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The first half of 2006. That's all I have to say about that.

06 Jan 2006 to 25 Jun 2006

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06 Jan 2006

The Prachts' stopover in LAX.

[20060106_05.jpg] [20060106_08.jpg] [20060106_11.jpg]

Jessica cuddles with Timmy and Evelyn (mostly Evelyn).

[20060106_16.jpg] [20060106_19.jpg] [20060106_20.jpg] [20060106_21.jpg]

07 Jan 2006

Felix and Becca's wedding reception, the second one, in SD.

Props and the couple.

[20060107_11.jpg] [20060107_13.jpg] [20060107_27.jpg]

The couple with their parents and...Veronica.

[20060107_30.jpg] [20060107_47.jpg]

Miscellaneous SDG pictures.

[20060107_25.jpg] [20060107_07.jpg] [20060107_21.jpg] [20060107_54.jpg] [20060107_62.jpg] [20060107_66.jpg] [20060107_68.jpg]

08 Jan 2006

A visit to the McKinneys to meet the newborn Nathan (and bring jambalaya).


10 Jan 2006

A pre-birthday dinner for a feverish yours truly, at Coco's in Riverside.


11 Jan 2006

Breakfast at the Original Pancake House (OPH) in Poway, after a drive back down from Claremont. I'm still feverish, and not very energetic.


15 Jan 2006

Tortilla soup for the soul at Islands. I think I still got the free birthday Kona Pie too.

[20060115_03.jpg] [20060115_06.jpg]

20 Jan 2006

A postponed SDG turn at hour house (due to my sickness), where I took the uncharacteristic (for me) lead in making my favorite default dinner, pastitsio.

[20060120_01.jpg] [20060120_04.jpg] [20060120_05.jpg] [20060120_07.jpg] [20060120_10.jpg]

03 Feb 2006

Natascha's surprise birthday party.

[20060203_02.jpg] [20060203_04.jpg] [20060203_08.jpg]

04 Feb 2006

The Catholic Community Coffeehouse. I sit out this year, but I think I got to enjoy more without performing.

Evelyn and Isabella parked next to each other; Jonathon being cheeky with Evelyn and Timmy.

[20060204_02.jpg] [20060204_10.jpg]

Vinka helps Kevin ease tension; Patty and Julie get a surprise picture.

[20060204_11.jpg] [20060204_14.jpg]

11 Feb 2006

Birthday celebrations for this first year get broken down into smaller ones. This one (pre-birthday) is for Evelyn, with her daycare friends, SDG, and McCormicks.

[20060211a_14.jpg] [20060211a_67.jpg] [20060211a_50.jpg] [20060211a_03.jpg] [20060211a_08.jpg] [20060211a_10.jpg] [20060211a_18.jpg] [20060211a_23.jpg] [20060211a_25.jpg] [20060211a_32.jpg] [20060211a_70.jpg] [20060211a_76.jpg] [20060211a_73.jpg]

12 Feb 2006

Leave it to the next generation to usher in a new era of bipartisanship.

[20060212_03.jpg] [20060212_04.jpg]

14 Feb 2006

Evelyn's daycare party at the daycare.

[20060214b_02.jpg] [20060214b_06.jpg]

Timmy's class party in preschool.


Dinner with Lolo and Lola at China Max.

[20060214e_06.jpg] [20060214e_10.jpg] [20060214e_09.jpg] [20060214e_12.jpg] [20060214e_13.jpg] [20060214e_17.jpg] [20060214e_21.jpg] [20060214e_22.jpg] [20060214e_24.jpg]

16 Feb 2006

Timmy's "medium"-sized piñata of Mario; Evelyn's new shoes encourage her to try walking along the table.

[20060216_01.jpg] [20060216_03.jpg]

17 Feb 2006

Lulo and Lula arrive. One of these poses looks familiar.

[20060217_04.jpg] [20060217_06.jpg]

18 Feb 2006

Timmy's party in the park with his classmates, the Mumfords, Colloms, Klackas, and Brandons. We were really lucky not to have rain that day.

[20060218a_07.jpg] [20060218a_08.jpg] [20060218a_09.jpg] [20060218a_12.jpg] [20060218a_15.jpg] [20060218a_18.jpg] [20060218a_21.jpg] [20060218a_29.jpg] [20060218a_33.jpg] [20060218a_36.jpg] [20060218a_26.jpg] [20060218a_60.jpg] [20060218a_68.jpg] [20060218a_81.jpg] [20060218b_01.jpg] [20060218b_08.jpg] [20060218b_12.jpg] [20060218b_15.jpg] [20060218b_19.jpg] [20060218a_79.jpg] [20060218c_31.jpg]

25 Feb 2006

Another party in Claremont, with the Buñag families.

