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Evelyn's baptism, and some weddings to attend.

02 Apr 2005 to 29 Jun 2005

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02 Apr 2005

A visit to Riverside and Claremont.

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03 Apr 2005

Timmy and Veronica show their colors.

[20050403_02.jpg] [20050403_04.jpg]

Veronica's fashion poses.

[20050403_05.jpg] [20050403_06.jpg]

12 Apr 2005

Evelyn's 2-month appointment.

[20050412b_01.jpg] [20050412b_02.jpg]

15 Apr 2005

Studio pictures on tax day.

[20050415_01.jpg] [20050415_03.jpg] [20050415_02.jpg]

16 Apr 2005

The Larrabures meet Evelyn and celebrate Felix' birthday at the Flemings'.

[20050416_01.jpg] [20050416_02.jpg] [20050416_07.jpg] [20050416_04.jpg] [20050416_06.jpg]

19 Apr 2005

Evelyn's first day at the beach, with Timmy and Tita Marsha.

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21 Apr 2005

Smiling day.

[20050421_02.jpg] [20050421_03.jpg]

22 Apr 2005

Maureen's "surprise" SDG birthday. The "surprise" is our running joke. It's not really a surprise, but (a) Maureen's spoiled a few surprises in the past, and (b) I challenge her to throw me a surprise party, which has yet to happen.

[20050422_01.jpg] [20050422_02.jpg] [20050422_03.jpg]

Tita Agnes, Lula, Tito Flo, Lolo, Lola.

[20050422_04.jpg] [20050422_05.jpg]

28 Apr 2005

Birthday dinner for Claire at Red Robin in Riverside.

[20050428_03.jpg] [20050428_04.jpg] [20050428_06.jpg]

29 Apr 2005

Yet another birthday dinner at Yanni's Bistro.

[20050429b_01.jpg] [20050429b_02.jpg]

30 Apr 2005

Evelyn's Baptism at Good Samaritan Church.

Deacon Al and Evelyn get ready for Baptism.

[20050430_02.jpg] [20050430_06.jpg] [20050430_03.jpg] [20050430_05.jpg] [20050430_08.jpg]

Deacon Al reads the passages.

[20050430_10.jpg] [20050430_11.jpg] [20050430_13.jpg]

The Godparents (Kevin & Patty and Jocelyn & Ivan) (and parents) stand with Evelyn.

[20050430_14.jpg] [20050430_15.jpg]

Family pictures (and with Patrick, Sarah, and Grace (and Christopher coming soon) Klacka).

[20050430_17.jpg] [20050430_18.jpg]

The Godparents and three men and a baby.

[20050430_19.jpg] [20050430_21.jpg]

Evelyn smiles for Patty and Jocelyn.

[20050430_22.jpg] [20050430_23.jpg]

Tom and Nancy; Sil; Natascha.

[20050430_24.jpg] [20050430_26.jpg] [20050430_27.jpg]

Buñags and Camaclangs.


Evelyn starts to celebrate (with K&P, Lola, and Whitney), then not.

[20050430_34.jpg] [20050430_35.jpg]

Catholic Community group including James & Whitney and newly engaged Dave & Christine.

[20050430_36.jpg] [20050430_37.jpg]

Buñags, Shirley and Jenny, Cailipans.


Immusol group (with Ryan, Frank, and the Millers), and Franz (with Natalie).

[20050430_40.jpg] [20050430_41.jpg]

Lolo and Lola, Millers, Kleemanns, Ben, Camaclangs, Cilio and Nieves.


Tita Agnes, Lula, Tito Flo, Lolo, Lola.

[20050430_45.jpg] [20050430_47.jpg] [20050430_48.jpg]

15 May 2005

Ryan and Evelyn at Michelle's SDG turn.


21 May 2005

Evelyn holds her head up, and Timmy holds her up.

[20050521_02.jpg] [20050521_04.jpg] [20050521_05.jpg]

26 May 2005

Evelyn's Easter bunny pose.


Evelyn meets Tita Ginny.


28 May 2005

Gideon and Anjelica's wedding at Sierra Madre, CA. It's the second wedding for this generation of Buñags (ours being the first).

Evelyn gets ready.

[20050528_02.jpg] [20050528_03.jpg]

Pre-ceremony poses.

[20050528_07.jpg] [20050528_04.jpg] [20050528_05.jpg] [20050528_10.jpg] [20050528_15.jpg]

"Don" Gideon appears at the balcony and meets his bride.

[20050528_16.jpg] [20050528_17.jpg]

Veil and cord.

[20050528_20.jpg] [20050528_21.jpg] [20050528_24.jpg]

The officiant cracks a joke.

[20050528_22.jpg] [20050528_23.jpg]

First kiss.


Family poses.

[20050528_41.jpg] [20050528_34.jpg] [20050528_42.jpg]

The picturesque pond gives a nice backdrop. The one on the left looks like it could be a rock album cover or promotional artwork for Franz Ferdinand-type band or something.

[20050528_43.jpg] [20050528_44.jpg]

Marc and Tito Iboy show Evelyn some props.

[20050528_45.jpg] [20050528_48.jpg]

The couple's wedding cake substitute: cream puffs.


Norman and Riley; the primary and secondary Buñag generations.

[20050528_50.jpg] [20050528_53.jpg] [20050528_54.jpg]

Making use of the staircase featured in Legally Blonde.

[20050528_56.jpg] [20050528_59.jpg] [20050528_67.jpg]

A little too much celebrating.

[20050528_62.jpg] [20050528_63.jpg]

The guestbook.


02 Jun 2005

Trike 4 Fun at Discovery Isle.

[20050602_04.jpg] [20050602_11.jpg] [20050602_16.jpg] [20050602_18.jpg]

06 Jun 2005

Evelyn holds her head higher...


13 Jun 2005

...and higher.


14 Jun 2005

A rare occasion. Evelyn turns 4 months old, and Timmy turns 4 years and 4 months old.

[20050614_05.jpg] [20050614_06.jpg]

15 Jun 2005

Evelyn's 4-month appointment.

[20050615_01.jpg] [20050615_03.jpg]

18 Jun 2005

Joanne and Jim's wedding.

[20050618_04.jpg] [20050618_08.jpg] [20050618_09.jpg] [20050618_01.jpg] [20050618_03.jpg] [20050618_11.jpg] [20050618_13.jpg] [20050618_14.jpg]

19 Jun 2005

Father's Day champagne brunch in Claremont.

[20050619_01.jpg] [20050619_05.jpg]

Lolo gets a present, which can also be used for picture posing.

[20050619_07.jpg] [20050619_11.jpg]

24 Jun 2005

Evelyn's first visit to Hayward.

[20050624_01.jpg] [20050624_03.jpg] [20050624_09.jpg]

29 Jun 2005

Eric Pilar visits San Diego.


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