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Our first year of marriage.

05 Jan 2003 to 28 Dec 2003

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05 Jan 2003

The morning after the wedding, our two families and family friends that stayed in the two hotels in San Diego's Hotel Circle ate brunch at the restaurant in between the hotels, Ricky's.

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11 Jan 2003

My birthday with neighbors and daycare friends.

[20030111_10.jpg] [20030111_13.jpg]

14 Feb 2003

Timmy's birthday at the daycare and with us. Not all of the kids participated, but it was pajama day.

[20030214_01.jpg] [20030214_07.jpg]

Later Lolo and Lola celebrate with us at Hama.

[20030214_16.jpg] [20030214_17.jpg]

15 Feb 2003

Timmy's birthday party. This year was bigger, with the daycare kids.

[20030215_03.jpg] [20030215_05.jpg] [20030215_07.jpg] [20030215_09.jpg]

08 Mar 2003

On a whim, we take a random visit to Boston to see Rica and Ryan. Timmy likes the penguins at Quincy Market.

[20030308_03.jpg] [20030308_11.jpg]

15 Mar 2003

Our second wedding reception, in NYC. We met up with family (Tita Edie, Marc, Tito Romy, Ethel, Daniel, and Esther), family friends (the Lantins, the Magalongs, and my Ninang Lut) and friends in the area (Jessica, Rachael and Matt, and RosaAnna).

[20030315_02.jpg] [20030315_05.jpg] [20030315_06.jpg] [20030315_07.jpg]

19 Mar 2003

Krystal Cafe, Queens with Ethel, Daniel, and Tita Wally.


05 Apr 2003

Galaxy Global Eatery again, this time with Marc and Marsha.


19 Apr 2003

The Easter Bunny at Westfield in Orange.


22 Apr 2003

Maureen's birthday at Atticus Cafe in New Haven.


24 Apr 2003

Bubbles. They make good pictures.

[20030424_07.jpg] [20030424_10.jpg]

25 Apr 2003

Random couch trio.


26 Apr 2003

Timmy's bathtime


27 Apr 2003

Daffodil Festival in Meriden, CT. We ran into the Gaines family from the daycare, but didn't get a picture with them.

[20030427_01.jpg] [20030427_09.jpg]

10 May 2003

Jewel's free concert in Central Park, NYC, sponsored by Schick. Lots of freebies and activities.

[20030510_24.jpg] [20030510_25.jpg] [20030510_12.jpg] [20030510_17.jpg] [20030510_22.jpg] [20030510_04.jpg]

18 May 2003

Maureen and I use our gift card to Olive Garden at the new one in Marc's building. We're not huge fans of Olive Garden, but we get to use our credit, and newer restaurants tend to be better.

[20030518_06.jpg] [20030518_08.jpg]

21 May 2003

Our SCC (small church community) group meets for the last time (with us). I think I remember we were at "The Bar" in downtown New Haven. The brick walls seem to match.

[20030521_01.jpg] [20030521_03.jpg]

14 Jun 2003

Thalia's second birthday party, with a Hawai'ian theme.

[20030614_02.jpg] [20030614_05.jpg]

26 Jun 2003

I think this was a goodbye party for us from Maureen's lab.


29 Jun 2003

Buddy educates Timmy about Toy Story.


07 Jul 2003

Our last time at Miso in downtown New Haven.


09 Jul 2003

Timmy helps us pack.

[20030709_01.jpg] [20030709_04.jpg]

10 Jul 2003

The daycare kids play during our farewell party.

[20030710_08.jpg] [20030710_10.jpg]

13 Jul 2003

Timmy helps us clean.


14 Jul 2003

Timmy studies the safety information on our flight back to California.

[20030714_05.jpg] [20030714_07.jpg]

17 Jul 2003

We're living in Hayward for the moment, so we check out the nearby Jollibee and Chevy's at the Union Landing mall.

[20030717_03.jpg] [20030717_04.jpg] [20030717_08.jpg]

30 Jul 2003

Krispy Kreme with the McKinneys, one of our first outings that include their daughter Veronica, born a few weeks after our wedding.

