Maureen and Ian's
Wedding Page
04 January 2003

Wedding Album

Choose your flavor: album style, sectional, or full page. Click smaller images (thumbnails) to get larger ones (400 pixels wide). The portrait (tall) pictures were scanned on their sides, so some head-turning is necessary, but it keeps the layout consistent. If you want the really full size picture (about 1500 pixels wide) for printing, just ask me (ian AT arcanegel DOT com).

  • Album style: page layout exactly like the real photo album. Good for purists.
  • Sectional: all of the pictures divided into 4 pages by section (preparation, ceremony, wedding party, reception beginning, table pictures, reception events, and reception miscellaneous, ). Standard (150-pixel-wide) thumbnails. Good for those looking for a specific picture (e.g. their table picture).
  • Full page: all of the pictures on one page. Standard thumbnails. Good for lower bandwidth users who want to start loading everything and then fix a sandwich.
  • Outtakes: the pictures that didn't make the cut into the album and don't appear in the above album views. Standard thumbnails. Good for those who buy special edition DVDs even though they already own the basic edition.


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