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The whole family, living in CT, and taking trips.

09 Jul 2002 to 06 Sep 2002

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09 Jul 2002

Finally, I finish my second (but not last) year at UCSD and move to New Haven. Here's a random pose with Timmy.


13 Jul 2002

A New Jersey visit.

Timmy plays at the Ocampo house.

[20020713a_01.jpg] [20020713a_29.jpg] [20020713a_33.jpg] [20020713a_34.jpg]

Timmy plays with Thalia (for her Thalia's birthday) at Jady and Lisa's house.

[20020713b_01.jpg] [20020713b_03.jpg] [20020713b_09.jpg] [20020713b_16.jpg] [20020713b_28.jpg]

14 Jul 2002

We stay overnight at the Lantins and have dim sum for lunch.

[20020714_06.jpg] [20020714_15.jpg] [20020714_13.jpg]

02 Aug 2002

Timmy's hard at work on my work computer. My bosses will never know the difference.


03 Aug 2002

One of many trips to NYC. We meet up with Marc and my Ninang Lut and hang around Lincoln Center.

[20020803_03.jpg] [20020803_04.jpg] [20020803_06.jpg] [20020803_09.jpg] [20020803_16.jpg]

Timmy wants to hold the subway train pole by himself and plays with the wasteful (but fun) faucet with no aerator at Marc's place.

[20020803_18.jpg] [20020803_21.jpg] [20020803_23.jpg]

04 Aug 2002

Another visit to the New states, with Kim and her dog Snowflake in NYC and Kim's foster mother Bernice (from before Kim's family came to the US) and her dogs Rocky and Brutus (I think) in NJ. Bernice gives Timmy a plush monkey.

[20020804_01.jpg] [20020804_08.jpg] [20020804_06.jpg]

05 Aug 2002

One of our favorite NYC spots, Galaxy Global Eatery, with eclectic (but reasonably priced) cuisine in a club-like visual atmosphere.

[20020805_06.jpg] [20020805_09.jpg]

15 Aug 2002

Timmy and I visit SD.

Here are Chris and Timmy brushing.


17 Aug 2002

Chris and Teresa, Natascha and Dawood, and Roummel at Niban.

[20020817_05.jpg] [20020817_06.jpg]

18 Aug 2002

Sunday Brunch in Carlsbad with Eric and Liz.


Mass at the Catholic Community with Janet, Danielle, Phil, Jeanette, Christine, Paul, and Dave.


And finally, dinner with the usual suspects Ben, Bob, and Natalie.


26 Aug 2002

The big trip to Disney World!

Timmy enjoys his heavenly bread at the Lonestar bar & grill.

[20020826_08.jpg] [20020826_09.jpg]

27 Aug 2002

Epcot Center.

The whole group just outside the Food Rocks and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids shows.

[20020827_06.jpg] [20020827_10.jpg]

Timmy with a hat and a mask.

[20020827_20.jpg] [20020827_24.jpg]

Colonials and cell phones.

[20020827_32.jpg] [20020827_35.jpg]

When good nachos go bad...Timmy eats a missed Jalepeño or its juice, but he's fine later, playing with Lola's curlers in the car.

[20020827_38.jpg] [20020827_46.jpg]

29 Aug 2002

Disney's Animal Kingdom.

We go on a safari, but Timmy's a little anxious about the bumpy ride.

[20020829a_21.jpg] [20020829a_27.jpg] [20020829a_28.jpg]

Timmy poses with Pocahontas, Tigger, and Rafiki.

[20020829a_41.jpg] [20020829a_42.jpg] [20020829a_44.jpg]

Timmy gets animal friendly at the petting zoo.

[20020829a_48.jpg] [20020829a_54.jpg] [20020829a_52.jpg]

Ladies' man Timmy, waiting for a parade. The last is what we call Timmy's "Rico Suavé pose."

[20020829a_70.jpg] [20020829a_76.jpg] [20020829a_79.jpg]

The jungle parade.

[20020829a_86.jpg] [20020829a_88.jpg]

Downtown Disney in the foliage, in the fountain outside the AMC building, and outside Rainforest Cafe.

[20020829b_02.jpg] [20020829b_09.jpg] [20020829b_04.jpg]

31 Aug 2002

My family visits us for a week, but somehow we only got a few pictures (on our camera at least). Here we're eating homemade Korean BBQ, with recipe from Eunmi.


06 Sep 2002

Last picture before my parents and Claire leave for CA.


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