[20030730_01.jpg] [20030730_07.jpg] [20030730_09.jpg] [20030730_11.jpg]

02 Aug 2003

Phil and Danielle's wedding, starting the string of several weddings we attended for the next month and a half.

[20030802_04.jpg] [20030802_05.jpg] [20030802_07.jpg] [20030802_08.jpg] [20030802_10.jpg]

03 Aug 2003

Edison's birthday and farewell party (for Air Force training), and, as it turns out, the announcement of a forthcoming child (the future Madeleine Elle, or Maddee). Timmy takes a liking to one of the decorations.

[20030803_06.jpg] [20030803_07.jpg]

14 Aug 2003

A trip to the Exploratorium and the Palace of Fine Arts in SF with Claire and Marsha.

[20030814a_04.jpg] [20030814b_02.jpg] [20030814b_07.jpg] [20030814b_13.jpg] [20030814b_16.jpg]

16 Aug 2003

Lake Tahoe, where Joel and Erin get married. Joel's nephew Theo plays with Timmy on the hammock. We didn't get a decent picture of the couple (due to the limitations of our camera), but we get them tomorrow.

[20030816_12.jpg] [20030816_15.jpg] [20030816_20.jpg]

17 Aug 2003

Our cabinmates and Joel and Erin just after brunch the day after the wedding.

[20030817_04.jpg] [20030817_05.jpg]

23 Aug 2003

A celebration of Lyn's birthday at Banana Bay.

[20030823_07.jpg] [20030823_09.jpg]

25 Aug 2003

Timmy has some fun at La Jolla Shores.

[20030825_25.jpg] [20030825_35.jpg] [20030825_41.jpg] [20030825_59.jpg] [20030825_64.jpg] [20030825_17.jpg] [20030825_49.jpg]

06 Sep 2003

Jeanette and Paul's wedding. They follow a few of our own wedding's features, namely the church, reception hall, and caterer.

[20030906_04.jpg] [20030906_07.jpg] [20030906_05.jpg] [20030906_06.jpg]

03 Oct 2003

A sort of homecoming party with our family friends, the Upsilon crowd.

[20031003_01.jpg] [20031003_05.jpg]

18 Oct 2003

We happen to be in Hayward on the weekend of my 10-year high school reunion. I, of course, forgot my camera, so Rick provided this one (through Ben, who was notably absent, even though they asked about him). Here are Dennis, Rano, Rick, me, and Tim.


31 Oct 2003

Timmy trick-or-treats with Isaac. The dinner group has a Shrek-themed party. The executioner (presumably Thelonious), the magic mirror, the theme-park Farquaad with a giant head, Donkey, Gingy, the big bag wolf, and two of the three blind mice are Eric, me, Maureen, Timmy, Liz, Felix, Natascha, and Tomas, respectively.

[20031031_03.jpg] [20031031_11.jpg] [20031031_14.jpg]

27 Nov 2003

A typical Thanksgiving in Claremont, including my Hayward family.

[20031127_02.jpg] [20031127_03.jpg]

13 Dec 2003

A Christmas visit to the Criddles' Mormon temple in Point Loma, complete with Santa.

[20031213_11.jpg] [20031213_13.jpg] [20031213_05.jpg] [20031213_06.jpg]

21 Dec 2003

Festivus at the McKinneys.


25 Dec 2003

Timmy opens presents after midnight Christmas Mass, then, after some sleep, the Camaclangs reunite in SF.

[20031225_02.jpg] [20031225_11.jpg] [20031225_12.jpg] [20031225_13.jpg]

26 Dec 2003

We meet Eric and Liz in Chinatown SF, at a restaurant where they will shortly have a Jewish-themed ("kosher") comedy night.

[20031226_03.jpg] [20031226_12.jpg] [20031226_14.jpg]

27 Dec 2003

Another trip to SF (Japantown this time) brings us another rare reunion with Justin.

[20031227_05.jpg] [20031227_14.jpg]

28 Dec 2003

Tubing in Lake Tahoe.

[20031228_02.jpg] [20031228_05.jpg] [20031228_07.jpg] [20031228_08.jpg]

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