Sailormoon Fan Art

Super Sailor Mercury 1998 (Jan. 21, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
Drawn after finishing my first semester exams in 9th grade.

Super Sailor Mars (Mar. 13, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
One of a few drawing requests I had in the 9th grade, this was for a classmate whose favorite senshi was Mars.

Sailor Pluto (originally drawn on Feb. 16, 1998, completed on Mar. 13, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
The second drawing request from the 9th grade and for another classmate whose fave senshi is Pluto. I love how Pluto’s hair is flying in the background and holding her time staff. The top of her staff, the heart-shaped top, is one of three talismans Uranus and Neptune and the Death Busters were seeking in the Sailormoon S series.

Sailor Uranus (Mar. 13, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
Uranus armed with her talisman, Space Sword.

Sailor Neptune (Mar. 16, 1998)
Medium: Pencil, Adobe Photoshop
I'm not sure why I did not include Neptune's tailsman, the deep aqua mirror, since I already drew Uranus and Pluto with their respective talismans.

Moon Embrace (Mar. 16, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
One of the couples featured in the Sailormoon series, seen here in an embrace and looking so romantic together! ^_^

A New Sailor Suit (Apr. 20, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
Inspired by a Sailor Moon knock-off doll, Annie Pretty Sailor.

A Clockwork Haruka (Apr. 20, 1998)
Medium: Pencil, Adobe Photoshop
Haruka pretends to be Alex in A Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick, 1971).

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