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The first third of 2007, from my birthday to Mother's Day.

03 Jan 2007 to 11 May 2007

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03 Jan 2007

Evelyn paints a letter on her face (probably not intentionally).


11 Jan 2007

A small birthday celebration for me.

[20070111_09.jpg] [20070111_15.jpg] [20070111_16.jpg]

13 Jan 2007

James and Whitney's wedding. Timmy was the ring bearer.

[20070113a_09.jpg] [20070113a_13.jpg] [20070113a_32.jpg] [20070113a_44.jpg]

At the reception, we reconnect with Fr. Jim and party on.

[20070113b_82.jpg] [20070113b_38.jpg] [20070113b_42.jpg] [20070113b_48.jpg] [20070113b_75.jpg]

05 Feb 2007

I finally set up the computer to record Evelyn's voice. Listen to her speaking!

14 Feb 2007

Evelyn has a birthday party at her daycare...

[20070214a_45.jpg] [20070214a_53.jpg] [20070214a_61.jpg]

...and shortly after, Timmy has one at school.

[20070214a_74.jpg] [20070214a_76.jpg] [20070214a_81.jpg]

Then, they get their first birthday cakes for the year, from Lolo and Lola.

[20070214b_39.jpg] [20070214b_40.jpg] [20070214b_44.jpg]

16 Feb 2007

Some dinner and another candle blow-out with Lolo and Lola, plus Lulo, Lula, and Tita Claire.

[20070216_30.jpg] [20070216_31.jpg] [20070216_34.jpg] [20070216_39.jpg]

17 Feb 2007

Dinner at home and presents, with grandparents plus Cilio and Nieves, Lisa and Jojo.

[20070217_35.jpg] [20070217_55.jpg] [20070217_04.jpg] [20070217_08.jpg] [20070217_29.jpg]

18 Feb 2007

Monica and AJ's dinner features spare ribs and yet another cake. Oh, and Logan.

[20070218_02.jpg] [20070218_05.jpg] [20070218_07.jpg] [20070218_19.jpg]

[20070218_23.jpg] [20070218_26.jpg] [20070218_27.jpg] [20070218_32.jpg]

03 Mar 2007

Timmy's birthday party at Pump It Up, the party place with inflatable jumpers indoors. Here's the group viewing the safety video.


Some action shots at the jumpers.

[20070303a_17.jpg] [20070303a_33.jpg] [20070303a_42.jpg]

Despina and Maureen laugh about something. Evelyn remains nonplussed.


Overview of the Cars-themed cake.


More action shots and the whole group.

[20070303a_93.jpg] [20070303b_12.jpg] [20070303b_22.jpg] [20070303b_24.jpg]

After working up appetites, time to eat.

[20070303b_32.jpg] [20070303b_42.jpg] [20070303b_43.jpg] [20070303b_44.jpg] [20070303b_70.jpg] [20070303b_73.jpg] [20070303b_76.jpg]

12 Mar 2007

Austin "Danger", er...Clark, Jew is born. Yes, and Eric's middle name is Kent.

[20070312_04.jpg] [20070312_13.jpg] [20070312_14.jpg]

30 Mar 2007

I think these were 3-D glasses from the last Disney 3-D movie we saw.

[20070330_02.jpg] [20070330_10.jpg]

Timmy and Evelyn as planes. No snakes.

[20070330_21.jpg] [20070330_25.jpg]

07 Apr 2007

Claremont's Easter Egg Hunt...

[20070407a_08.jpg] [20070407a_09.jpg] [20070407a_13.jpg]

...complete with ride-along, well...park-along.

[20070407a_16.jpg] [20070407a_18.jpg]

08 Apr 2007

Easter Egg hunt in Chino.

[20070408_27.jpg] [20070408_38.jpg]

Timmy and Joy make some bank.

[20070408_39.jpg] [20070408_40.jpg]

15 Apr 2007

Easter Egg hunt at the house of Timmy's friend Jason. Other friends and classmates, including the Castellitos, join Timmy and Evelyn there.

[20070415_07.jpg] [20070415_09.jpg] [20070415_16.jpg]

19 Apr 2007

Evelyn gets some inspiration from Dancing with the Stars.

[20070419_02.jpg] [20070419_04.jpg] [20070419_06.jpg]

22 Apr 2007

UTC playground.

[20070422_05.jpg] [20070422_08.jpg]

SDG at Natascha and Philippe's, including coconut cupcakes for Maureen's birthday.

[20070422_33.jpg] [20070422_30.jpg] [20070422_29.jpg] [20070422_37.jpg]

Veronica and Nathan join in the fun.

[20070422_13.jpg] [20070422_39.jpg] [20070422_41.jpg] [20070422_43.jpg] [20070422_44.jpg]

05 May 2007

Maria (Monse) and Peter's wedding. Timmy was coin bearer this time. Lolo was a sponsor. Plenty of beautiful pictures for such a beautiful church.

[20070505a_05.jpg] [20070505a_13.jpg] [20070505a_15.jpg] [20070505a_20.jpg]

[20070505a_24.jpg] [20070505a_30.jpg] [20070505a_33.jpg] [20070505a_35.jpg]

[20070505a_41.jpg] [20070505a_44.jpg] [20070505a_53.jpg] [20070505a_72.jpg]

[20070505a_82.jpg] [20070505a_85.jpg] [20070505b_11.jpg] [20070505b_16.jpg] [20070505b_24.jpg] [20070505b_25.jpg]

[20070505b_30.jpg] [20070505b_35.jpg] [20070505b_36.jpg] [20070505b_37.jpg] [20070505b_42.jpg] [20070505b_45.jpg]

11 May 2007

Tea party for the upcoming Mother's Day at Evelyn's daycare.

[20070511_04.jpg] [20070511_07.jpg] [20070511_18.jpg] [20070511_19.jpg]

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