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The second half of 2007. Wow, what a busy year.

03 Jun 2007 to 01 Jan 2008

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03 Jun 2007

Evelyn and Timmy play around the Prada Theater after Maureen's first tap recital. No flash photography = no good pictures during the performance =(.

[20070603_03.jpg] [20070603_07.jpg]

06 Jun 2007

Evelyn probably needs to adjust her bow hand here. Yes, that's a 1/16-size violin that Marsha had when she was tiny, before she and Maureen both studied in high school with the full-size one that I'll start using when I get around to taking lessons.


14 Jun 2007

Evelyn puts her dolls down for nap time.


17 Jun 2007

A meetup with ERC friends Chi and Vinnie.

[20070617_03.jpg] [20070617_05.jpg]

19 Jun 2007

Timmy's last day of Kindergarten at the park.

[20070619_04.jpg] [20070619_05.jpg] [20070619_08.jpg]

23 Jun 2007

Nighttime zoo with the Klackas and a show featuring Chinese acrobats.

[20070623_08.jpg] [20070623_11.jpg] [20070623_16.jpg] [20070623_22.jpg] [20070623_23.jpg] [20070623_27.jpg] [20070623_28.jpg] [20070623_30.jpg]

30 Jun 2007

Natascha and Philippe's stateside wedding reception.

[20070630a_05.jpg] [20070630a_02.jpg] [20070630a_04.jpg] [20070630a_08.jpg] [20070630a_09.jpg] [20070630a_10.jpg] [20070630a_13.jpg] [20070630a_18.jpg] [20070630a_19.jpg] [20070630a_20.jpg] [20070630a_21.jpg] [20070630a_22.jpg]

[20070630a_24.jpg] [20070630a_25.jpg] [20070630a_27.jpg] [20070630a_28.jpg] [20070630a_31.jpg]

[20070630a_32.jpg] [20070630a_36.jpg] [20070630a_33.jpg] [20070630a_34.jpg]

04 Jul 2007

Claremont's annual July 4th parade.

[20070704_01.jpg] [20070704_04.jpg] [20070704_06.jpg] [20070704_10.jpg] [20070704_12.jpg] [20070704_13.jpg] [20070704_17.jpg] [20070704_18.jpg] [20070704_19.jpg] [20070704_23.jpg]

Timmy and Evelyn are excited about the street fireworks show.

[20070704_28.jpg] [20070704_29.jpg]

Our camera's night mode actually makes decent shots possible.

[20070704_30.jpg] [20070704_36.jpg] [20070704_38.jpg]

The Buñag clan with sparklers at an undisclosed location.


15 Jul 2007

A picnic at Lake Poway with a Beatles tribute band (not pictured).

[20070715_01.jpg] [20070715_02.jpg]

Kick-Frisbee(TM), running, and air bass.

[20070715_05.jpg] [20070715_06.jpg] [20070715_11.jpg]

22 Jul 2007

Timmy and Evelyn share a wagon with Harrison.


26 Jul 2007

Science Adventures camp Rocket Day.

[20070726_01.jpg] [20070726_02.jpg] [20070726_04.jpg] [20070726_06.jpg]

29 Jul 2007

The Castellittos take us to the local swim club.

[20070729_02.jpg] [20070729_05.jpg] [20070729_07.jpg] [20070729_09.jpg]

26 Aug 2007

Babysitting Austin.

[20070826_05.jpg] [20070826_06.jpg]

01 Sep 2007

Isabella celebrates her birthday with brunch at the zoo.

[20070901_17.jpg] [20070901_21.jpg] [20070901_02.jpg] [20070901_04.jpg] [20070901_07.jpg] [20070901_08.jpg] [20070901_11.jpg] [20070901_13.jpg]

[20070901_25.jpg] [20070901_29.jpg]

02 Sep 2007

An all-too-infrequent jam session with Jim and Eugene at the Brandon house.

[20070902_12.jpg] [20070902_13.jpg] [20070902_04.jpg] [20070902_05.jpg] [20070902_09.jpg] [20070902_10.jpg] [20070902_14.jpg] [20070902_18.jpg]

04 Sep 2007

Timmy's first day of 1st grade.

[20070904_05.jpg] [20070904_07.jpg] [20070904_02.jpg] [20070904_03.jpg]

09 Sep 2007

A traditional dim sum with Chi, this time with Ben.

[20070909_01.jpg] [20070909_02.jpg] [20070909_03.jpg] [20070909_11.jpg]

20 Sep 2007

Timmy and Evelyn pass the time at San Diego Int'l on the way to Charlene and Roland's wedding.

[20070920_03.jpg] [20070920_06.jpg]

21 Sep 2007

Choir practice for the wedding. I play second guitar.

