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All avatars below are listed in Live Journal style, with each avatar listed with keywords and credits and the current avatar used marked "default." These avatars are or were used at various message boards such as Sitcoms Online Message Boards and Horatians. All created by me except where noted.

Horatio and Bush battle Default
Keywords: William Bush, Paul McGann, Horatio Hornblower, Ioan Gruffudd, Retribution
Created by Isis
Paul McGann as Lt. William Bush
Keywords: William Bush, Paul McGann, Horatio Hornblower, Loyalty
Created by timescout
Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann as Withnail and I
Keywords: Withnail and I, Marwood, The Two Doctors, Doctor Who, Richard E. Grant, Paul McGann
Created by errabundus
Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor Keywords: Christopher Eccleston, Ninth Doctor, Doctor Who from Walford Galleries (icon cannot be found at source link)

Only the main page of Sailormoon Section is discontinued; all parts of that section have been relocated here but their weblinks are still the same.

Sailor Chibi Moon to Sailor Mini Moon - List of possible English dub names for Sailor Chibi Moon.

Sailormoon Fan Memories: 1995-2007 - My memories of watching the show from discovering it in 1995 to the last time I've watched it in 2007. References to my now-discontinued Sailormoon Section have been edited out and the links have been updated but the rest of the text is still intact.

U2 Meets Sailormoon
Sailor Mercury, Chibi-Usa, and Luna-P with their favorite band Tuxedo Kamen, Fiore, Sailors Venus, Mercury, and Moon, Chibi-Usa, and Luna-P with U2

During their Zoo TV tour in the early 90s, U2's fans literally got into the picture behind their favorite group. Actually, U2 is in Tokyo, Japan (circa 1993), standing in front of two Japanese movie posters, one of them being the Sailormoon R Movie. At left, Sailor Mercury, Chibi-Usa, and Luna-P can be seen in the upper right corner. At right, more of the poster is shown enough to include Sailors Venus and Moon, and (slightly cutoff at the top center) Tuxedo Kamen and Fiore in the background.

I don't recall where exactly I got the picture at the left but for the one at right, I scanned it from the cd booklet of U2's "The Best of 1990-2000 & B-Sides".

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