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The pregnancy test and sonograms and life just before Timmy's birth.

02 Jul 2000 to 20 Jan 2001

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02 Jul 2000

First finding out:

The interesting thing is that the test comes before the control, so you find out pretty much right away when it is positive, about 10 seconds.

Midnight, Rite Aid, Fact Plus. The rest is history....

[gallery/05/factplus0.jpg] [gallery/05/factplus1.jpg]

20 Jul 2000

The first ultrasound/sonogram appointment:

Note you can make out the outline of the body and the amniotic sac. It looks like the baby's jumping rope in the first picture.

[20000720_01.jpg] [20000720_02.jpg] [20000720_03.jpg] [20000720_04.jpg] [20000720_05.jpg]

18 Sep 2000

The second ultrasound/sonogram appointment:

Here you can clearly see the spinal column.


A few face shots. In one you can even see a cross section of the eye.

[20000918_09.jpg] [20000918_08.jpg] [20000918_07.jpg]

Five fingers.


Guess the baby's gender. The two long segments are legs, joined at the upper left by the posterior. This is what is sometimes referred to as "the money shot" (thanks, Carl).

[20000918_05.jpg] [20000918_04.jpg] [20000918_03.jpg]

More face shots.

[20000918_02.jpg] [20000918_01.jpg]

05 Oct 2000

Day of the first kick:

A photographic record of the parents going through the pregnancy. Today was the first day the baby kicked noticeably =).


22 Nov 2000

Fellow parents:

Chris and Kristen Boyce, with baby Riley Christopher. Roummel too. This baby is extremely well-behaved. Take notes, baby! Also, someone surfing outside =).


16 Dec 2000

The Guarings' Christmas Party:

Clockwise, from me: me, Gio, Maureen, Noreen, Ronan, Renee (upper right), Natalie, and Bob.


Pairs: Gio and Nor, me and Maureen, Maureen and Nor.

[20001216b_03.jpg] [20001216b_01.jpg] [20001216b_02.jpg]

15 Jan 2001

The lab headed by Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal, where Maureen worked, threw her a baby shower, and the (unexpected) presents came from Target, mysteriously, the same presents on the baby turned out Maureen left the printout from on one of the printers, by accident. Her co-workers thought more of "by accident" being a subtle hint.

The cake and us.

[20010115_18.jpg] [20010115_19.jpg]

Left to right (across pictures): Betty, Andreas, Jian-Ping, Kim, Ky, Chris C, Chris J, Sil, Jeff, Jean, Juan.

[20010115_20.jpg] [20010115_21.jpg]

Left: Maureen with Heather, Maria, Susan, and Yamei. Right: Maureen with Betty again, Chris W, Sigrid, and Amy.

[20010115_22.jpg] [20010115_23.jpg]

20 Jan 2001

Official Baby Shower (/Storm!):

Storm because there were so many people! Maureen's LA relatives, our dinner group, her old housemates, and friends from all over LA and SD.


Maureen attempting to transport cotton balls from the bowl to the box; (Natascha won this one); Crazy Phil and Chris McKinney trying to get the maximum clothespins in one hand in one sweep (Ryan Lu won this one); and Roummel (winner), who gathered the most ribbons (won from catching people with their legs or feet crossed).

[20010120c_01.jpg] [20010120c_03.jpg] [20010120c_02.jpg]


Maureen's cousin Riley announcing, some baby clothes, more presents, and a size-4-diaper cake made by Dara.

[20010120c_04.jpg] [20010120c_06.jpg] [20010120c_05.jpg] [20010120c_07.jpg]


Maureen and the Boys of the Sunday Night Dinner Group: (left to right) Ryan and Felix Lu, Frank, me, Chris McKinney, Crazy Phil, Masaya, and Eric.


Some of Maureen's housemates from her previous residence (I'll name them all on the next page).


Maureen with Doug and Angelina.


Too much excitement for Emmett.


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