[20070921_02.jpg] [20070921_03.jpg] [20070921_04.jpg] [20070921_05.jpg] [20070921_07.jpg]

Rehearsal dinner for the wedding at the Benoist (Roland's mother's family) vacation house in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

[20070921_10.jpg] [20070921_14.jpg] [20070921_17.jpg] [20070921_20.jpg] [20070921_21.jpg] [20070921_26.jpg] [20070921_32.jpg] [20070921_33.jpg]

[20070921_36.jpg] [20070921_37.jpg] [20070921_40.jpg] [20070921_42.jpg]

Onlookers at the pig roast.

[20070921_45.jpg] [20070921_48.jpg]

22 Sep 2007

Since I'm playing guitar, Maureen's got the camera for the ceremony. I guess these are the best shots she can get from her vantage point.

[20070922a_01.jpg] [20070922a_04.jpg] [20070922a_06.jpg]

The McKinneys outside the church.

[20070922a_07.jpg] [20070922a_08.jpg] [20070922a_10.jpg]

Now the real partying begins. It starts with the wedding boat arrival at port.

[20070922b_02.jpg] [20070922b_04.jpg] [20070922b_07.jpg]

Nice views of the bridge and shore of Conanicut Island.

[20070922b_10.jpg] [20070922b_13.jpg] [20070922b_14.jpg] [20070922b_15.jpg] [20070922b_17.jpg] [20070922b_25.jpg] [20070922b_26.jpg] [20070922b_29.jpg] [20070922b_34.jpg]


[20070922b_51.jpg] [20070922b_53.jpg] [20070922b_44.jpg] [20070922b_45.jpg] [20070922b_54.jpg] [20070922b_67.jpg] [20070922b_69.jpg]

The San Diego crew and then some.

[20070922b_58.jpg] [20070922b_60.jpg]

Around the house and tableside.

[20070922c_09.jpg] [20070922c_12.jpg] [20070922c_02.jpg] [20070922c_06.jpg] [20070922c_17.jpg] [20070922c_18.jpg] [20070922c_19.jpg] [20070922c_21.jpg] [20070922c_24.jpg] [20070922c_30.jpg] [20070922c_33.jpg] [20070922c_34.jpg]

[20070922c_39.jpg] [20070922c_41.jpg] [20070922c_45.jpg] [20070922c_37.jpg]

[20070922c_46.jpg] [20070922c_48.jpg] [20070922c_54.jpg] [20070922c_55.jpg] [20070922c_65.jpg] [20070922c_56.jpg]

23 Sep 2007

The Newport Cliff Walk. Timmy and Evelyn walk the whole way. At least that's how I remember it.

[20070923_04.jpg] [20070923_07.jpg] [20070923_10.jpg] [20070923_15.jpg] [20070923_16.jpg] [20070923_19.jpg]

[20070923_23.jpg] [20070923_25.jpg] [20070923_27.jpg] [20070923_29.jpg]

30 Sep 2007

The Fach family hosts the Larrabure's SDG turn, and the whole SDG group (in its then-current state) happens to show up, so we take the opportunity to take a picture. The kids are in order by age from left to right. Likewise with the grown-ups in each row, then rows from back to front.

[20070930a_01.jpg] [20070930a_02.jpg] [20070930a_03.jpg]

06 Oct 2007

The UCSD Catholic Community's first annual choir concert. Afterward, Evelyn and Declan try their hands at percussion.

[20071006_01.jpg] [20071006_03.jpg] [20071006_11.jpg] [20071006_14.jpg] [20071006_19.jpg] [20071006_20.jpg] [20071006_21.jpg] [20071006_22.jpg] [20071006_23.jpg]

13 Oct 2007

Hey! My Ben & Jerry's Turtle Soup has a happy face in it!


19 Oct 2007

The Scripps Ranch pumpkin patch with the Flemings and the McKinneys.

[20071019_19.jpg] [20071019_20.jpg] [20071019_01.jpg] [20071019_11.jpg] [20071019_16.jpg] [20071019_21.jpg] [20071019_25.jpg] [20071019_32.jpg] [20071019_36.jpg]

Maureen and Chris pinky-swear to something I can't remember.


Maureen and Evelyn take the super-happy fun slide.

[20071019_43.jpg] [20071019_49.jpg] [20071019_44.jpg]

20 Oct 2007

Sam's baptism and party at the Carta house.

[20071020_08.jpg] [20071020_17.jpg] [20071020_28.jpg] [20071020_30.jpg] [20071020_31.jpg] [20071020_37.jpg] [20071020_38.jpg] [20071020_39.jpg]

30 Oct 2007

Pumpkin carving and painting.

[20071030_05.jpg] [20071030_07.jpg] [20071030_10.jpg]

31 Oct 2007

Timmy was Mickey Mouse for Halloween, and Evelyn was Boo from Monsters, Inc.. The neighbors were all pirates. Apparently they got the same memo.

