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Evelyn arrives! It's a hectic first month and a half of life.

14 Feb 2005 to 27 Mar 2005

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14 Feb 2005

Tita Marsha's massage therapy; Timmy opens some birthday presents.

[20050214a_01.jpg] [20050214a_04.jpg]

Introducing...Evelyn! With birthing staff Karin and Marsha:

[20050214b_02.jpg] [20050214b_04.jpg] [20050214b_06.jpg]

Lolo Manny and Lola Lyn, and Godparents-to-be Kevin and Patty, Ivan and Jocelyn

[20050214b_08.jpg] [20050214c_06.jpg] [20050214c_09.jpg]

Timmy arrives from birthday activities to greet his baby sister exactly 4 years younger....

[20050214d_02.jpg] [20050214d_04.jpg] [20050214d_08.jpg]

Roummel makes a surprise call and gets several news surprises! Eric and Liz just make it before closing time:

[20050214e_01.jpg] [20050214e_03.jpg]

15 Feb 2005

Evelyn's free kaiser photo:


16 Feb 2005

Resting at home:

[20050216_01.jpg] [20050216_02.jpg] [20050216_03.jpg]

A visit from Uncle Ben:


Veronica wants her mom Teresa to put Evelyn down, then poses for a picture:

[20050216_05.jpg] [20050216_07.jpg]

Gabino and Catherine get a sneak preview; they're due next month:


17 Feb 2005

Papa catches a smile or 3 with the camera (not easy to capture!):

[20050217_03.jpg] [20050217_04.jpg] [20050217_05.jpg]

18 Feb 2005

Tita Claire, Lula Jo, and Lulo Frank:

[20050218_01.jpg] [20050218_03.jpg] [20050218_07.jpg] [20050218_05.jpg] [20050218_06.jpg]

Evelyn gets courtesy treatment from Veronica and Chris:

[20050218_08.jpg] [20050218_09.jpg]

19 Feb 2005

Timmy holds Evelyn at their first joint birthday party:


Karin (Fairy Grandmother), Natascha (Fairy Godmother), and Buddy (Tito Marc):

[20050219_08.jpg] [20050219_10.jpg] [20050219_12.jpg]

Timmy and Evelyn blow out their candles:

[20050219_15.jpg] [20050219_18.jpg]

Jenny and Tita Shirley hold Evelyn:

[20050219_26.jpg] [20050219_28.jpg]

Timmy and Evelyn open their presents:

[20050219_38.jpg] [20050219_40.jpg]

My best smiling picture so far, with Riley, and a pose with Tita Sanna.

[20050219_44.jpg] [20050219_45.jpg]

"Wake up, Lulo!"


Anjelica and Gideon, Shirley and Jenny:

[20050219_48.jpg] [20050219_49.jpg]

Riley, Bryan, Dax and Joy:

[20050219_50.jpg] [20050219_51.jpg] [20050219_52.jpg]

Tita Fabbee and Tito Iboy:

[20050219_53.jpg] [20050219_54.jpg] [20050219_55.jpg]

Timmy enjoys his blue cake:


20 Feb 2005

Uncle Bob and the SDG meet Evelyn.

[20050220a_01.jpg] [20050220a_05.jpg] [20050220a_04.jpg] [20050220b_01.jpg] [20050220b_03.jpg] [20050220b_04.jpg]

[20050220b_02.jpg] [20050220b_05.jpg]

21 Feb 2005

Evelyn tries out a hiccup remedy.


25 Feb 2005

Evelyn with Lola, Mama, and Veronica.

[20050225_02.jpg] [20050225_05.jpg] [20050225_09.jpg]

27 Feb 2005

Evelyn before and during Catherine's baby shower.

[20050227a_07.jpg] [20050227b_01.jpg]

05 Mar 2005

The M&M factory store in Las Vegas. Yes, we took Evelyn to Vegas at almost 3 weeks old. It was at Eric's Henderson house that I came up with the Evelyn song (They Might Be Giants' "Violin" (from the album No! with her name substituting "violin")).

[20050305_07.jpg] [20050305_08.jpg]

10 Mar 2005

Kevin's annual Thursday Night Dinner at the UCSD Catholic Community where he cooks corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day.

Patty, Jonathon, and David.


Timmy and his cupcake.


Julie, Patrick, Fr. John Paul, and Dominic jam after dinner.


Lynn and Evelyn.


11 Mar 2005

A visit from Dara and a 1-year-old Maddee.

[20050311_03.jpg] [20050311_06.jpg]

13 Mar 2005

Bob and Natalie's wedding at Darlington House in La Jolla.

Our family.

[20050313_02.jpg] [20050313_06.jpg]

Timmy and I pose with our Incredibles masks. I think we look more like Kato though.


Mother of the bride with Troy.


Toast with the couple.


Uncles Carl and Ben with Evelyn.

[20050313_15.jpg] [20050313_16.jpg]

Timmy doesn't really want to get the garter.

[20050313_17.jpg] [20050313_19.jpg]

Gio and Noreen pose with their son Troy; Maureen dances with Timmy.

[20050313_20.jpg] [20050313_21.jpg]

Me and Evelyn; Marianne and Natalie follow suit, then in pairs.


[20050313_26.jpg] [20050313_29.jpg] [20050313_30.jpg] [20050313_31.jpg]

Whew! It's hot in here! Poses with Troy.

[20050313_32.jpg] [20050313_33.jpg] [20050313_34.jpg]

Mrs. Guaring and Cathy and Mike with Evelyn.

[20050313_35.jpg] [20050313_36.jpg] [20050313_38.jpg]

Timmy strikes a pose.


14 Mar 2005

Patrick and Sarah meet Evelyn.

[20050314_01.jpg] [20050314_02.jpg]

20 Mar 2005

A visit to the Matsumotos. Mike Jr. and Jeremiah pose with Timmy, then all nine of us. Dang!

[20050320a_02.jpg] [20050320a_07.jpg]

A visit to the Sakamotos. Newly engaged Jim and Joanne and Joanne's parents meet Evelyn.

[20050320b_03.jpg] [20050320b_04.jpg]

24 Mar 2005

It's Evelyn's turn to pose with bunny ears without knowing.


26 Mar 2005

Easter Egg hunting in Poway.

[20050326_02.jpg] [20050326_10.jpg]

[20050326_11.jpg] [20050326_12.jpg] [20050326_14.jpg] [20050326_16.jpg] [20050326_17.jpg]

27 Mar 2005

Easter morning wake-up.


Easter in Chino with Lola Sol and Tita Monina, Chris, and Bryan.

[20050327b_03.jpg] [20050327b_04.jpg] [20050327b_05.jpg]

Timmy's eggs. Shameless Firefox plug.

[20050327b_07.jpg] [20050327b_17.jpg]

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