231a_04.jpg]

The Hayward New Year's party, with Ben, Marc, and Marsha.

[20041231a_06.jpg] [20041231b_02.jpg] [20041231b_01.jpg] [20041231b_03.jpg] [20041231b_04.jpg] [20041231b_05.jpg] [20041231b_06.jpg]

01 Jan 2005

First poses of the new year.

[20050101_02.jpg] [20050101_03.jpg] [20050101_04.jpg] [20050101_08.jpg]

14 Jan 2005

My birthday with the SDG. Felix sent an online gift certificate recently, so I used it to buy EyeToy: Groove (EyeToy included). It happened to arrive this day, and we all got to play it. It's a much easier learning curve than DDR.

[20050114_04.jpg] [20050114_05.jpg] [20050114_01.jpg] [20050114_06.jpg]

[20050114_09.jpg] [20050114_17.jpg] [20050114_18.jpg] [20050114_19.jpg]

22 Jan 2005

Eric and Liz host Maureen's baby shower. Wow, those McKinneys are competitive! Natascha is a centimeter away from first place in the "guess my girth" game.

[20050122_03.jpg] [20050122_10.jpg] [20050122_15.jpg] [20050122_16.jpg] [20050122_17.jpg] [20050122_22.jpg] [20050122_27.jpg] [20050122_28.jpg] [20050122_30.jpg] [20050122_31.jpg] [20050122_32.jpg] [20050122_40.jpg]

[20050122_36.jpg] [20050122_38.jpg] [20050122_02.jpg]

30 Jan 2005

Mikayla's birthday party at Emerald.

[20050130_01.jpg] [20050130_02.jpg]

09 Feb 2005

Timmy's first Ash Wednesday ashes.


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