the cranberries, The Warfield, San Francisco, Sat., 26 Nov 1994, 8:00pm

the cranberries

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The Cranberries were a nice, wholesome band for the whole family to watch. If you like good music, they're the ones to see. Opening were MC 900 ft. Jesus, then Gigolo Aunts. MC was an interesting choice for an opening band, since they seem to have no relation to the rest of the acts. It was kind of a hip-hop alternative deal, but, hey, the DJ was really good. The Gigolo Aunts seemed like a good rock band. I liked all the songs they played here. Then the Cranberries showed their stuff. Ben keeps reminding me of how I cheated the two drink minimum with waters for the tables here at the Warfield in SF, but, hey, I was busy trying to keep a set list, like I always try to do. It was after this concert that I bought both the Cranberries' albums (from BMG, but anyway...).

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