Maureen and Ian's
Wedding Page
04 January 2003

Welcome to our wedding page. We would like to share with you the story of how we met and how we decided to get married! The wedding ceremony took place at All Hallows Parish in La Jolla, CA with a reception following at Roetter Hall at the Good Samaritan Church in San Diego, CA. If you would like to see the anonymous guest list statistics, please visit our guest section. You can also see our other wedding links.

To all our guests: Thank you! We would like to show our appreciation for attending. Please visit the thank you section. See wedding pictures, printed material, credits, and references. Updated 20 Jan 2003. Now see the full wedding album in the thank you section! Added 15 Jul 2004.

  • And...we're moving again! No, same house, but the domain name will change. Stay tuned. Chances are you will find this page at its new home by searching for its title. In quotes, if that helps.
  • The fab five! Maureen and I have a new baby son, Spencer, (not born on Valentine's Day this time)! See his pictures on his mini-site below. Yeah, we were done before, but we changed our minds just this once. Now we're really done.
  • Home, sweet home! Well, we're officially homeowners.

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