[20060225a_03.jpg] [20060225a_07.jpg] [20060225a_12.jpg] [20060225a_17.jpg]

26 Feb 2006

Last celebration at John's Incredible Pizza with the Cailipans and Chi and Rita.

[20060226_04.jpg] [20060226_08.jpg] [20060226_12.jpg] [20060226_13.jpg] [20060226_14.jpg] [20060226_15.jpg] [20060226_17.jpg]

27 Feb 2006

Our life-changing TiVo makes an impression on Timmy (and his bath crayons).


01 Mar 2006

Evelyn's first Ash Wednesday ashes.


11 Mar 2006

Belinda's birthday party at the Westwood Club.

[20060311_07.jpg] [20060311_13.jpg] [20060311_21.jpg] [20060311_03.jpg] [20060311_05.jpg] [20060311_09.jpg]

16 Mar 2006

Evelyn's almost walking on her own, and then doesn't want to.

[20060316a_02.jpg] [20060316a_06.jpg]

Annual corned beef dinner at the Catholic Community.

[20060316b_04.jpg] [20060316b_05.jpg] [20060316b_09.jpg]

19 Mar 2006

Evelyn reads up on her urban definitions.


Evelyn plays with Eric's mom.


24 Mar 2006

Evelyn with Marsha at brunch and with Marsha's coworker Farcia, in the Bay Area before our Tahoe trip.

[20060324a_03.jpg] [20060324a_06.jpg]

Evelyn and Lula at Grand Taipei.


25 Mar 2006

Lake Tahoe trip with Eric.

We get snow in the hotel room!

[20060325a_01.jpg] [20060325b_05.jpg]

Timmy gets used to my boots.


Eric teaches Timmy some ski basics in a field just outside the ski rental place.

[20060325a_08.jpg] [20060325a_09.jpg] [20060325a_14.jpg] [20060325a_15.jpg]

Maureen and I make an angel and a snowman (with a phone).

[20060325a_07.jpg] [20060325a_17.jpg]

Snowball pitching outside the hotel.

[20060325b_21.jpg] [20060325b_15.jpg]

Evelyn (with Eric's help) and Timmy try pod racing.

[20060325b_29.jpg] [20060325b_31.jpg]

26 Mar 2006

Timmy helps Evelyn with Mama's snow boots, but she can do it herself.

[20060326a_01.jpg] [20060326a_04.jpg]

Evelyn and Timmy are ready!

[20060326b_06.jpg] [20060326b_09.jpg]

Look at that view!

[20060326b_11.jpg] [20060326b_12.jpg]

Poses with our outfits.

[20060326a_07.jpg] [20060326a_10.jpg] [20060326a_11.jpg] [20060326a_12.jpg]

Stairway to Heavenly (bunny slopes) (Actually a conveyor belt, but the pun doesn't work with that.)

[20060326b_13.jpg] [20060326b_14.jpg]

02 Apr 2006

Eric watches Evelyn. Through his eyelids.


07 Apr 2006

Evelyn starts a wave.

[20060407_03.jpg] [20060407_06.jpg] [20060407_07.jpg]

09 Apr 2006

Where did these glasses come from?


15 Apr 2006

Evelyn is really, really close to walking here in Claremont.

[20060415_01.jpg] [20060415_03.jpg] [20060415_04.jpg] [20060415_06.jpg]

16 Apr 2006

Easter in West Covina.

[20060416_01.jpg] [20060416_13.jpg] [20060416_17.jpg] [20060416_19.jpg] [20060416_26.jpg]

22 Apr 2006

My first trip, incidentally, to San Diego's Wild Animal Park. First for Timmy and Evelyn too.

[20060422a_03.jpg] [20060422a_06.jpg] [20060422a_20.jpg] [20060422a_28.jpg] [20060422a_32.jpg] [20060422a_62.jpg]

Oh yeah, it's also Maureen's birthday. She feeds Evelyn as she gets her birthday dessert at the Carlsbad SDG. Then, Evelyn gives her a break.

[20060422b_01.jpg] [20060422b_04.jpg]

07 May 2006

Our first Hawai'ian-themed SDG. Hawai'ian clothes optional. (Clothes of any kind required.)

[20060507_02.jpg] [20060507_03.jpg]

13 May 2006

Brunch with the Felzers at Walter's in Claremont.

