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Lots of weddings, living in New Haven, CT, and Timmy's first birthday.

16 Jun 2001 to 31 Dec 2001

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16 Jun 2001

Leslie takes some very artistic black & white professional shots of tropical Timmy.

[20010616b_02.jpg] [20010616b_03.jpg] [20010616b_13.jpg] [20010616b_05.jpg] [20010616b_08.jpg] [20010616b_15.jpg]

28 Jul 2001

Chris and Teresa's wedding day. Before going, we take some pictures of Timmy in my old baby outfit and my old clip-on bowtie (the "Chippendale" picture).

[20010728b_04.jpg] [20010728b_05.jpg] [20010728b_08.jpg]

After the ceremony.

[20010728b_12.jpg] [20010728b_14.jpg] [20010728b_11.jpg]

Group pictures at the reception.

[20010728a_04.jpg] [20010728a_05.jpg] [20010728b_15.jpg] [20010728a_03.jpg]

09 Aug 2001

Timmy's first flight. Maureen couldn't defer for more than a year (though she found out later she actually could have), so she started her first year at Yale as I was starting my second at UCSD.

[20010809b_01.jpg] [20010809b_09.jpg]

12 Aug 2001

Kevin and Patty's wedding. I didn't bring my camera, but I got some of the prints from the disposable cameras at the reception. These are the clearest ones. Maureen and Timmy missed this by less than a week.

[20010811_01.jpg] [20010811_02.jpg]

25 Aug 2001

After moving to Mesa Apts. (for UCSD grad students) with Felix (replacing Chris), I flew out to New Haven (through Hartford) for three weeks to help finish setting Maureen and Timmy up at Whitehall Apts (for Yale grad students). Here's Timmy playing with the computer I set up for Maureen to use, complete with webcam (as evidenced in previous pages).


08 Sep 2001

Auntie Nenette and Abby visit our grad student apartment (actually Maureen and Timmy's at this time).

[20010908_15.jpg] [20010908_16.jpg]

13 Sep 2001

Timmy first crawl! I had him chase a blue folder (not shown here, but this crawl got caught on film), and after he several periods of resting by sitting up, he took more than two steps forward. Then he learned to keep on going.


16 Sep 2001

Days before I fly back to SD, we visit our friends in Boston and eat at S&S: Charlene and Phil and Marc's friends Yoko and Phil.

[20010916_02.jpg] [20010916_04.jpg]

31 Oct 2001

Timmy's first Halloween, with other kids from Whitehall Apartments.

[20011031_14.jpg] [20011031_15.jpg] [20011031_20.jpg]

10 Nov 2001

Dara and Edison's wedding. First time I was a groomsman. I remembered my camera this time, but I'm starting to miss being at weddings with Maureen or Timmy (who would arrive a week later).

[20011110_06.jpg] [20011110_09.jpg] [20011110_10.jpg]


Our table, with Renee and Eric and Irene (from Synthetic Genetics during our era there).


Me and Edison and Dara (for the money dance).

[20011110_15.jpg] [20011110_17.jpg]

Jedi Master Edison.


22 Nov 2001

Timmy's first Thanksgiving, in Claremont. My parents and Claire came to visit too, one of our first joint celebrations.

[20011122a_01.jpg] [20011122b_04.jpg]

15 Dec 2001

Eric and Liz' wedding. Again, Maureen and Timmy missed this one by a week. Alas, thus was the schedule at Yale.

[20011215a_08.jpg] [20011215a_09.jpg] [20011215a_10.jpg]

22 Dec 2001

Our friends at Whitehall, Eunmi and her family. Eunmi watched Timmy often and was the most likely source for Timmy's first word, "ama," Korean for mother, which evolved into Timmy's first English word, "mama" (of course).


24 Dec 2001

Timmy's first Christmas Eve, in Hayward. He's already learn to clap, as well as smile for the camera (hamming) as you'll see in the next few days.


25 Dec 2001

Timmy's first Christmas presents, opened right after changing clothes, right after midnight Mass.

[20011225a_21.jpg] [20011225b_20.jpg] [20011225a_25.jpg]

The extended Camaclang family and the Ibañez family at our second joint celebration.

[20011225c_02.jpg] [20011225d_22.jpg]

Later, Timmy shows he can stand up for himself.


27 Dec 2001

We all visit Ima, and Timmy connects with her again.

[20011227a_09.jpg] [20011227a_12.jpg]

Timmy and the Wangs.


28 Dec 2001

Another hammy Timmy picture with Lola Jo.


29 Dec 2001

Timmy visits with the Mendozas while Justin joins Claire and Maureen and I for dinner in Japan Town in SF.

[20011229b_15.jpg] [20011229b_16.jpg] [20011229b_19.jpg]

31 Dec 2001

Timmy's first New Year's, in Rowland Heights. This year, we have a pajama theme (convenient for sleeping over afterward), and Timmy tries Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) with Tito Chris and David Hopkinson.

[20011231b_22.jpg] [20011231b_25.jpg]

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