Moby, 4th & B, San Diego, Sun., 08 May 2005, 8:00pm


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Moby rocks and raves! Not only does Moby write his own songs, he plays them too, on guitar, bass, congas, and bongos. He also does good covers, and he has a great supporting band for concerts. In particular, Laura Dawn from MoveOn does the backing vocals and some lead vocals for the Hotel album, and she joined Moby on this tour. Moby played a good mix of new and old, with songs from the new album making a good chunk of the set. There were also a lot of Play songs and a few from 18. The classics he played were Go and Next Is the E. All the techno/disco songs he did were excellent, with such energy. And he proves he knows how to rock. And to see Moby and Laura Dawn in person (from 10 feet from the stage!) was awesome. Buck 65 opened for Moby. He's a DJ/vocalist/rapper who does his own scratching, with a backing vocal for the concert. Very entertaining.

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