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Timmycam pictures at Yale!! Part 2: The Reckoning

With the computer upgrade, the webcam stills are double the size but show the limited quality of the camera.

26 Feb 2002 to 14 Nov 2002

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26 Feb 2002

Just a quick talk with daddy. I think Timmy is bored.

06 Mar 2002

Classic Timmy on the microphone, much more lively this time!

DJ TJ Valentino with one turntable and a microphone, keyboard, handclaps, ....

Timmy's concert.

Hi daddy!

Timmy found a sticker backing of some sort. I guess that's all the playing for tonight now.

07 Apr 2002

Ah, here's Timmy in his "Ross" sweatshirt. It says Paleontologist on it and has a picture of a dinosaur. Timmy's starting to be more talkative.

16 Apr 2002

Timmy decides to go naked today. At least he has his diaper still. Where's daddy? There's daddy!

Timmy plays with his nose drops...

...and mommy's remote...I mean HP calculator...

...then (we think) he goes to sleep, but he's not really sleepy.

Timmy! Go to sleep! Daddy's not that funny! (Ahem!)

02 May 2002

Okay, maybe he's a little funny.

I think he's trying to remember who that is....

I'm tired now.

18 May 2002

Oh, he's rarin' to go again! Timmy re-discovers how funny daddy is.

If you're happy and you know it, shout "hurray!"

The jolly striped giant.

I forgot if Timmy's playing with the microphone, the printer cartidge holder, or the manual pump.

Timmy goes solo for a bit.

That made me yawn too. I'm ready to go to sleep.

14 Nov 2002

MP3s: Listen to Timmy speaking (part 1) or (part 2)!

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