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04 Nov 2001 to 21 Jan 2002

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04 Nov 2001

Timmy really likes the microphone stand. He likes the microphone too, but he tries to eat it.

Extreme close-up!! Timmy eating paper and crawling under the desk.

Desktop Timmy and mommy. I told you he likes that microphone!

08 Nov 2001

Once again, he really likes that microphone.

Timmy looking into the camera and smiling at daddy on the screen, then yawning.

Now he's trying to drink water from a bottle with the cap still on (tight). Then he says good-night to daddy.

03 Dec 2001

Timmy learns to make fart sounds on mommy's shoulder.

Timmy wants mommy to talk now.

Okay Timmy, mommy's tired, you stand up and talk to daddy.

16 Dec 2001

Timmy finds a (tightly-capped) pen to play with.

Peek-a-boo from behind his puzzle-mat house. Then he knocks down a wall or two.

Timmy's cup runneth over.

21 Jan 2002

Dancing Timmy with mommy, both sporting their new haircuts.

Typing and talking Timmy.

Who's in that camera?

Timmy has something to say to daddy: "ba ba ba...!"

"Ba ba ba...ha ha ha!"

Walking Timmy.

Laundry Timmy.

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