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The rest of 2006. Timmy starts school. More babies and birthdays.

05 Sep 2006 to 01 Jan 2007

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05 Sep 2006

Timmy goes to school! First day of kindergarten.

[20060905_07.jpg] [20060905_19.jpg] [20060905_22.jpg] [20060905_30.jpg]

10 Sep 2006

Monica and AJ's baby shower at the McKinneys'.

[20060910_03.jpg] [20060910_09.jpg] [20060910_11.jpg] [20060910_21.jpg] [20060910_63.jpg] [20060910_76.jpg] [20060910_84.jpg] [20060910_99.jpg]

17 Sep 2006

Chris and Teresa celebrate their birthdays at our SDG turn.

[20060917_03.jpg] [20060917_06.jpg]

22 Sep 2006

Lunchtime at Timmy's school.

[20060922_04.jpg] [20060922_08.jpg]

24 Sep 2006

Timmy and Evelyn practice DDR in Carlsbad.

[20060924_11.jpg] [20060924_13.jpg]

29 Sep 2006

Dinner with Rene, Tim, and Cinda.

[20060929_03.jpg] [20060929_09.jpg] [20060929_16.jpg]

01 Oct 2006

Evie (Rojas-Hilt)'s birthday at Toby Wells YMCA.

[20061001a_04.jpg] [20061001a_06.jpg] [20061001a_11.jpg] [20061001a_26.jpg] [20061001a_35.jpg] [20061001a_38.jpg] [20061001a_70.jpg] [20061001a_72.jpg] [20061001a_85.jpg] [20061001a_91.jpg] [20061001a_92.jpg] [20061001a_97.jpg]

07 Oct 2006

Hangin' out at the park near the McKinney house.

[20061007_01.jpg] [20061007_05.jpg] [20061007_10.jpg] [20061007_13.jpg] [20061007_15.jpg]

14 Oct 2006

Andy's second birthday party.

[20061014c_18.jpg] [20061014c_32.jpg] [20061014c_47.jpg]

27 Oct 2006

Bingo night at Timmy's school, where they try out their Halloween costumes.


31 Oct 2006

Halloween with Shayan at UTC.

[20061031_09.jpg] [20061031_13.jpg] [20061031_22.jpg]

05 Nov 2006

A day trip to Julian with the Baltazars.

Some country living.

[20061105b_01.jpg] [20061105b_11.jpg]

Behind a winery.

[20061105b_14.jpg] [20061105b_15.jpg] [20061105b_22.jpg] [20061105b_25.jpg] [20061105b_27.jpg]

At a local orchard with small, sweet apples.

[20061105b_34.jpg] [20061105b_68.jpg] [20061105b_43.jpg] [20061105b_47.jpg]

[20061105b_55.jpg] [20061105b_59.jpg]

09 Nov 2006

Monica and AJ the day after Logan's birth.

[20061109_02.jpg] [20061109_07.jpg] [20061109_08.jpg]

12 Nov 2006

Eric and Liz make an announcement at our SDG turn.


Also, there's ice cream.

[20061112_03.jpg] [20061112_06.jpg] [20061112_07.jpg]

And a tap dance demonstration.


17 Nov 2006

Thanksgiving lunch at Evelyn's daycare.

[20061117_01.jpg] [20061117_07.jpg] [20061117_11.jpg]

23 Nov 2006

Thanksgiving in Upland.

[20061123_01.jpg] [20061123_05.jpg] [20061123_10.jpg] [20061123_16.jpg] [20061123_49.jpg] [20061123_53.jpg] [20061123_54.jpg] [20061123_56.jpg]

24 Nov 2006

Knotts Berry Farm the next day.

[20061124_04.jpg] [20061124_16.jpg] [20061124_51.jpg] [20061124_62.jpg] [20061124_71.jpg] [20061124_99.jpg]

26 Nov 2006

Nathan's early birthday party.

