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Some personal items:

My personal journal. Thoughts on music, technology, politics, faith, and life in general. Open to the public. It's been really sporadic since work got busy, even through changing jobs. Also social media.

Photo Gallery
Tons of pictures from 1994 to 2009. Spans college, grad school, and family life.

Maureen and Ian's Wedding
We got married 04 Jan 2003, and here's our website with some wedding pictures, digital memorabilia, and credits.

Concerts page
All the concerts I've attended so far. I recently added Radiohead (26 Jun 2006 and 27 Aug 2008), Gin Blossoms [Gin and Tonic] (20 Feb 2009), and Muse (22 Sep 2010). More to come, once I finish writing the reviews.

My resume
There's no reason not to put this here. Maureen's is here too. The kids' resumes may be added shortly.

Some inspiring readings:

This passage demonstrates the history, strength, and persistence of the Filipino female, the Filipina:
"The Filipina" by Sylvia Mayuga from Insight Guide: Philippines

This passage demonstrates my philosophy on life, music, and math:
"Music and Fractal Landscapes" by Richard MacDuff from Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams

These essays echo my philosophy on politics, true compassion, and faith:
Moby Essay Archive from various albums by Moby

Vocabulary Word of the Irregular Interval: schadenfreude (UrbanDictionary.com) (note that many UD entries cite lyrics for the song "Schadenfreude" from the show Avenue Q)

Yes, you too can speak hip urban, hacker, or European slang just like your favorite actor, musician, professor, roommate, or distant relative! Use words like fo' shizzle, shiznit, w00t, or pikey! Visit UrbanDictionary.com! (Parental discretion advised.) For a standard dictionary, I use Dictionary.com.

Some other cool links:

Maureen's Lab Space
Maureen's mini-site with her resume and hobbies.

timmy's zone
Timmy's mini-site with assorted pictures through his first year.

evelyn's crib
Evelyn's mini-site with assorted pictures through her first two months.

spencer's space
Spencer's mini-site with assorted pictures through his first month.

Band and music-related
Official sites and fansites for a small fraction of the all the bands I like.

Technology Resources
Hardware, software, humor. Play classic games!.

Web Help
Surf like a pro. Save time and find what you want. Publish your material.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-related sites

Original Software
I wrote some bits of open-source software for my own utility, and they're stored here locally as well as on their own SourceForge sites.

Organizations at UCSD and elsewhere
Student orgs and resources. Needs some updating. For more UCSD organizations, try searching here.

CD database
The list of CDs we own, by artist. Soundtracks are organized by film/play, and compilations by series name.

DVD database
The list of DVDs we own, by category (or alphabetically if you like). Seems like a lot, but we keep it from getting too bloated.

Fun stuff, movies, and multimedia
Very miscellaneous fun stuff.

Temporal info:

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