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The third quarter of 2006. July alone was a busy month.

01 Jul 2006 to 03 Sep 2006

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01 Jul 2006

Timmy goes to the Stephen Birch Aquarium for his friend Mari's birthday party.

[20060701a_03.jpg] [20060701a_07.jpg] [20060701a_12.jpg]

We just catch the tail end of Leslie (Dyanne) and David's wedding shower in Chino, which at this point, involves Guitar Hero and watching the hilarious The 40 Year-Old Virgin. Except for the kids, who just play with boxes.

[20060701b_03.jpg] [20060701b_06.jpg] [20060701b_22.jpg] [20060701b_24.jpg] [20060701b_27.jpg]

02 Jul 2006

And the very next day we're in Hayward for a pre-Independence Day celebration with the Upsilon crowd.

[20060702_02.jpg] [20060702_14.jpg] [20060702_15.jpg] [20060702_17.jpg] [20060702_34.jpg] [20060702_39.jpg] [20060702_43.jpg]

04 Jul 2006

An actual Independence Day party in the backyard.

[20060704a_02.jpg] [20060704a_08.jpg] [20060704a_09.jpg]

Picnicking in Emeryville just before the fireworks with some of Marsha's friends.

[20060704a_12.jpg] [20060704a_14.jpg] [20060704b_01.jpg] [20060704b_03.jpg] [20060704b_11.jpg] [20060704b_23.jpg] [20060704b_25.jpg] [20060704b_50.jpg] [20060704b_66.jpg]

05 Jul 2006

A day trip to Oakland, in the hopes of meeting up with Br. Raphael. While waiting for a call back, Timmy and Evelyn play in a local toy store.


Then dessert at Fentons Creamery. (That's right; no apostrophe.)

[20060705_06.jpg] [20060705_07.jpg] [20060705_09.jpg]

06 Jul 2006

Timmy and Evelyn play in a park in my 'hood.

[20060706_04.jpg] [20060706_06.jpg]

07 Jul 2006

At long last we meet up with Br. Raph and take a tour of beautiful St. Albert's Priory in Oakland.

[20060707_04.jpg] [20060707_06.jpg] [20060707_08.jpg] [20060707_17.jpg] [20060707_20.jpg]

Becky Nikolic and new addition Marina meet us at the Priory.

[20060707_22.jpg] [20060707_24.jpg] [20060707_28.jpg] [20060707_32.jpg] [20060707_34.jpg] [20060707_40.jpg] [20060707_41.jpg]

08 Jul 2006

A Day in SF. First the Metreon, where Timmy and Evelyn go to a showing of PBS Kids' It's a Big Big World at the Sony Style store and play at the nearby park.

[20060708_01.jpg] [20060708_02.jpg] [20060708_05.jpg] [20060708_17.jpg] [20060708_19.jpg] [20060708_26.jpg]

Then lunch at Osha Thai Noodle Cafe (decor shown)...


...and back to the park for bowling.

[20060708_37.jpg] [20060708_43.jpg] [20060708_44.jpg] [20060708_49.jpg]

Across the street is one branch of Beard Papa, a cream puff chain. Mmmmm, cream puffs.

[20060708_62.jpg] [20060708_66.jpg] [20060708_67.jpg]

Lastly, Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral.

[20060708_69.jpg] [20060708_74.jpg] [20060708_78.jpg] [20060708_84.jpg]

14 Jul 2006

The last chance (it turned out) to see Al Franken broadcast his MN-based show from San Diego while on tour. This particular show was part of Democracy Fest at SDSU, and the show was broadcast from Montezuma Hall.

[20060714_13.jpg] [20060714_19.jpg]

16 Jul 2006

Sixth annual SDG picnic at Dana Landing.

[20060716a_03.jpg] [20060716a_04.jpg] [20060716a_09.jpg] [20060716a_13.jpg] [20060716a_18.jpg] [20060716a_19.jpg] [20060716a_21.jpg] [20060716a_24.jpg] [20060716a_27.jpg] [20060716a_32.jpg] [20060716a_33.jpg] [20060716a_34.jpg] [20060716a_39.jpg] [20060716a_43.jpg] [20060716a_47.jpg] [20060716a_52.jpg] [20060716a_54.jpg] [20060716a_55.jpg]

Evelyn plays with Daniel after Mass.

[20060716b_01.jpg] [20060716b_09.jpg] [20060716b_10.jpg]

22 Jul 2006

Leslie (Dyanne) and David's wedding. Timmy was ring bearer again.

[20060722a_59.jpg] [20060722a_76.jpg] [20060722a_85.jpg] [20060722b_09.jpg] [20060722b_16.jpg] [20060722b_22.jpg] [20060722b_69.jpg]


23 Jul 2006

Daniel and Esther visit California.

