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07 Jul 2004

Not there yet!


14 Jul 2004

Still not there yet!

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14 Feb 2005

Introducing...me! With birthing staff "Fairy Grandmother" Karin and Tita Marsha.

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Groups: Lolo Manny and Lola Lyn, and my Godparents-to-be Kevin and Patty, Ivan and Jocelyn.

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Timmy arrives from birthday activities to greet his baby sister exactly 4 years younger....

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Roummel makes a surprise call and gets several news surprises! Uncle Eric and Aunt Liz just make it before closing time.

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15 Feb 2005

My free kaiser photo.


16 Feb 2005

Resting at home.

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A visit from Uncle Ben.


Veronica wants her mom Teresa to put me down, then poses for a picture.

[20050216_05.jpg] [20050216_07.jpg]

Uncle Gabino and Aunt Catherine get a sneak preview; they're due next month.


17 Feb 2005

Papa catches a smile or 3 with the camera (not easy to capture!).

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18 Feb 2005

Tita Claire, Lula Jo, and Lulo Frank.

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I get courtesy treatment from Veronica and Uncle Chris.

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19 Feb 2005

Timmy holds me at our first joint birthday party.


Karin ("Fairy Grandmother"), Natascha ("Fairy Godmother"), and Buddy (Tito Marc).

[20050219_08.jpg] [20050219_10.jpg] [20050219_12.jpg]

Timmy and I blow out our candles.

[20050219_15.jpg] [20050219_18.jpg]

Jenny and Tita Shirley hold me.

[20050219_26.jpg] [20050219_28.jpg]

Timmy and I open our presents.

[20050219_38.jpg] [20050219_40.jpg]

My best smiling picture so far, with Riley, and a pose with Tita Sanna.

[20050219_44.jpg] [20050219_45.jpg]

"Wake up, Lulo!"


Anjelica and Gideon, Shirley and Jenny.

[20050219_48.jpg] [20050219_49.jpg]

Riley, Bryan, Dax and Joy.

[20050219_50.jpg] [20050219_51.jpg] [20050219_52.jpg]

Tita Fabbee and Tito Iboy.

[20050219_53.jpg] [20050219_54.jpg] [20050219_55.jpg]

Timmy enjoys his blue cake.


15 Apr 2005

Studio pictures on tax day.

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30 Apr 2005

Deacon Al and I get ready for Baptism.

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Deacon Al reads the passages.

[20050430_10.jpg] [20050430_11.jpg] [20050430_13.jpg]

My Godparents (Kevin & Patty and Jocelyn & Ivan) (and parents) stand with me.

[20050430_14.jpg] [20050430_15.jpg]

Family pictures (and with Patrick, Sarah, and Grace (and Christopher coming soon) Klacka).

[20050430_17.jpg] [20050430_18.jpg]

The Godparents and three men and a baby.

[20050430_19.jpg] [20050430_21.jpg]

I smile for Ninangs Patty and Jocelyn.

[20050430_22.jpg] [20050430_23.jpg]

Tom and Nancy; Sil; Natascha.

[20050430_24.jpg] [20050430_26.jpg] [20050430_27.jpg]

Buñags and Camaclangs.


I start to celebrate (with K&P, Lola, and Whitney), then not.

[20050430_34.jpg] [20050430_35.jpg]

Catholic Community group including Uncle James and Aunt Whitney and newly engaged Uncle Dave and Aunt Christine.

[20050430_36.jpg] [20050430_37.jpg]

Buñags, Shirley and Jenny, Cailipans.


Immusol group (with Ryan, Frank, and the Millers), and Franz (with Natalie).

[20050430_40.jpg] [20050430_41.jpg]

Lolo and Lola, Millers, Kleemanns, Ben, Camaclangs, Cilio and Nieves.


Tita Agnes, Lula, Tito Flo, Lolo, Lola.

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14 Jul 2005

Random pose on the orange chair.


11 Oct 2005

Timmy and me on a blue blanket (with a biscuit).

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24 Nov 2005

My first Thanksgiving, in Claremont.

[20051124_01.jpg] [20051124_02.jpg] [20051124_03.jpg]

My Halloween costume reworn for everyone.


24 Dec 2005

Christmas presents.

[20051224_02.jpg] [20051224_03.jpg]

25 Dec 2005

Christmas presents from Santa.

[20051225a_11.jpg] [20051225a_15.jpg] [20051225a_18.jpg]

Timmy's track, me standing, and me with Bobel.

[20051225a_21.jpg] [20051225b_02.jpg] [20051225b_03.jpg]

Tita Eileen and Uncle Freddie, Timmy (taking a break from Mario Kart) with Nia.

[20051225b_12.jpg] [20051225b_16.jpg] [20051225b_20.jpg]

I try on headgear and pose with Papa's family.

[20051225b_29.jpg] [20051225b_32.jpg] [20051225b_39.jpg]

Me and Auntie Merle; playing with Tita Claire's bracelet.

[20051225b_43.jpg] [20051225b_44.jpg]

31 Dec 2005

I'm ready for New Year's, Timmy is not; Me and Auntie Geny.

[20051231_01.jpg] [20051231_02.jpg] [20051231_03.jpg]

Me and Lula and a horn; Karaoke Revolution.

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06 Jan 2006

The Prachts' stopover in LAX.

[20060106_05.jpg] [20060106_08.jpg] [20060106_11.jpg]

Jessica cuddles with Timmy and me (mostly me).

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02 Jun 2006

Papa got us a new camera and tried it out at Ninang Jocelyn and Ninong Ivan's place.


18 Feb 2007

Aunt Monica and Uncle AJ host a Chinese New Year dinner (with help from Monica's mom). I particularly like the ribs.


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