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The last few months leading up to our wedding.

17 Sep 2002 to 03 Jan 2003

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17 Sep 2002

We're preparing for the wedding! We just got Maureen's wedding dress from David's Bridal during their sale. Timmy models a candidate color for the bridesmaids' dresses.

[20020917_02.jpg] [20020917_20.jpg]

25 Sep 2002

Civil disobedience to allow unionization of Yale grad students, along with various hospital and service workers at Yale. Timmy's first activism...and I guess ours too.

[20020925_03.jpg] [20020925_04.jpg] [20020925_05.jpg]

27 Sep 2002

One of our favorite East Coast dining options, Friendly's. Timmy likes the ice cream included with his meal.

[20020927_01.jpg] [20020927_04.jpg]

28 Sep 2002

Charlene and Phil visit from Boston. They check out Timmy's scrapbook in its current state of completion and a somewhat deteriorated family fun center, Smiles.

[20020928_01.jpg] [20020928_06.jpg]

19 Oct 2002

Timmy's daycare in New Haven, The Children's Cooperative Daycare, had a tag sale (the East Coast equivalent of a garage or yard sale), with Fall crafts too.

[20021019_14.jpg] [20021019_15.jpg] [20021019_20.jpg] [20021019_22.jpg] [20021019_32.jpg] [20021019_38.jpg] [20021019_42.jpg] [20021019_43.jpg] [20021019_44.jpg] [20021019_50.jpg]

28 Oct 2002

Daycare trip to Bishop's Orchards in Guilford, CT. Lots of pumpkins, a hay maze, and other country things to do.

[20021028_05.jpg] [20021028_17.jpg] [20021028_23.jpg] [20021028_35.jpg]

[20021028_24.jpg] [20021028_25.jpg] [20021028_37.jpg]

31 Oct 2002

Trick-or-treating with daycare friends. Timmy is dressed as Sesame Street's Ernie as in the regular segment Journey to Ernie.

[20021031_02.jpg] [20021031_06.jpg] [20021031_07.jpg] [20021031_09.jpg] [20021031_13.jpg] [20021031_33.jpg] [20021031_42.jpg]

09 Nov 2002

We finally visited the Boyces in Flemington, NJ, and we get some advice on music for the wedding ceremony from our favorite hymnal, Gather. Timmy and Riley play in the neighborhood park.

[20021109_05.jpg] [20021109_10.jpg] [20021109_03.jpg] [20021109_04.jpg] [20021109_16.jpg] [20021109_32.jpg] [20021109_33.jpg] [20021109_47.jpg] [20021109_53.jpg] [20021109_59.jpg]

17 Nov 2002

I took some portraits at one of our favorite late-night or after-Mass restaurants, Ivy Noodle.

[20021117_01.jpg] [20021117_02.jpg]

27 Nov 2002

Back in SD for Thanksgiving and for a week of some wedding planning, we visit our reception place, Roetter Hall at Good Samaritan Church, along with Ferdie from our caterer, Yokozuna.

[20021127_05.jpg] [20021127_06.jpg] [20021127_09.jpg] [20021127_12.jpg]

28 Nov 2002

Thanksgiving in Rowland Heights.

[20021128_01.jpg] [20021128_02.jpg]

Chris was missing for our earlier group pictures, so there was a framed portrait with his name in paper on the coffee table in his place. When he get there, he used the name tag just for good measure.

[20021128_05.jpg] [20021128_10.jpg]

30 Nov 2002

Old town with the Camaclangs.

[20021130_10.jpg] [20021130_16.jpg] [20021130_01.jpg] [20021130_06.jpg]

05 Dec 2002

We return to CT to find that Winter has come. On arriving in Hartford, we could see from the plane window the ground covered in white.

[20021205b_01.jpg] [20021205b_06.jpg] [20021205b_07.jpg]

06 Dec 2002

Timmy's super snow day with sledding and snowman building.

[20021206_10.jpg] [20021206_12.jpg] [20021206_21.jpg] [20021206_28.jpg]

[20021206_23.jpg] [20021206_29.jpg] [20021206_31.jpg] [20021206_34.jpg] [20021206_44.jpg] [20021206_41.jpg]

16 Dec 2002

Some of our wedding presents arrived early, directly to our apartment. Timmy has a little too much fun this time.


[20021216d_06.jpg] [20021216d_07.jpg] [20021216d_08.jpg]

21 Dec 2002

Christmas vacation, starting in Hayward. Timmy enjoys the lights at his grandparents' house and in SF.

[20021221_06.jpg] [20021221_11.jpg] [20021221_22.jpg] [20021221_28.jpg]

[20021221_37.jpg] [20021221_41.jpg] [20021221_49.jpg] [20021221_60.jpg]

25 Dec 2002

Christmas in Claremont. Timmy wakes up an elf, then dresses up for Mass and the Buñag party.

[20021225_01.jpg] [20021225_05.jpg]

A surprise encounter with Timmy's Ninang Jen.

[20021225_13.jpg] [20021225_15.jpg]

Timmy's stump poses.

[20021225_27.jpg] [20021225_28.jpg]

Party at the Ibañez house, complete with mahjong.

[20021225_53.jpg] [20021225_65.jpg] [20021225_66.jpg]

27 Dec 2002

Sharon throws Maureen a bridal shower with other high school friends Karen, Grace, and Joanne.


Timmy, of course, is quite the ladies' man.

[20021227_06.jpg] [20021227_07.jpg] [20021227_10.jpg]

28 Dec 2002

On a chance encounter we meet our old choir director Judy (who moved to the East Coast and later to Switzerland since living in SD) and her fiancé Eric.

[20021228b_02.jpg] [20021228b_04.jpg]

Later on, we meet up for a party at Judy's parents' house in SD.

[20021228b_24.jpg] [20021228b_25.jpg]

29 Dec 2002

A San Diego bridal shower with paper towel gowns in unusually blurry pictures. Probably someone set it to manual mode.

[20021229_01.jpg] [20021229_03.jpg] [20021229_04.jpg]

31 Dec 2002

Ah, the highly politically incorrect theme of "cowboys and Indians" for this year's New Year's at the Garcia house in Chino.

[20021231_06.jpg] [20021231_08.jpg]

01 Jan 2003

Timmy gives Lola Alice a kiss.


Then Maureen and I celebrate. I think this is our first kiss caught on camera.


Then...we play limbo.


02 Jan 2003

I stop by our wedding choir's practice, then head out to my bachelor party at Dave & Buster's.

[20030102_02.jpg] [20030102_05.jpg] [20030102_06.jpg]

03 Jan 2003

The wedding rehearsal at All Hallows Parish in La Jolla.

[20030103_02.jpg] [20030103_04.jpg] [20030103_05.jpg] [20030103_06.jpg] [20030103_07.jpg] [20030103_10.jpg]

And the rehearsal dinner at Emerald.

[20030103_11.jpg] [20030103_12.jpg] [20030103_14.jpg] [20030103_15.jpg]

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