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11 Jan 2002 to 22 Jun 2002

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11 Jan 2002

Maureen and Timmy hang around for my birthday at Mesa Apts.

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Jon and Jeanette clown around with Timmy, and Chris tells his cow story.

[20020111a_18.jpg] [20020111a_23.jpg]

14 Feb 2002

Timmy's first birthday at East Buffet in Hamden, CT.

[20020214a_08.jpg] [20020214a_09.jpg]

Timmy celebrates with Eunmi and family and Lola Lyn.


15 Feb 2002

Dr. Tamiko Jackson checks up on Timmy for his birthday.


16 Feb 2002

Timmy's birthday spectacular! Relatives and friends from all over come to celebrate at Whitehall.

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14 Mar 2002

A month later, Maureen and Timmy come back to SD for Spring Break.

Corvette Diner with Natascha and Megan.


16 Mar 2002

Lunch with Dara and Edison at Chevy's (or is it Chili's? I don't remember).


Timmy and Uncle Bob at Mesa Apts.


18 Mar 2002

Timmy and Jon at the Mandeville Center at UCSD.


Maureen and I conclude our Evenings for the Engaged with Fr. Mark and the Mumfords.

[20020318c_09.jpg] [20020318c_10.jpg]

23 Mar 2002

Timmy mixes it up with Mama at Whitehall.


29 Mar 2002

My mom and Claire meet me in CT for my Spring Break. We visit the Ocampos (complete with Noel) in Somerset, NJ.

[20020329_11.jpg] [20020329_13.jpg] [20020329_14.jpg]

30 Mar 2002

I get back to SD (are you dizzy yet from all this traveling?) just in time for an Easter Vigil Mass, after which Chris gets his long-abstained-from burger and Coke at In-N-Out.


31 Mar 2002

Meanwhile, Marsha and Marc celebrate Easter with Timmy.

[20020331_14.jpg] [20020331_18.jpg]

13 Apr 2002

The usual suspects at Islands with Jim and Despina just after their birthdays.


02 Jun 2002

Marc moves into a studio in Manhattan. No furniture yet.


15 Jun 2002

Roummel's graduation party at Emerald.


Timmy hangs out in my room at Mesa.


16 Jun 2002

A playground at Mesa and brunch at Le Peep in La Jolla with Kevin & Patty, Roummel, and Jocelyn.

[20020616_07.jpg] [20020616_13.jpg]

22 Jun 2002

Jim and Despina's wedding. Maureen and I attend together for the first time in four weddings.

[20020622a_07.jpg] [20020622a_13.jpg]

Table poses: Ben and Pamela, Jim with Bob and Natalie and Maureen and me.

[20020622a_18.jpg] [20020622a_19.jpg] [20020622a_20.jpg]

The traditional Greek wedding dance.

[20020622a_12.jpg] [20020622a_24.jpg]

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