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Maureen and I had a long-awaited honeymoon in France...touring with friends, the second half.

25 May 2007 to 30 May 2007

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24 May 2007

We're finally on the road away from Paris in a rented Ford Galaxy that barely held our stuff and ourselves.

[20070524a_02.jpg] [20070524a_03.jpg]

The port town of Honfleur. We had lunch at L'Hippocampe.

[20070524a_05.jpg] [20070524a_06.jpg] [20070524a_09.jpg] [20070524a_10.jpg] [20070524a_11.jpg] [20070524a_12.jpg] [20070524a_14.jpg] [20070524a_15.jpg]

No shortage of cathedrals in France.

[20070524a_21.jpg] [20070524a_23.jpg] [20070524a_26.jpg] [20070524a_27.jpg]

More town scenes.

[20070524a_29.jpg] [20070524a_30.jpg] [20070524a_31.jpg]

Dinner at Le Pommier in Bayeux.

[20070524b_13.jpg] [20070524b_15.jpg] [20070524b_12.jpg] [20070524b_14.jpg] [20070524b_16.jpg] [20070524b_18.jpg] [20070524b_19.jpg] [20070524b_22.jpg] [20070524b_23.jpg]

Bayeux has its own Notre Dame cathedral. With similar sculpted art.

[20070524b_37.jpg] [20070524b_39.jpg] [20070524b_41.jpg]

25 May 2007

The Caen Memorial, a museum of peace. Lots of artifacts from WWII and the years just before and just after.

[20070525a_03.jpg] [20070525a_06.jpg] [20070525a_01.jpg] [20070525a_05.jpg] [20070525a_07.jpg] [20070525a_08.jpg]

[20070525a_09.jpg] [20070525a_12.jpg] [20070525a_14.jpg] [20070525a_18.jpg] [20070525a_22.jpg] [20070525a_27.jpg] [20070525a_36.jpg] [20070525a_45.jpg]

This wedding dress was made out of British Sgt. Emeny's parachute, who was shot down in May 1944. The wedding took place Sep 1947.


Detail map of the D-Day invasion, showing the beach section codenames.

[20070525a_41.jpg] [20070525a_42.jpg] [20070525a_44.jpg]

The Nobel Peace Prize gallery in the back of the memorial.

[20070525a_47.jpg] [20070525a_51.jpg] [20070525a_54.jpg] [20070525a_56.jpg]

The grounds in front of the building.

[20070525a_63.jpg] [20070525a_66.jpg]

Mont Saint-Michel is an island whose surrounding water is tidal and whose land is a single mountain. Lots of climbing.

[20070525b_08.jpg] [20070525b_17.jpg]

[20070525b_20.jpg] [20070525b_21.jpg] [20070525b_22.jpg] [20070525b_25.jpg]

[20070525b_33.jpg] [20070525b_39.jpg] [20070525b_40.jpg] [20070525b_44.jpg]

[20070525b_50.jpg] [20070525b_52.jpg] [20070525b_51.jpg] [20070525b_58.jpg]

This terrace is in front of the abbey of the island.

[20070525b_66.jpg] [20070525b_67.jpg] [20070525b_68.jpg] [20070525b_72.jpg] [20070525b_73.jpg]

Yikes! A long way down, visible from this grate.


I wouldn't get that close to the edge.

[20070525b_69.jpg] [20070525b_82.jpg]

The Abbey has many pictoresque rooms.

[20070525c_01.jpg] [20070525c_04.jpg] [20070525c_06.jpg] [20070525c_13.jpg] [20070525c_16.jpg] [20070525c_28.jpg] [20070525c_30.jpg] [20070525c_36.jpg] [20070525c_47.jpg] [20070525c_55.jpg]

A rest after all that exploring.


It's all downhill from here.

[20070525c_59.jpg] [20070525d_06.jpg]

[20070525d_11.jpg] [20070525d_12.jpg]

[20070525d_13.jpg] [20070525d_16.jpg] [20070525d_17.jpg]

Dinner at La Confiance.

[20070525d_18.jpg] [20070525d_20.jpg] [20070525d_22.jpg] [20070525d_23.jpg] [20070525d_25.jpg] [20070525d_26.jpg] [20070525d_28.jpg]

Château Bellefontaine, our temporary residence in Bayeux.

[20070525e_01.jpg] [20070525e_02.jpg] [20070525e_04.jpg] [20070525e_09.jpg]

26 May 2007

Normandy D-Day sites by van tour from the Caen Memorial. Not many words can describe this.

[20070526a_03.jpg] [20070526a_04.jpg] [20070526a_05.jpg] [20070526a_08.jpg] [20070526a_09.jpg] [20070526a_19.jpg] [20070526a_27.jpg] [20070526a_28.jpg] [20070526a_30.jpg] [20070526a_34.jpg] [20070526a_41.jpg] [20070526a_42.jpg] [20070526a_50.jpg] [20070526a_55.jpg] [20070526a_61.jpg]

The American Memorial, the cemetery of which was filmed in Saving Private Ryan. Ditto on indescribability.

[20070526b_04.jpg] [20070526b_06.jpg]

[20070526b_08.jpg] [20070526b_12.jpg]

[20070526b_20.jpg] [20070526b_21.jpg] [20070526b_23.jpg] [20070526b_27.jpg]

[20070526b_31.jpg] [20070526b_33.jpg] [20070526b_37.jpg] [20070526b_41.jpg]

The actual beaches and the surrounding area.