In Claremont:

[20060723b_03.jpg] [20060723b_04.jpg]

In Old Town San Diego with Ben and his parents:

[20060723b_11.jpg] [20060723b_19.jpg] [20060723b_21.jpg] [20060723b_22.jpg] [20060723b_24.jpg] [20060723b_25.jpg]

At La Jolla Shores:

[20060723b_32.jpg] [20060723b_55.jpg]

And at the cliffs in La Jolla:

[20060723b_59.jpg] [20060723b_64.jpg] [20060723b_68.jpg] [20060723b_78.jpg] [20060723b_79.jpg] [20060723b_80.jpg]

24 Jul 2006

Maureen takes Daniel and Esther on a tour of LA, including Grauman's Chinese, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Kodak Theatre.

[20060724_23.jpg] [20060724_30.jpg] [20060724_31.jpg] [20060724_43.jpg] [20060724_03.jpg] [20060724_18.jpg] [20060724_20.jpg]

25 Jul 2006

More LA. The Getty Museum, Malibu Beach, and Santa Monica.

[20060725_14.jpg] [20060725_17.jpg] [20060725_33.jpg] [20060725_40.jpg] [20060725_44.jpg] [20060725_46.jpg] [20060725_49.jpg] [20060725_62.jpg] [20060725_67.jpg]

29 Jul 2006

The wedding of Mike and Karen, Maureen's high school friend.

[20060729a_15.jpg] [20060729a_20.jpg] [20060729a_22.jpg] [20060729a_36.jpg] [20060729a_39.jpg] [20060729a_41.jpg] [20060729a_44.jpg] [20060729a_46.jpg]

[20060729a_61.jpg] [20060729a_62.jpg] [20060729a_66.jpg] [20060729a_71.jpg] [20060729a_73.jpg] [20060729a_75.jpg]

[20060729a_81.jpg] [20060729a_83.jpg] [20060729a_86.jpg] [20060729b_13.jpg]

[20060729b_18.jpg] [20060729b_38.jpg] [20060729b_40.jpg] [20060729b_50.jpg] [20060729b_65.jpg] [20060729b_95.jpg]

05 Aug 2006

Dara, Edison, and Maddee visit.

[20060805_05.jpg] [20060805_08.jpg] [20060805_09.jpg] [20060805_14.jpg] [20060805_16.jpg] [20060805_17.jpg]

06 Aug 2006

Fr. Mark visits the Catholic Community and meets Evelyn.

[20060806a_04.jpg] [20060806a_07.jpg]

Cathy and Mike and kids visit San Diego and meet up with us with Anita at La Especial Norte in Encinitas.

[20060806b_07.jpg] [20060806b_15.jpg] [20060806b_17.jpg] [20060806b_22.jpg] [20060806b_24.jpg] [20060806b_28.jpg]

15 Aug 2006

Timmy makes a cube!


Vacation in Lake Havasu, AZ:

18 Aug 2006

Evelyn finds things to make into toys. Don't worry, later we kept the cooler out of her reach so she wouldn't trap herself in it, since she did, eerily, fit completely inside.

[20060818_07.jpg] [20060818_11.jpg]

20 Aug 2006

Outside of Bob's Big Boy.

[20060820_02.jpg] [20060820_09.jpg]

London Bridge.


22 Aug 2006

Lola gets a blessing on her birthday.


Then...jetskiing in the Lake!

[20060822b_18.jpg] [20060822b_23.jpg] [20060822b_50.jpg] [20060822b_58.jpg] [20060822b_63.jpg] [20060822b_66.jpg] [20060822b_72.jpg]

24 Aug 2006

A quick trip to Oatman, AZ.

[20060824b_15.jpg] [20060824b_17.jpg]

25 Aug 2006

Next to London Bridge.

[20060825_12.jpg] [20060825_18.jpg] [20060825_27.jpg]

02 Sep 2006

Back in San Diego, a visit to the Zoo with the Baltazars, including a chance meeting with Tim and Cinda.

[20060902_24.jpg] [20060902_40.jpg] [20060902_51.jpg] [20060902_60.jpg] [20060902_63.jpg] [20060902_68.jpg] [20060902_72.jpg]

03 Sep 2006

Isabella's first birthday party at the Santee YMCA. First, the gym.

[20060903a_07.jpg] [20060903a_27.jpg] [20060903a_29.jpg] [20060903a_32.jpg] [20060903a_53.jpg] [20060903a_67.jpg] [20060903a_72.jpg]

Then, the small-kid-friendly pool.

[20060903b_01.jpg] [20060903b_04.jpg] [20060903b_08.jpg] [20060903b_11.jpg] [20060903b_23.jpg] [20060903b_35.jpg]

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