Radiohead, Embarcadero Marina Park S, San Diego, Mon., 26 Jun 2006, 7:00pm


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In downtown San Diego, near Seaport Village, is the standing-room only (or, lawn apt for picnic blankets (until the main act arrives on stage)) Embarcadero Marina Park South, where Viejas Entertainment hosts Concerts @ Bayside. It really is right at the San Diego Bay. You could probably just boat over by the stage and hear the concert. It's there that I saw Radiohead for the first time, and probably not the last. This tour is a pre-release tour for the yet unnamed, upcoming album. (Ben believed the name to be the name of one of the new songs, Down Is the New Up, reflected in the T-shirts with downward-pointing white arrows set in upward-pointing black arrows (or barns/hangars/houses like in the shirt I bought); that title turned out to be one of the bonus disc tracks). The concert was a good mix of old and new except with nothing from the pablo honey album. It's at this concert that I realized how much Radiohead is influenced by jazz, since much of the music is about the mood and heavy on the bass and rhythm, with sometimes incomprehensible lyrics (electronically modified that way on purpose), where the sound of the words is more important for some songs. The rockin' songs rocked, and the groovin' songs grooved. Plus you get to see Thom Yorke wobble his head about and dance like Michael Stipe (as Ben noted). The highlights for me were the dynamic rockers "2 + 2 = 5," "Paranoid Android," and "Just," and the new songs sound like an extension of Hail to the Thief. But, of course, I also appreciated the grooves of the slow and deliberate electronic songs. The opening act was Deerhoof, experimental rock with a native Japanese female lead singer, like, I don't know, maybe the's fused with Sonic Youth or something. The concert T-shirts from w.a.s.t.e. (Radiohead's merchandiser) are made sweatshop-free in the USA from 100% organic cotton. Yea, progressive bands!

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