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24 Feb 2001 to 15 Apr 2001

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24 Feb 2001

Maureen's cousin Bryan's birthday, but you can't really see Bryan here because we were taking pictures of Timmy. You'll see him later though....

In the meantime, here are Doug and Angelina and Riley.

[20010224_01.jpg] [20010224_02.jpg] [20010224_05.jpg] [20010224_03.jpg]

02 Mar 2001

Timmy's 2-week Kaiser appointment:

On the way to the appointment, Lyn gets an all-cheek picture.


Just waiting for the checkup.

[20010302_05.jpg] [20010302_02.jpg] [20010302_01.jpg]

The various tests and stuff. Timmy got an A+ from the nurse.

[20010302_09.jpg] [20010302_10.jpg] [20010302_07.jpg] [20010302_06.jpg]

03 Mar 2001

Roummel and I performed a medley of songs by Women of Rock. Our act was called the "Indigo Guys", a tribute to those ground-breaking Women in Rock, such as Paula Cole, Natalie Imbruglia, and Britney Spears (here because we did Travis' acoustic version of ...Baby One More Time). Also Kevin and Paty posing with Timmy.

[20010303b_14.jpg] [20010303b_18.jpg]

10 Mar 2001

The Young Artists Symphony Orchestra 2001 concert (and Timmy's first):

Roummel and Patty play in this orchestra, and you might be able to spot them in the pit. Also, some group pictures with friends from the Catholic Community.

[20010310a_20.jpg] [20010310b_01.jpg] [20010310a_19.jpg]

?? Mar 2001

Some miscellaneous shots:

Timmy's first bottle feeding.


25 Mar 2001

Similar hairstyles between Timmy (who just bathed) and Bryan.


14 Mar 2001

Timmy's 1-month birthday:

Regular camera pictures at the studio. The 4-generations picture, Lola Alice, us, and Lyn demonstrating her photographic skills with the studio background.

[20010314a_16.jpg] [20010314a_15.jpg] [20010314a_12.jpg] [20010314a_19.jpg]

The studio pictures. These digital versions are nowhere close to the resolution of the real ones, but these are here as a preview.

[20010314b_01.jpg] [20010314b_02.jpg] [20010314b_03.jpg] [20010314b_04.jpg]

Post-studio poses by Lyn, the crying baby and the swinging baby...yeah!

[20010314a_24.jpg] [20010314a_22.jpg]

26 Mar 2001

(till 31 Mar)

Spring break in Hayward:

Various poses with my mom (airplaning), Maureen (mirroring), and me (shouldering).

[20010326-31_06.jpg] [20010326-31_04.jpg] [20010326-31_07.jpg]

My grandma, Timmy's great-grandma, at St. Francis Extended Care in Hayward, and the next day at Shian San Restaurant with the whole family.

[20010326-31_08.jpg] [20010326-31_12.jpg] [20010326-31_17.jpg]

Easter ears at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Timmy was completely unaware of his metamorphosis.


?? Apr 2001

Some of the people at Maureen's lab:

Flossie (PI, Principal Investigator for the lab), Chris, Jean, Jian-Ping, and Sigrid (clerical assistant and Charger girl captain).

[20010401-12a_22.jpg] [20010401-12a_21.jpg] [20010401-12a_23.jpg] [20010401-12a_20.jpg] [20010401-12a_24.jpg]

14 Apr 2001

Riley's 8th birthday:

Riley's party at Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theater. I had no idea these were still around, but here it is! Tito Iboy in the background holding Timmy and Riley with her mom Sanna and Timmy.

[20010414_05.jpg] [20010414_09.jpg]

15 Apr 2001

Easter 2001 (Timmy's first):

Roummel holding Timmy after the Easter Vigil Mass at Our Mother of Confidence and at home surrounded by stuffed animals.

[20010415a_11.jpg] [20010415a_12.jpg]

Easter brunch with Ben, Bob (not pictured), and Natalie (not pictured).

[20010415b_13.jpg] [20010415b_14.jpg]

Felix's 28th birthday:

Dinner at Chevy's with Señor Feliz and Timmy punching Crazy Phil, riding the piñata, and wearing the sombrero.

[20010415c_16.jpg] [20010415c_17.jpg] [20010415c_19.jpg] [20010415c_18.jpg]

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