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A continuation of the college years in a 4-month snapshot.

12 Jan 1997 to 07 Apr 1997

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12 Jan 1997

Pictures from my birthday (the day after) at Carlos Murphy's (aka 'Smurphy's). left: Me rambling on with my colossal balloon hat, right: Me blowing out the candles while Maureen, Edison, and Joe look on.

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15 Feb 1997

Me and Maureen celebrating Valentine's Day (also the day after). left: At Khyber Pass restaurant in San Diego, right: In front of the Haagen-Dazs in Downtown La Jolla.

[19970215_00.jpg] [19970215_01.jpg]

14 Mar 1997

The usual suspects for "Last Supper" here at Red Lobster for Winter Quarter '97. left: (left to right by head) Edison, Dara, Carolyn, Renee, Cathy, Ben Bunyi, Mike M., (ducking) Ji, Ailoan, Ron, Ray, Mike S., Jim, me, right: Edison and Dara.

[19970314_02.jpg] [19970314_05.jpg]

04 Apr 1997

Jim about to blow it (his candle, that is) with his complimentary Kona Pie for his 22nd birthday (two days before) at his favorite burger place, Islands


A dinner party and Natalie and Noreen's. left to right: (sitting) Noreen, Mary Grace, Cathy, Mike, Nat, Bob, (standing) Duc, Arvin, Leo, (kickin' it) me.


05 Apr 1997

Maureen and me at Justin's place in Newport Beach, at his balcony looking over the shore...nice.


Justin, Newport Beach Secret Service, not.


Maureen, me, and Justin at Fashion Island. left: At California Pizza Kitchen, right: With Pelican Man?

[19970405a_12.jpg] [19970405a_14.jpg]

Bowling at Irvine Lanes. left: Maureen and me with our matching (rented) shoes, right: Mike B. and me.

[19970405b_15.jpg] [19970405b_18.jpg]

07 Apr 1997

Elvin hard at work at his Oasis office.


Maureen and me in the KP office resting before our anniversary celebration night and at dinner that night.

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