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Maureen and I spend our first time living apart but still together, as I left my job and we both prepared for grad school. Upon finding out we were going to have Timmy, Maureen defers for a year, and I change schools from UC Davis to our undergrad school, UCSD.

28 Oct 1999 to 18 Dec 2000

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28 Oct 1999

Dinner at the Boyces' with Roummel and Charlene.


18 Dec 1999

Christmas party at Natalie Gould's with some Godspell people and Chris and Teresa.

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19 Jan 2000

San Onofre drive-by. I forgot what this trip up I-5 was for, but I remember this.

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12 Feb 2000

Two weeks after I move home after leaving Synthetic Genetics, I come back to see the introduction of baby panda Hua Mei to the world at the San Diego Zoo.

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We met up with Kevin and Patty for Kevin's birthday at Buffalo Joe's.


09 Apr 2000

I came down again for our 4-year dating anniversary. Maureen's here with Hugs, the dog at her Pagoda Way residence.


We did some horseback riding at Julian Stables in, uh...Julian. We took lessons along with a couple who got engaged during the horseback riding. I think we were going to send this picture to them, but I lost their contact info. If this is you, contact me (Ian), and I can send you a copy or even an enlargement if you want.

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10 Apr 2000

The view from our bed-and-breakfast in Julian.

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29 Apr 2000

My family's trip to Las Vegas, including, of course, the Star Trek Experience.

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01 Jul 2000

Wendy and Andy's wedding, after which we first find out about Timmy (see next page).

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05 Aug 2000

Doug and Angelina's wedding. Natascha went in my place as I was finishing up work in the Bay.

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01 Sep 2000

My goodbye dinner with my coworkers at Posiflex.

[20000901_13.jpg] [20000901_14.jpg]

I move down to San Diego, and immediately we go on a camping trip with the Sunday Dinner Group and Frank's friends.

09 Sep 2000

Honey, don't tire yourself!

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19 Sep 2000

The camping group.


15 Oct 2000

Our housewarming party at Carroll Canyon.

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17 Oct 2000

Reunion with Synthetic Genetics coworkers.


18 Dec 2000

Tree trimming party with SDG and Jon and Jeanette.

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