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Drinking Games! I'm not sure where the original files came from, but I added my own formatting.

Some random bits:

Audio rips and picture scans.

Star Wars pictures and sound clips:

Baby Ewok
Can you get much cuter than this? From Return of the Jedi, as if you didn't know. Found this somewhere on the web.

"...but I was going into Tosche station to pick up some power converters!"
I ripped these 4 clips myself from my dad's 3-tape set, the originally released VHS trilogy. I believe this is fair use....

"...everything's perfectly alright now, we're fine, we're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?"
Han says this outside Leia's cell to an operator hearing the blasts in the previous firefight.

Yoda laughing
The adorable, old-man kind of laugh.

Salacious Crumb laughing
The not-so-adorable laugh from Jabba's pet? Sidekick?

Miscellaneous stuff:

My Romeo+Juliet Images Page
This movie was a big surprise for me. It had good production quality, with the typical Baz Luhrman style shots. I especially liked the art and the homage to the Bard with the ads and other props. The images on this page are from the official movie website.

Rosebud from Bloom County
My freehand rendition of the Basselope from Bloom County (apologies to Berke Breathed)

Videogame Music Archive
Ah, yes, find your favorite game and theme music from those classic console and computer video games. Actually has some pretty current stuff, too, like Gamecube, XBox, and PlayStation2 game music. Mostly MIDI format, which most computers support (i.e. their sound cards). Looking for more classic games? Try my games section.

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