the CARDIGANS, RIMAC Arena, UCSD, La Jolla, CA, Wed., 19 Feb 1997, 8:00pm


Title (Album, Track)


I didn't get to see Beck this time; I had to leave early because I had a Bio midterm the next morning (which I do believe I kicked butt on), but I hear from everyone that he rocked. I actually came to see the opening act, the Cardigans. That alone was worth the ticket. The set only consisted of nine songs, mixed from both their albums. The band rocked, and Nina's sweet sweet voice charmed the audience here at the RIMAC Arena at UC San Diego. Beck came here once before for a free concert, a TGIF, in the Price Center, with moderate response from the crowd, but then again, compared to this concert people paid for, it's no wonder he was received much better this time around for the real fans.

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