Muse, Viejas Arena, San Diego State University, Wed., 22 Sep 2010, 7:30pm


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I admit I hadn't heard Muse, let alone become a fan, until last year, several months before their last album came out. I borrowed all their studio albums and eventually bought them all too. They were all brilliant, especially after Showbiz, which still has some great tracks and showcases the band's talent. So I was well-prepared for their opus The Resistance, an ode to rock both classic and modern. The light show and stage dynamics (not just the band movement but actual stage movement) only highlight what a great live band Muse really is. Even new-wave revival band (with a little bit of MGMT-like funk), Passion Pit, got some good lighting work with their danceable rock set. We got some classics, though none from Showbiz, but most of The Resistance, including one of my favorite non-singles, "Unnatural Selection," a Queens-of-the-Stone-Age-esque rocker. That song and hard-rockers like "Stockholm Syndrome" and "Plug in Baby" made my neck hurt from head-banging, but it only started in the evening the next day. Hmm. Three days later, it's finally close to normal, but the experience of this spectacular performance is one I won't forget.

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