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The second half of Evelyn's birth year, with many firsts for her along the way, of course.

02 Jul 2005 to 01 Jan 2006

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02 Jul 2005

Jon and Cathy meet Evelyn.


03 Jul 2005

Wes/Br. Raphael meets Evelyn at Peter's Baptism.

[20050703_01.jpg] [20050703_03.jpg] [20050703_07.jpg]

04 Jul 2005

The Sky St. Rock Band, the incarnation of Soulace that played block parties on Sky St. in USD-area San Diego, wails on Independence Day.

[20050704_02.jpg] [20050704_05.jpg] [20050704_07.jpg]

06 Jul 2005

Evelyn sits up by herself.


09 Jul 2005

Mike, Jr.'s birthday party at a neighborhood park in West Covina.


Naomi's birthday party at a stable in West Covina.

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14 Jul 2005

Random pose on the orange chair.


24 Jul 2005

Patty's baby shower at Dana Landing.

[20050724_07.jpg] [20050724_08.jpg] [20050724_10.jpg]

30 Jul 2005

We hosted a barbecue with Maureen's Immusol coworkers, and Evelyn got to play with Holly's daughter Natalie.

[20050730_01.jpg] [20050730_07.jpg] [20050730_09.jpg] [20050730_11.jpg] [20050730_14.jpg] [20050730_19.jpg]

31 Jul 2005

Back-to-back hosting! Felix and Becca visit us from NC.


06 Aug 2005

The annual SDG picnic at Dana Landing, now with twice the children!

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11 Aug 2005

A Padres game with the Immusol crowd.

[20050811_02.jpg] [20050811_03.jpg] [20050811_05.jpg] [20050811_06.jpg]

16 Aug 2005

Evelyn's almost crawling!


18 Aug 2005

Evelyn eats baby food...and toys.

[20050818_04.jpg] [20050818_08.jpg]

21 Aug 2005

Celebrating Lola's birthday and Timmy and Evelyn's half-birthdays at John's Incredible Pizza in Upland.


27 Aug 2005

A beach picnic with the Buñags. On the drive there, we catch a picture of a Vietnamese restaurant called "What the Pho." I guess it's not as bad as another one the McKinneys told us about, "Pho King."

[20050827_01.jpg] [20050827_05.jpg] [20050827_07.jpg] [20050827_12.jpg]

28 Aug 2005

Remembering Lola Alice on her death anniversary.

[20050828_03.jpg] [20050828_04.jpg] [20050828_08.jpg]

11 Sep 2005

We get to meet newborn Isabella McCormick at their house.

[20050911_10.jpg] [20050911_13.jpg] [20050911_16.jpg] [20050911_19.jpg]

18 Sep 2005

Evelyn with Marisa; Becky and Peter.

[20050918_03.jpg] [20050918_05.jpg]

01 Oct 2005

Evelyn meets Andy at OPH and plays at Andy's house.

[20051001_01.jpg] [20051001_04.jpg]

[20051001_07.jpg] [20051001_08.jpg] [20051001_11.jpg] [20051001_18.jpg]

02 Oct 2005

Timmy and Evelyn hang out with the McKinneys. Yes, they're playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

[20051002_01.jpg] [20051002_04.jpg] [20051002_05.jpg]

03 Oct 2005

Evelyn and Miss Mary's other daycare kids.


09 Oct 2005

Catholic Community choir members and the next generation.


11 Oct 2005

Timmy and Evelyn on a blue blanket (with a biscuit).

[20051011_02.jpg] [20051011_05.jpg]

15 Oct 2005

Dave and Christine's wedding reception.

With Bay Area visitors Jeanette, Paul, and Therese.

[20051015_17.jpg] [20051015_19.jpg] [20051015_24.jpg]

Evelyn and Timmy entertain.

[20051015_30.jpg] [20051015_31.jpg]

Typical Dave-style pictures (outstretched hand of subject taking picture). Dave (leftmost) has a whole album of these.

[20051015_42.jpg] [20051015_45.jpg]

Roummel and Janet dancing with Evelyn and Timmy.

