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The first half of 2008. More baby boom!

05 Jan 2008 to 29 Jun 2008

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05 Jan 2008

Timmy and Evelyn and the growing tree, which, according to Timmy, we update "at random times."

[20080105_03.jpg] [20080105_04.jpg]

07 Jan 2008

Roummel visits and joins us and the McKinneys at In-N-Out.

[20080107_01.jpg] [20080107_02.jpg]

08 Jan 2008

Roummel tries out the 1/16 violin at Souplantation. Eric enjoys his dessert.

[20080108_04.jpg] [20080108_05.jpg]

10 Jan 2008

Evelyn goes to Legoland with Austin, Peter, and Maddee.

[20080110_04.jpg] [20080110_05.jpg] [20080110_08.jpg] [20080110_10.jpg] [20080110_15.jpg] [20080110_30.jpg] [20080110_33.jpg] [20080110_51.jpg] [20080110_57.jpg] [20080110_59.jpg] [20080110_76.jpg]

Later, Timmy, Evelyn, and Maddee visit Maddee's cousins.

[20080110_90.jpg] [20080110_92.jpg]

11 Jan 2008

Evelyn wants to sit with me as I blow out candle for my birthday but seems confused.

[20080111_04.jpg] [20080111_05.jpg]

12 Jan 2008

Jocelyn and Ivan's baby shower.

[20080112_01.jpg] [20080112_04.jpg]

Evelyn helps draw designs on onesies.

[20080112_02.jpg] [20080112_03.jpg]

18 Jan 2008

Timmy gets a "Spotlight Award" (in this case, a Citizenship Award) at school.

[20080118_05.jpg] [20080118_08.jpg] [20080118_15.jpg] [20080118_16.jpg] [20080118_18.jpg]

20 Jan 2008

Marc and Marsha return to CA for a visit.

[20080120_01.jpg] [20080120_08.jpg] [20080120_04.jpg] [20080120_07.jpg]

02 Feb 2008

Mikayla celebrates her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese in Moreno Valley, CA.

[20080202_11.jpg] [20080202_01.jpg] [20080202_05.jpg]

Afterwards, all play at the Bordador house.

[20080202_22.jpg] [20080202_24.jpg] [20080202_14.jpg] [20080202_15.jpg]

09 Feb 2008

Evelyn's party at Build-a-Bear Workshop.

[20080209a_11.jpg] [20080209a_16.jpg] [20080209a_01.jpg] [20080209a_14.jpg] [20080209a_17.jpg] [20080209a_21.jpg] [20080209a_25.jpg] [20080209a_30.jpg]

[20080209a_37.jpg] [20080209a_53.jpg] [20080209a_59.jpg] [20080209a_70.jpg] [20080209a_83.jpg] [20080209a_88.jpg] [20080209a_85.jpg]

A little lunch at the food court.

[20080209b_02.jpg] [20080209b_09.jpg] [20080209b_10.jpg]

14 Feb 2008

Timmy's class birthday party.

[20080214_03.jpg] [20080214_04.jpg] [20080214_05.jpg]

Evelyn's class birthday party.

[20080214_06.jpg] [20080214_08.jpg] [20080214_10.jpg] [20080214_17.jpg] [20080214_18.jpg]

Timmy's afterschool birthday party.

[20080214_24.jpg] [20080214_29.jpg]

16 Feb 2008

Evelyn's first soccer lesson. Timmy has one too.

[20080216_02.jpg] [20080216_05.jpg] [20080216_06.jpg] [20080216_08.jpg] [20080216_16.jpg]

17 Feb 2008

Meeting Colin Oei (at UCSD Catholic Community).

[20080217b_01.jpg] [20080217b_02.jpg] [20080217b_04.jpg]

01 Mar 2008

Timmy's birthday party with classmates at a local park. Cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

[20080301_01.jpg] [20080301_03.jpg] [20080301_04.jpg] [20080301_05.jpg] [20080301_06.jpg] [20080301_09.jpg] [20080301_10.jpg] [20080301_14.jpg] [20080301_19.jpg] [20080301_20.jpg] [20080301_21.jpg] [20080301_22.jpg] [20080301_27.jpg] [20080301_29.jpg] [20080301_24.jpg]

19 Apr 2008

Gideon and Anjelica's baby shower.

[20080419_04.jpg] [20080419_06.jpg] [20080419_05.jpg] [20080419_14.jpg]

27 Apr 2008

Swim time at our SDG turn. The boys get swim-diaper "speedos."


30 Apr 2008

Timmy's field trip at the Rueben H. Fleet Science Center.

[20080430_03.jpg] [20080430_07.jpg] [20080430_09.jpg] [20080430_11.jpg] [20080430_13.jpg] [20080430_14.jpg] [20080430_15.jpg] [20080430_18.jpg]

16 May 2008

Dinner with visiting Snyders (Naomi pictured).

[20080516_02.jpg] [20080516_06.jpg] [20080516_03.jpg] [20080516_08.jpg]

17 May 2008

The kids build a Cranium forst before the Snyders leave.

[20080517_02.jpg] [20080517_05.jpg]

22 May 2008

Timmy's school art show. Maureen helped teach the classes this year.

[20080522_05.jpg] [20080522_06.jpg] [20080522_03.jpg] [20080522_04.jpg] [20080522_07.jpg] [20080522_09.jpg]

[20080522_12.jpg] [20080522_11.jpg]

31 May 2008

Noreen and Jody visit the Kleemanns. Our first time meeting Sofia.

[20080531_03.jpg] [20080531_06.jpg] [20080531_08.jpg] [20080531_10.jpg] [20080531_13.jpg] [20080531_14.jpg]

[20080531_19.jpg] [20080531_23.jpg] [20080531_25.jpg] [20080531_32.jpg]

01 Jun 2008

The Trans takes us to Legoland. My first time. Timmy's been on a field trip and camps, and Evelyn went with the Garcias earlier this year.

[20080601_01.jpg] [20080601_04.jpg]

[20080601_30.jpg] [20080601_07.jpg] [20080601_10.jpg] [20080601_05.jpg] [20080601_33.jpg] [20080601_35.jpg] [20080601_37.jpg] [20080601_44.jpg] [20080601_46.jpg] [20080601_50.jpg]

[20080601_65.jpg] [20080601_66.jpg] [20080601_60.jpg]

12 Jun 2008

Father's Day celebration at Evelyn's daycare.


15 Jun 2008

Father's Day morning at home. Later, Austin joins us.

[20080615_02.jpg] [20080615_08.jpg] [20080615_11.jpg]

19 Jun 2008

Meeting newborn Liam Klacka.

[20080619_02.jpg] [20080619_05.jpg] [20080619_03.jpg] [20080619_04.jpg]

22 Jun 2008

Disneyland and California Adventure with Chris Buñag, who later greeted us as Flik.

[20080622_30.jpg] [20080622_35.jpg] [20080622_15.jpg] [20080622_17.jpg] [20080622_19.jpg] [20080622_24.jpg]

[20080622_41.jpg] [20080622_43.jpg] [20080622_50.jpg] [20080622_51.jpg] [20080622_58.jpg] [20080622_66.jpg]

[20080622_67.jpg] [20080622_80.jpg] [20080622_90.jpg]

29 Jun 2008

Colin's baptism, preceded by Danni Lu and AJ.

[20080629_07.jpg] [20080629_09.jpg] [20080629_08.jpg]

I just catch Phil and AJ outside the church before we leave.


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