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21 Apr 2001 to 23 Apr 2001

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21 Apr 2001

Timmy's Baptism:

Fr. Mark made the regular weekend Mass very personalized for Timmy's baptism. It was at the University Lutheran Church during the final months of the Catholic Community's stay there. In July, it moved to the appropriately named Church of the Good Samaritan (Episcopal) near the east side of campus.

The ceremony itself.

[20010421b_01.jpg] [20010421b_02.jpg] [20010421b_03.jpg] [20010421b_04.jpg] [20010421b_05.jpg] [20010421b_06.jpg] [20010421b_07.jpg] [20010421b_08.jpg] [20010421b_09.jpg] [20010421b_10.jpg]

Picture-taking afterwards.

[20010421b_11.jpg] [20010421b_12.jpg] [20010421b_13.jpg] [20010421b_14.jpg] [20010421b_15.jpg]

The reception at Emerald Restaurant on Convoy and Aero. Excellent seafood feast and good service too.

[20010421d_01.jpg] [20010421d_02.jpg] [20010421d_03.jpg] [20010421d_04.jpg] [20010421d_05.jpg] [20010421d_06.jpg] [20010421d_07.jpg] [20010421d_08.jpg]

22 Apr 2001

Breakfast the next morning at The Original Pancake House:

Highly recommended by all of us, even two days in a row! Plus the kids playing outside out window provided some entertainment.

[20010422a_01.jpg] [20010422a_03.jpg] [20010422a_02.jpg] [20010422a_04.jpg] [20010422a_05.jpg]

23 Apr 2001

Timmy's first zoo trip at the World Famous San Diego Zoo:

Natascha went with Timmy and Maureen and her parents and Marc. I had to go to work.

[20010423_08.jpg] [20010423_09.jpg] [20010423_02.jpg] [20010423_04.jpg]

[20010423_03.jpg] [20010423_01.jpg] [20010423_05.jpg] [20010423_06.jpg] [20010423_07.jpg] [20010423_11.jpg] [20010423_13.jpg]

Timmy looking cool in his car seat and doing some of his own jungle acts at home.

[20010423_15.jpg] [20010423_16.jpg]

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