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What a difference a week makes!

14 Feb 2001 to 20 Feb 2001

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14 Feb 2001


Just delivered:

Timmy is finally here! We may look tired, but it's all too much to sleep now! Don't worry, we'll be asleep in about two hours (for a duration of also two hours).

[20010214a_05.jpg] [20010214a_06.jpg] [20010214a_07.jpg]


First solos with Natascha and Lyn (Maureen's mom, now Lola).

[20010214a_08.jpg] [20010214a_09.jpg]

Timmy's first bed. Not too comfy, but he's got his burrito-wrap bundle.

[20010214a_10.jpg] [20010214a_12.jpg]

16 Feb 2001

Home at last:

Only two days later, but now we can really rest.

[20010216b_13.jpg] [20010216b_14.jpg] [20010216c_02.jpg]

17 Feb 2001

The party at Pagoda Way, Mira Mesa, SD, CA (Maureen's previous residence):

The ever-increasing Ibanez family.


Four generations of Bunags: mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and baby.


The young 'uns of the Ibanez family.


The Bunag family: Teresita (Fabbee), Hector (Iboy), Soledad (Sol).


The residents of the house: Nelson (not pictured), Nida, Fely, Dan, Lisa, Dante.


Various solos with Timmy; Lola Alice, Lyn, Marc, Manny. My favorite is the one where Timmy yawns =).

[20010217a_21.jpg] [20010217a_20.jpg] [20010217a_18.jpg] [20010217a_23.jpg]

Home again:

The weekend soon comes to a close. Anyone else tired?


My mom and dad with Timmy. Now Lolo and Lola.

[20010217b_06.jpg] [20010217b_07.jpg]

18 Feb 2001

Sunday Night Dinner:

Timmy gets a four-day cake. You can't see him in front of me, but he's trying really hard to blow out the candles.


Chris and Teresa strike a pose.


19 Feb 2001

Home once again:

Believe it or not, we both actually sleep like this (for me, it's only near the end of my sleep, when I'm almost ready to get up).


My mom and dad with two cutie blue bundles.


More solos with my dad and sister (proud aunt).

[20010219_14.jpg] [20010219_13.jpg]

The ever-increasing Camaclang family.


The best Valentine's present we could ever get:


20 Feb 2001

Visitors from Michigan: June and Ian Mitchell dine with us at King's Garden in Solana Beach.

[20010220_21.jpg] [20010220_22.jpg]

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