[20070526c_04.jpg] [20070526c_11.jpg] [20070526c_12.jpg] [20070526c_13.jpg] [20070526c_18.jpg] [20070526c_30.jpg] [20070526c_40.jpg] [20070526c_41.jpg] [20070526c_43.jpg] [20070526c_53.jpg]

[20070526c_55.jpg] [20070526c_56.jpg] [20070526c_58.jpg] [20070526c_59.jpg] [20070526c_61.jpg] [20070526c_65.jpg] [20070526c_69.jpg]

After such a solemn day, we relax at the beautiful Château Bellefontaine, where we've been staying. Okay, now that we're in a less solemn mood, our van tour driver looked like a French version of Jeremy Piven (so I of course referred to him as such with a French-ish accent ("zher'-eh-mee pi'-venh")).

[20070526d_01.jpg] [20070526d_09.jpg] [20070526d_03.jpg] [20070526d_04.jpg] [20070526d_05.jpg] [20070526d_07.jpg] [20070526d_10.jpg] [20070526d_11.jpg] [20070526d_13.jpg] [20070526d_14.jpg] [20070526d_17.jpg]

27 May 2007

Chartres has its own famous cathedral named Notre Dame, this one featuring a relic -- the veil of the Virgin Mary.

[20070527a_03.jpg] [20070527a_14.jpg] [20070527a_09.jpg] [20070527a_15.jpg]

Only Maureen was brave enough to climb the tower, with a good view of the town.

[20070527a_18.jpg] [20070527a_21.jpg] [20070527a_27.jpg] [20070527a_20.jpg] [20070527a_22.jpg] [20070527a_26.jpg] [20070527a_28.jpg] [20070527a_44.jpg] [20070527a_46.jpg]

Only a one-night stay at Château d'Esclimont in Saint-Symphorien.

[20070527b_01.jpg] [20070527b_02.jpg] [20070527b_04.jpg]

Modern sculptures adorn the grounds. The apparent tuft of hair (made of twigs) was not actually part of the sculpture (I think).

[20070527b_06.jpg] [20070527b_07.jpg]

Dinner was kinda pricey but good and good-looking.

[20070527b_13.jpg] [20070527b_19.jpg] [20070527b_20.jpg] [20070527b_21.jpg] [20070527b_24.jpg] [20070527b_26.jpg]

Ben psyches himself for dessert.

[20070527b_31.jpg] [20070527b_33.jpg]

28 May 2007

Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, the town where Chocolat was filmed. My running joke this time was the "Ozerain" was a French-accent pronunciation of "other rain" (as in "not this rain, but the..."). When will I learn to quit?

[20070528_02.jpg] [20070528_05.jpg] [20070528_08.jpg] [20070528_03.jpg] [20070528_07.jpg]

Interesting window graffiti. I saved this for my sister-in-law.


We had an excellent and inexpensive quiche lunch at the local café, La Grange.

[20070528_11.jpg] [20070528_13.jpg] [20070528_16.jpg]

Our last major stop before returning to Paris was Beaune, in the Burgundy wine region. Excellent dinner at Le Conty.

[20070528_17.jpg] [20070528_19.jpg] [20070528_21.jpg] [20070528_22.jpg] [20070528_25.jpg]

29 May 2007

Wine tasting at Marché aux Vins in Beaune.

[20070529a_01.jpg] [20070529a_04.jpg] [20070529a_06.jpg] [20070529a_08.jpg] [20070529a_09.jpg] [20070529a_14.jpg]

[20070529a_16.jpg] [20070529a_17.jpg] [20070529a_25.jpg]

More wine tasting at Patriarche Père et Fils in Beaune.

[20070529a_29.jpg] [20070529a_30.jpg] [20070529a_34.jpg] [20070529a_35.jpg] [20070529a_36.jpg] [20070529a_37.jpg] [20070529a_38.jpg] [20070529a_43.jpg] [20070529a_47.jpg]

Maureen practices her tap routine. Check out the GIF animation on her stage page.

[20070529b_02.jpg] [20070529b_03.jpg] [20070529b_06.jpg]

30 May 2007

Back in Paris, we had a quick lunch at Quick, a fast-food joint like McDonalds. I had to try the currently featured "Spider-Man" burger, which had an imprinted web on the bun and extra-stringy cheese.


Our last dinner before returning to the States was at Leon de Bruxelles, a chain specializing in moules frites, mussels and fries.

[20070530a_02.jpg] [20070530a_03.jpg] [20070530a_04.jpg] [20070530a_05.jpg] [20070530a_06.jpg] [20070530a_07.jpg] [20070530a_10.jpg] [20070530a_12.jpg] [20070530a_14.jpg]

Last visit to the Eiffel Tower. We missed the last elevator again, this time only just. "Missed it by that much!"


Maureen finally does her long-awaited tap routine in front of the Tower. Again, check out the GIF animation on her stage page (second one).

[20070530b_12.jpg] [20070530b_13.jpg] [20070530b_17.jpg]


[20070530b_25.jpg] [20070530b_27.jpg] [20070530b_29.jpg]

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