[20051015_49.jpg] [20051015_50.jpg]

Maureen borrows Roummel's top hat to do "Fosse hands."


Cathy, Therese, Evelyn, and Maureen.


Us and the couple.


22 Oct 2005

A trip to the local (happenin'!) pumpkin patch with the McKinneys.

[20051022_03.jpg] [20051022_14.jpg] [20051022_15.jpg]

28 Oct 2005

Tita Edie makes a surprise visit for Lolo's birthday. Her kids later followed suit. Lunch celebration at Onami in Mission Valley and dinner at Harrahs San Diego.

[20051028a_01.jpg] [20051028a_05.jpg] [20051028a_10.jpg] [20051028a_12.jpg] [20051028b_09.jpg]

Timmy poses with his new Spongebob slippers, then again with the picture of his pose.

[20051028c_49.jpg] [20051028b_10.jpg]

31 Oct 2005

Halloween with Evelyn as a Tootsie Roll (I only did the letters) and Timmy as Abu (reprise from last year).

[20051031a_05.jpg] [20051031a_14.jpg] [20051031a_19.jpg]

Timmy's painted pumpkin from school.


05 Nov 2005

Evelyn poses with Bob and Natalie at Takhrai Thai near our place.


24 Nov 2005

Evelyn's first Thanksgiving, in Claremont.

[20051124_01.jpg] [20051124_02.jpg] [20051124_03.jpg]

Evelyn's Halloween costume reworn for everyone.


14 Dec 2005

A day trip to Disney's California Adventure.

[20051214_03.jpg] [20051214_05.jpg] [20051214_12.jpg]

18 Dec 2005

Random Mass pictures.

[20051218_01.jpg] [20051218_03.jpg]

Random Islands picture.


Hanging out with the Cartas.

[20051218_07.jpg] [20051218_10.jpg]

22 Dec 2005

Timmy and Evelyn's growing tree.


23 Dec 2005

Lulo and Evelyn.


Evelyn meets the Herces.


Trying out Guitar Hero.


24 Dec 2005

Evelyn's first Christmas, in Hayward.

Christmas presents.

[20051224_02.jpg] [20051224_03.jpg]

25 Dec 2005

Christmas presents from Santa.

[20051225a_11.jpg] [20051225a_15.jpg] [20051225a_18.jpg]

Timmy's track, Evelyn standing, and Evelyn with Bobel.

[20051225a_21.jpg] [20051225b_02.jpg] [20051225b_03.jpg]

Eileen and Uncle Freddie, Timmy (taking a break from Mario Kart) with Nia.

[20051225b_12.jpg] [20051225b_16.jpg] [20051225b_20.jpg]

Evelyn tries on headgear and poses with the Hayward Camaclangs.

[20051225b_29.jpg] [20051225b_32.jpg] [20051225b_39.jpg]

Evelyn and Auntie Merle; playing with Claire's bracelet.

[20051225b_43.jpg] [20051225b_44.jpg]

Lulo and Lula; San Diego Camaclangs' family Christmas picture.

[20051225c_10.jpg] [20051225c_12.jpg]

26 Dec 2005

A visit to Becky (who we just found out here is expecting) and Bora in Oakland.


27 Dec 2005

Evelyn meets the Wangs.

[20051227_01.jpg] [20051227_04.jpg] [20051227_07.jpg] [20051227_13.jpg]

30 Dec 2005

A rainy Illumination Drive in SF.


31 Dec 2005

Evelyn's ready for New Year's, Timmy is not; Evelyn and Auntie Geny

[20051231_01.jpg] [20051231_02.jpg] [20051231_03.jpg]

Evelyn and Lula and a horn; Karaoke Revolution.

[20051231_21.jpg] [20051231_23.jpg] [20051231_26.jpg]

01 Jan 2006

Lots of toasts.

[20060101b_03.jpg] [20060101a_06.jpg] [20060101a_08.jpg] [20060101a_14.jpg] [20060101a_17.jpg] [20060101a_18.jpg]

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