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The end of our senior year in college up to the break before grad schoool.

07 Mar 1998 to 19 Dec 1999

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24 May 1998

Me and Maureen at APSA's 1998 Grad Banquet.


07 Mar 1998

UCSD Catholic Community's Coffeehouse: Charlene and Michelle from UCSD Catholic Community Choir, singing Indigo Girls' Power of Two. I played rhythm guitar. Good song...great song!

[19980307_06.jpg] [19980307_07.jpg]

Kim from choir singing and playing Depeche Mode's But Not Tonight. I programmed the percussion and played rhythm guitar. Interesting performance...we had some technical difficulties, but great song.

[19980307_08.jpg] [19980307_09.jpg]

04 Sep 1998

1998 OASIS Summer Bridge Math/Science Workshop leaders and coordinators.

[19980904_04.jpg] [19980904_05.jpg]

The 1998 Summer Bridge MSTP Team.


1999 was busy! There's Coffeehouse again, birthdays, Godspell, a Michigan trip, an Oahu trip, a NY Trip, and Christmas...

06 Mar 1999

Kim and me again, this time on No Doubt's Don't Speak, the Cure's Just Like Heaven, and an encore But Not Tonight.

[19990306a_12.jpg] [19990306a_13.jpg]

23 Apr 1999

Maureen's 23rd birthday party at La Jolla Point apartments.

[19990423_01.jpg] [19990423_03.jpg]

29 May 1999

UCSD Catholic Community's Godspell

Director (1 of 3) and keymaster Roummel.


Me and Josh, who plays the lead, Jesus.


Roummel and Josh, striking a pose.


The cast of Godspell, including directors and crew.


12 Jun 1999

Maureen and me at a fountain in Belle Isle Park in Michigan.

[19990612_01.jpg] [19990612_02.jpg]

14 Jun 1999

Me at the Henry Ford Museum, at the kids' place. I made a Bart Simpson out of giant Legos, probably Duplos or something.


Me dressed in the safety clothes exhibit in the museum, next to the thing that looks like the safety suit in those Intel commercials with people dancing to Play that Funky Music.


04 Jul 1999

July 4 weekend at my house with my family and Maureen's. It was the first time our families met each other in full, and it was a perfect four-day weekend.


21 Jul 1999

Me and my dad looking off in the distance at a view point off one of the roads in Oahu.


22 Jul 1999

My "king of the world" pose on the beach. Hee hee hee!


23 Jul 1999

Me and my sister Claire and my mom at another vista point.


My mom in a picture display with the famous Pineapple Lady at the Dole Plantation, which also features the world's largest maze.


My mom and dad at the Dole Plantation.


18 Aug 1999

Maureen in the lab at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Wayne State University.


19 Aug 1999

I had to do it. I was driving up to Claremont the night before my flight from LAX to JFK, and I knew my car was reaching the 100,000 mile mark. So I brought my camera and took the pictures, one right before, and one right after.

[19990819_22.jpg] [19990819_23.jpg]

22 Aug 1999

All these pictures taken by my Ninang (Godmother) Lut when she took me on the introductory walking tour of Manhattan. I'm excited to be there even though I don't look it.

[19990822_01.jpg] [19990822_03.jpg] [19990822_04.jpg] [19990822_05.jpg]

23 Aug 1999

My Ninang with the Statue of Liberty in the Background.


Full-scale models of the Lady's foot and ear.

[19990823_11.jpg] [19990823_12.jpg]

A nice skyline of the City from Liberty Island.


Ninang Lut in front of the Statue.


A nice display of the American Flag at one angle and the many diverse faces that make up America at another angle. The museum at Ellis Island.

[19990823_18.jpg] [19990823_20.jpg]

Another nice view of the Skyline, from the Ellis Island Ferry.


24 Aug 1999

Maureen and me at the Balto statue in Central Park.

[19990824_23.jpg] [19990824_24.jpg]

19 Dec 1999

The Guarings' Christmas party pictures, which are already digital:

Cathy and kids (2/3 are hers) at Natalie & Noreen's Christmas party.

[nn99cm1.jpg] [nn99cm2.jpg]

Maureen and me at the Christmas party.


Bob, Carl, Maureen, me, and Marianne in the kitchen.


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