[20071031_01.jpg] [20071031_02.jpg] [20071031_03.jpg] [20071031_06.jpg] [20071031_11.jpg] [20071031_14.jpg]

Candy inventory.

[20071031_15.jpg] [20071031_16.jpg] [20071031_20.jpg]

More Boo poses.

[20071031_26.jpg] [20071031_32.jpg] [20071031_23.jpg] [20071031_24.jpg]

15 Nov 2007

A Thanksgiving lunch at Evelyn's daycare.

[20071115_02.jpg] [20071115_06.jpg] [20071115_07.jpg] [20071115_08.jpg]

22 Nov 2007

Thanksgiving dinner at our house with all the grandparents (and aunts).


15 Dec 2007

Patty got this great idea to have the kids of our church community dress up at figures in a nativity scene that another local group sets up (with statues) in Balboa Park. We got the group's permission, and Philippe took the pictures.


[20071215a_14.jpg] [20071215a_16.jpg] [20071215a_20.jpg] [20071215a_23.jpg] [20071215a_34.jpg] [20071215a_27.jpg]

GNF holiday party with James and Whitney. Less goofy pose on James this time.


16 Dec 2007

Festivus in Carlsbad, complete with webcam communication with the Lus in NC.

[20071216_01.jpg] [20071216_02.jpg] [20071216_03.jpg] [20071216_04.jpg] [20071216_05.jpg] [20071216_06.jpg] [20071216_08.jpg] [20071216_09.jpg]

23 Dec 2007

The Wild Animal Park with the Wangs, including Winston.

[20071223_01.jpg] [20071223_02.jpg] [20071223_03.jpg] [20071223_06.jpg] [20071223_10.jpg] [20071223_19.jpg] [20071223_35.jpg] [20071223_34.jpg]

[20071223_23.jpg] [20071223_39.jpg] [20071223_41.jpg]

Dinner at Pearl with the Wangs.


24 Dec 2007

Christmas Eve in Scripps Ranch.

[20071224_01.jpg] [20071224_03.jpg] [20071224_06.jpg]

Timmy and Evelyn prepare for Santa to visit while I catch some Zs.

[20071224_07.jpg] [20071224_13.jpg] [20071224_22.jpg] [20071224_25.jpg]

25 Dec 2007

Christmas in Upland. Gideon and Anjelica announce that Tita Shirley will soon be "Lola"!

[20071225_01.jpg] [20071225_02.jpg] [20071225_05.jpg] [20071225_07.jpg] [20071225_08.jpg] [20071225_11.jpg] [20071225_12.jpg] [20071225_15.jpg] [20071225_16.jpg] [20071225_21.jpg]

[20071225_22.jpg] [20071225_23.jpg] [20071225_33.jpg] [20071225_37.jpg] [20071225_41.jpg]

26 Dec 2007

Post-Christmas in Hayward.

[20071226_02.jpg] [20071226_07.jpg] [20071226_09.jpg] [20071226_03.jpg]

28 Dec 2007

Evelyn and Timmy play in the snow in Reno.

[20071228_1457.jpg] [20071228_1458.jpg]

Dara and Maureen with matching ski outfits at the Garcia house.


Austin tries to charm Maddee.

[20071228_05.jpg] [20071228_08.jpg]

The kids play inside because, hey, it's cold out there.


29 Dec 2007

Maddee and Evelyn sport their matching ski outfits. There was a sale.

[20071229a_05.jpg] [20071229a_09.jpg] [20071229a_16.jpg]

Back in Hayward, Lula and Tita Claire help Timmy and Evelyn make (and eat) a gingerbread house.

[20071229b_01.jpg] [20071229b_05.jpg] [20071229b_11.jpg] [20071229b_12.jpg] [20071229b_13.jpg]

30 Dec 2007

By a stroke of luck (as it always is when we meet the Criddles), they happen to be around, this time in the Bay Area, at Evan's parents' home in Piedmont. Timmy and Isaac get along famously as if no time has passed (again), and meet Elin for the first time.

[20071230_31.jpg] [20071230_12.jpg] [20071230_02.jpg] [20071230_04.jpg] [20071230_07.jpg] [20071230_09.jpg] [20071230_14.jpg] [20071230_20.jpg] [20071230_44.jpg] [20071230_45.jpg] [20071230_47.jpg] [20071230_48.jpg]

31 Dec 2007

Another New Year's in Hayward. This time Timmy gets the bright idea to throw his hand-made confetti.

[20071231_02.jpg] [20071231_03.jpg] [20071231_06.jpg] [20071231_11.jpg] [20071231_12.jpg] [20071231_16.jpg] [20071231_19.jpg]

01 Jan 2008

Last toasts of the evening/early morning.

[20080101_02.jpg] [20080101_03.jpg] [20080101_04.jpg] [20080101_05.jpg]

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