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07 Jul 2004

Not there yet!

14 Jul 2004

Still not there yet!

14 Feb 2005

Introducing...me! With birthing staff Karin and Marsha.

Groups: Lolo Manny and Lola Lyn, and Godparents-to-be Kevin and Patty, Ivan and Jocelyn.

Timmy arrives from birthday activities to greet his baby sister exactly 4 years younger....

Roummel makes a surprise call and gets several news surprises! Eric and Liz just make it before closing time.

15 Feb 2005

My free kaiser photo.

16 Feb 2005

Resting at home.

A visit from Uncle Ben.

Veronica wants her mom Teresa to put me down, then poses for a picture.

Gabino and Catherine get a sneak preview; they're due next month.

17 Feb 2005

Papa catches a smile or 3 with the camera (not easy to capture!).

18 Feb 2005

Tita Claire, Lula Jo, and Lulo Frank.

I get courtesy treatment from Veronica and Chris.

19 Feb 2005

Timmy holds me at our first joint birthday party.

Karin (Fairy Grandmother), Natascha (Fairy Godmother), and Buddy (Tito Marc).

Timmy and I blow out our candles.

Jenny and Tita Shirley hold me.

Timmy and I open our presents.

My best smiling picture so far, with Riley, and a pose with Tita Sanna.

"Wake up, Lulo!"

Anjelica and Gideon, Shirley and Jenny.

Riley, Bryan, Dax and Joy.

Tita Fabbee and Tito Iboy.

Timmy enjoys his blue cake.

15 Apr 2005

Studio pictures on tax day.

30 Apr 2005

Deacon Al and I get ready for Baptism.

Deacon Al reads the passages.

The Godparents (Kevin & Patty and Jocelyn & Ivan) (and parents) stand with me.

Family pictures (and with Patrick, Sarah, and Grace (and Christopher coming soon) Klacka).

The Godparents and three men and a baby.

I smile for Patty and Jocelyn.

Tom and Nancy; Sil; Natascha.

Buñags and Camaclangs.

I start to celebrate (with K&P, Lola, and Whitney), then not.

Catholic Community group including James & Whitney and newly engaged Dave & Christine.

Buñags, Shirley and Jenny, Cailipans.

Immusol group (with Ryan, Frank, and the Millers), and Franz (with Natalie).

Lolo and Lola, Millers, Kleemanns, Ben, Camaclangs, Cilio and Nieves.

Tita Agnes, Lula, Tito Flo, Lolo, Lola.

14 Jul 2005

Random pose on the orange chair.

11 Oct 2005

Timmy and me on a blue blanket (with a biscuit).

24 Nov 2005

My first Thanksgiving, in Claremont.

My Halloween costume reworn for everyone.

24 Dec 2005

Christmas presents.

25 Dec 2005

Christmas presents from Santa.

Timmy's track, me standing, and me with Bobel.

Eileen and Uncle Freddie, Timmy (taking a break from Mario Kart) with Nia.

I try on headgear and pose with Papa's family.

Me and Auntie Merle; playing with Claire's bracelet.

31 Dec 2005

I'm ready for New Year's, Timmy is not; Me and Auntie Geny.

Me and Lula and a horn; Karaoke Revolution.

06 Jan 2006

The Prachts' stopover in LAX.

Jessica cuddles with Timmy and me (mostly me).

02 Jun 2006

Papa got us a new camera and tried it out at Ninang Jocelyn and Ninong Ivan's place.

18 Feb 2007

Tita Monica and Tito AJ host a Chinese New Year dinner (with help from Monica's mom). I particularly like the ribs.

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