[20060513a_03.jpg] [20060513a_04.jpg]

Fiesta at Our Lady of the Assumption (OLA) in Claremont. And who do we run in to? ("Crazy") Phil's sister Anne-Marie and her daughter Maddie.

[20060513b_02.jpg] [20060513b_04.jpg] [20060513b_09.jpg] [20060513b_10.jpg] [20060513b_15.jpg]

14 May 2006

Titus' birthday at John's Incredible Pizza.

[20060514_05.jpg] [20060514_20.jpg] [20060514_25.jpg]

26 May 2006

Evelyn's first trip to the San Diego Zoo. Also, one of our first outings with our new Canon Rebel camera. Notice the difference in quality from here on out.

[20060526b_04.jpg] [20060526b_08.jpg] [20060526b_10.jpg] [20060526b_11.jpg] [20060526b_16.jpg] [20060526b_21.jpg] [20060526b_59.jpg]

Another camera test after dinner at the Kleemanns'. One of my favorite cheesy poses.

[20060526c_06.jpg] [20060526c_20.jpg]

27 May 2006

Just after midnight at the Kleemanns'. Timmy and Evelyn make their poses.

[20060527a_02.jpg] [20060527a_14.jpg]

28 May 2006

Evelyn's first trip to La Jolla Shores. Timmy and Evelyn just love our instant tent, the Instent(tm)!

[20060528_04.jpg] [20060528_17.jpg]

29 May 2006

A Memorial Day barbecue with Ky and the usual suspects, and our second time using our new-fangled Weber. And it's a hybrid! Propane starter to light coals in 5 minutes.

[20060529_25.jpg] [20060529_26.jpg] [20060529_30.jpg]

02 Jun 2006

The Oeis' SDG turn, where photography experts Ivan and Philippe show us how it's done.

[20060602b_02.jpg] [20060602b_16.jpg] [20060602b_33.jpg] [20060602b_38.jpg] [20060602b_49.jpg]

03 Jun 2006

A wedding shower for Linda Apeles and her fiancé Dan, who personally knows the band Franz Ferdinand. A surprise for me, since I compulsively ask people from different countries if they like certain bands I know that come from their country. "Oh, you're from Scotland. Do you like Franz Ferdinand?" "Yeah, actually I played with them." "Really?"

[20060603b_30.jpg] [20060603b_44.jpg] [20060603b_49.jpg] [20060603b_37.jpg] [20060603b_56.jpg]

09 Jun 2006

An ice cream social for Father's Day at Discovery Isle. Timmy sings a few songs with his class.

[20060609a_09.jpg] [20060609a_30.jpg] [20060609a_34.jpg]

10 Jun 2006

Evelyn starts early on the computer. Well, actually about as early as Timmy.


15 Jun 2006

Timmy's preschool graduation with his teachers Miss Brenda and Miss Jan and his friend Mari.

[20060615a_42.jpg] [20060615a_47.jpg] [20060615a_52.jpg] [20060615a_54.jpg] [20060615a_55.jpg] [20060615a_56.jpg] [20060615a_57.jpg] [20060615a_59.jpg] [20060615a_63.jpg] [20060615a_70.jpg]

17 Jun 2006

Tea party-themed Sunday brunch in Carlsbad. Evelyn make her equivalent of Timmy's "Rico Suavé" pose with the floral decor.


18 Jun 2006

Claire's graduation from UC Riverside.

[20060618a_03.jpg] [20060618a_15.jpg] [20060618a_39.jpg] [20060618a_48.jpg]

[20060618a_52.jpg] [20060618a_57.jpg] [20060618a_58.jpg] [20060618a_61.jpg]

Timmy and Evelyn get into the spirit by walking in her, cap and gown.

[20060618a_65.jpg] [20060618a_73.jpg] [20060618a_68.jpg] [20060618a_83.jpg] [20060618a_74.jpg]

Claire's "Mary Tyler Moore" shot and one with the, clock tower.

[20060618a_84.jpg] [20060618a_88.jpg]

A celebration lunch at Market Broiler.

[20060618b_05.jpg] [20060618b_06.jpg] [20060618b_11.jpg] [20060618b_21.jpg] [20060618b_24.jpg]

21 Jun 2006

Evelyn's first haircut.

[20060621_03.jpg] [20060621_06.jpg] [20060621_07.jpg]

25 Jun 2006

SDG at Natascha and Philippe's, the last one with Michelle and Doug.

[20060625_02.jpg] [20060625_07.jpg] [20060625_10.jpg] [20060625_12.jpg] [20060625_13.jpg]

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