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05 Apr 2010

Not there yet!


21 Jun 2010

Still not there!


05 Nov 2010

Just delivered!

[20101105a_05.jpg] [20101105a_08.jpg]

My birth helpers Lola and "Fairy Grandmother" Karin:

[20101105a_37.jpg] [20101105a_38.jpg]

Meeting my older brother and sister:


Relaxing in our room with my siblings and Lolo and Lola:


My first visitors: Isabella, Aunt Patty, and Uncle Kevin!

[20101105a_69.jpg] [20101105a_68.jpg] [20101105a_71.jpg]

06 Nov 2010

Tita Marsha comes to meet me.


Lolo, what's Timmy talking about?


Mama cuddles with me.


Extreme close-up! Whoooooaaa! Whoooaaaa!


Timmy and Evelyn welcome me home.

[20101106a_31.jpg] [20101106a_41.jpg] [20101106a_35.jpg]

The Flemings come to visit me, and I get some alone time with Papa. Westsiiiide!

[20101106b_07.jpg] [20101106b_13.jpg] [20101106b_15.jpg]

07 Nov 2010

Papa's lunges help me calm down.

[20101107_03.jpg] [20101107_08.jpg]

Tita Marsha and Tita Jocelyn also make me comfortable.

[20101107_11.jpg] [20101107_15.jpg]

08 Nov 2010

Face time before my first peds appointment.


Everything checks out!

[20101108_06.jpg] [20101108_08.jpg] [20101108_10.jpg]

09 Nov 2010

My first closest-thing-to-a-smile caught on film.


Aunt Liz pays a visit.


Some more of my poses.

[20101109_31.jpg] [20101109_38.jpg]

Evelyn shows some love.


A wink and a smile.


10 Nov 2010

I finally give Papa a bigger and clearer smile for the camera.


Uncle Jim and Uncle Ben lift me up.

[20101110_06.jpg] [20101110_09.jpg]

11 Nov 2010

Aunt Becky, Peter, Gabriel, and Matthew stop by.


13 Nov 2010

Ninong Philippe and Ninang Natascha meet me...

[20101113_02.jpg] [20101113_04.jpg]

...while CĂ©leste (pink shirt) and Emilie (light pink shirt) are curious about the stairs first, then me.

[20101113_03.jpg] [20101113_12.jpg]

14 Nov 2010

Uncle Ivan meets me before Mass, Loreen and Ninong James and Ninang Whitney afterward.

[20101114_02.jpg] [20101114_06.jpg] [20101114_09.jpg]

At Elijah's, Isabella is excited about me, even though Evelyn and Timmy aren't there.


Timmy's Ninang Jen also stops by Elijah's (on her birthday) to meet me.


19 Nov 2010

Shayan and his mom Nasrin say hi.


25 Nov 2010

Lulo has a moment with me sleeping.


My first Thanksgiving and first family photo.

[20101125_07.jpg] [20101125_09.jpg]

26 Nov 2010

Moments with Lula and Uncle Cilio and Auntie Nieves.

[20101126_01.jpg] [20101126_03.jpg]

27 Nov 2010

Papa takes a quick candid.


28 Nov 2010

Uncle Dave watches me during my first Sunday Dinner at the McKinneys'.


04 Dec 2010

My first Santa picture, at the Hilltop Park with Timmy and Evelyn.


Papa and me agape.


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