Sailormoon Fan Art

Pluto and Saturn (July 16, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
A follow-up to the Uranus and Neptune piece.

The (Female) Big Three (July 18, 1998)
Medium: Pencil, Adobe Photoshop
Another entry for the Sailormoon/Star Trek series, this time in the Star Trek: The Original Series era. During a three-week trip to Europe in the summer of 1998, I was watching The Original Series in German. Shortly after that, I was inspired to draw Ami, Hotaru, and Minako as the filp side to The Original Series' Big Three: Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

Mercury, Summer 1998 (July 21, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
Looking back on this sketch, I drew Mercury's hands strange when she held them together. Drawing hands is one of my weaknesses.

Sailormoon 1992-1997(July 22, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
A personal favorite: Sailor Moon in all of her incarnations from Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Classic (season 1), R (season 2), S (season 3), SuperS (season 4), and Sailor Stars (season 5).

Electric Jupiter (July 23, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
Jupiter just about to attack with "Supreme Thunder!"

Sailor Saturn II (July 23, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
A second drawing of the sailor heroine, the series of drawings during the 3-week trip to Europe come full circle with the character I first drew on the first day of the trip.

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