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Drawings are arranged by year they were originally created. Some of my early drawings, especially those dated around mid 1997, are primitive, compared to the later ones. Still, the early ones show how I progressed in drawing out one of my favorite animes.

Last updated: Nov. 22, 2008

Sailor Venus Swimsuit (May 29, 1997)
Medium: Pencil, Prang black ink, Prang watercolor paint
Based on one of my Sailormoon cards of Minako Aino in a Sailor Team swimsuit, this is one of the few Sailormoon paintings I created. “Private” means civilian form of character, meaning Sailor Venus in civilian form (i.e. Minako Aino). “Battle” means sailor form.

Sad Ami (Nov. 1, 1997)
Medium: Pencil
Doesn’t Ami look kind of sad in this one, especially with her eyes? ;.;

The original sketch for the watercolor version

Sad Ami Colored (Nov. 10, 1997)
Medium: Prang black ink, Prang watercolor paint
Taking the original "Sad Ami" sketch into watercolor. Originally titled "Sad Ami," this version was retitled on Nov. 22, 2008 to avoid confusion with its original sketch.

In the Dark (Nov. 11, 1997)
Medium: Pencil
I thought the combination of Ami’s sad eyes and Hotaru herself would mix in this picture. It did, along with the dark background surrounding them.

Chibi Chibi (Nov. 18, 1997)
Medium: Pencil
The adorable and incredibly kawaii girl with her umbrella. I wonder how she managed to have her hair done like Usagi’s and Chibi-Usa’s except it’s done in hearts!

UPDATE Dec. 12, 2002: Five years after this drawing was complete, I had finished taking Japanese 1 class and as I uploaded this drawing to the site, I realized I wrote the hiragana of Chibi Chibi's name wrong. At the time I drew that picture, I did not learn to write Japanese properly so I copied Chibi Chibi's name as much as possible from the original Chibi Chibi card. Here is Chibi Chibi's name in hiragana with accompanying romanji:


What happpened was instead of putting the hiragana for "bi" bi (pronounced "bee"), I wrote "hi" hi (pronounced "hee"). The hiragana for "bi" looks the same as the hiragana for "hi" except for the quotation-like marks on the right of the hiragana, indicating how the hiragana character is pronounced.

Jupiter Wink (Nov. 23, 1997)
Medium: Pencil
One of my favorite senshi giving the wink. ^_^

Jupiter Wink Colored (circa late Nov-Dec 1997) Medium: Prang colored pencils
Retitled on Nov. 22, 2008 to avoid confusion with its original sketch.

2 Sides of Usagi (Nov. 23, 1997)
Medium: Pencil
The two sides of Usagi: Super Sailor Moon (left) and as herself, wearing what appears to be lingerie, according to one of my high school teachers. o_O Although the upper half of her dress does look like underwear, it’s really a full-length dress.

Rei/Troi and Haruka/Yar (Dec. 28, 1997)
Medium: Pencil
While leafing through Star Trek: The Next Generation magazines published by Starlog Magazine, I came across a publicity photo of Troi and Yar together from the show's first season episode "Angel One." I'm not sure which magazine issue I used for drawing reference, whether it was from volume 19 (1991-1992 season) or volume 22 (1992-1993 season) or both since they're the same photos. Anyway, it seemed to be a perfect picture to use for a drawing and I cast Rei and Haruka as Counselor Deanna Troi and Lieutenant Tasha Yar, respectively. Rei and Troi both have empathic abilities, though I don’t know if Rei is a Betazoid like Troi, while Haruka and Yar both look alike. Was Yar reincarnated as Haruka? Hmmm…

Rei/Troi and Haruka/Yar Colored (Mar. 13, 1998)
Medium: Pencil, colored markers, Prang color pencils
Revisiting the original Rei/Troi and Haruka/Yar drawing with color by making a xerox copy of the original and coloring it. I may not have had the Troi and Yar picture with me when I colored it since I colored Rei/Troi's waistband in pink and not light grey.

This version was retitled on Nov. 22, 2008 to avoid confusion with its original sketch.

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