ian's original software

I wrote some bits of open-source software for my own utility, and they're stored here locally as well as on their own SourceForge sites.

Jumble Helper (SF project page) (local)
This program graphically aids solving of anagram puzzles like Jumble, Scrabble, or other unscrambling puzzles without using a dictionary by allowing the user to manipulate a set of letters in real time. Console version for UNIX systems and graphical version for Windows. This is my first program developed either with MinGW (Windows compiler under Cygwin) or using the ncurses library (UNIX console).

Title Fix (SF project page) (local)
This console/command-line program (Perl script) for UNIX uses Perl to rename files with a certain title format ("NN Artist - Title.xxx", e.g. "12 Front 242 - One - With The Fire.mp3") to reflect proper English title case (all words in lowercase with first letter capitalized except words less than 5 letters long that are articles, conjunctions, or prepositions in the middle of the title). It's a program for nitpickers like me (that's why I wrote it). Also, the ID3 version uses the id3v2 console program to tag mp3s using fields extracted from the standard filename format (track number, artist, and title). This is my first SourceForge.net project, with 15 downloads as of 17 Nov 2005, yay! Some of those downloads are probably mine, of course, just to test.

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