[20061126a_10.jpg] [20061126a_30.jpg] [20061126a_37.jpg] [20061126a_43.jpg] [20061126a_51.jpg] [20061126a_61.jpg] [20061126a_63.jpg] [20061126a_74.jpg] [20061126a_85.jpg]

30 Nov 2006

Logan's first SDG turn.

[20061130_04.jpg] [20061130_06.jpg]

02 Dec 2006

With James and Whitney at the GNF holiday party.


03 Dec 2006

SDG at Souplantation.

[20061203_03.jpg] [20061203_05.jpg]

04 Dec 2006

Bringing home the Christmas tree.

[20061204_02.jpg] [20061204_03.jpg] [20061204_09.jpg] [20061204_11.jpg]

09 Dec 2006

Maureen's winter tap dance show in RB.

[20061209_10.jpg] [20061209_31.jpg] [20061209_18.jpg] [20061209_20.jpg] [20061209_22.jpg] [20061209_29.jpg]

Then the kids join the rest of the festivities, including meeting McGruff.

[20061209_33.jpg] [20061209_39.jpg] [20061209_41.jpg] [20061209_54.jpg]

At home, Maureen and the kids play Guitar Hero. Evelyn also imitates banging the guitar while singing the riff of "Smoke on the Water."

[20061209_59.jpg] [20061209_61.jpg] [20061209_62.jpg]

10 Dec 2006

Festivus in Carlsbad, including a video conference call with Felix and Becca during "steal the present."

[20061210_03.jpg] [20061210_07.jpg] [20061210_11.jpg] [20061210_15.jpg] [20061210_16.jpg] [20061210_21.jpg]

Also, the solution to one of Eric's wooden puzzles.


12 Dec 2006

An attempt to have Evelyn sit with Santa, and a pose with Timmy's former daycare teacher.

[20061212_09.jpg] [20061212_12.jpg]

14 Dec 2006

Timmy's class' Cultural Feast.

[20061214_13.jpg] [20061214_17.jpg] [20061214_24.jpg]

23 Dec 2006

The annual E Party at the Kleemanns.

[20061223_02.jpg] [20061223_05.jpg] [20061223_07.jpg] [20061223_10.jpg] [20061223_11.jpg] [20061223_18.jpg] [20061223_30.jpg]

24 Dec 2006

Christmas Eve in SD.

Timmy and Evelyn do feather-duster fencing.


Midnight Mass at the UCSD Catholic Community.

[20061224_16.jpg] [20061224_17.jpg] [20061224_18.jpg] [20061224_24.jpg] [20061224_27.jpg] [20061224_34.jpg]

Home again for some poses.

[20061224_38.jpg] [20061224_39.jpg] [20061224_45.jpg] [20061224_50.jpg] [20061224_53.jpg] [20061224_61.jpg] [20061224_65.jpg] [20061224_71.jpg]

25 Dec 2006

Opening presents at home on Christmas Day.

[20061225_03.jpg] [20061225_18.jpg] [20061225_26.jpg] [20061225_38.jpg] [20061225_40.jpg] [20061225_42.jpg]

Christmas dinner. Maureen and I do our version of Stephen Colbert's "my black friend" pose.

[20061225_51.jpg] [20061225_62.jpg]

28 Dec 2006

Evelyn tries out Guitar Hero in Hayward.

[20061228_02.jpg] [20061228_03.jpg]

29 Dec 2006

The traditional Fentons visit.

[20061229_04.jpg] [20061229_07.jpg]

31 Dec 2006

New Year's Eve in Hayward.

[20061231_05.jpg] [20061231_13.jpg] [20061231_21.jpg] [20061231_22.jpg] [20061231_41.jpg] [20061231_50.jpg] [20061231_51.jpg]

01 Jan 2007

New Year's Day toasts.

[20070101_01.jpg] [20070101_05.jpg] [20070101_06.jpg] [20070101_12.jpg] [20070101_15.jpg] [20070101_17.jpg] [20070101_19.jpg]

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