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Essential Sites

Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millennium - A very informative page on Sailormoon with info on the original Japanese version and English dub. Last updated April 6, 2006. Also has other sections, two of them listed below:

Additional pages from Bunny:
Red Tattoo - Tribute to the Sailormoon R Movie (Kunihiko Ikuhara, Japan 1993; English title: Sailor Moon R Movie: Promise of the Rose), the first of 3 Sailormoon movies.

Sailor V ~ Before Awakening - Web site dedicated to Naoko Takeuchi's manga "Codename wa Sailor V", the predecessor to Sailormoon.

The Encyclopaedia of Sailor Moon - A comprehensive guide to the anime series, using The Star Trek Encyclopedia format in listing and cross-referencing information. Last updated April 23, 2006.

A Gateway to Sailor Moon - Large source for various Sailor Moon sites.

Hitoshi Doi's Sailormoon Online Encyclopedia - Has synopses of all 200 episodes of Sailormoon from its original Japanese run, all 3 movies, specials, character profiles, etc. Perhaps one of the oldest Sailormoon websites around.

Moon Chase! A Sailor Moon News Blog - A Sailor Moon News site covering from voice actor appearances to Operation Moonrise, which is a campaign to bring the series back to the U.S.

the oracle :: bssm encyclopedia - A large Sailormoon resource center for information and web goodies including downloads, games, graphics, and KiSS dolls (paper dolls for your computer).

Project WikiMoon - Using Wikipedia software, users can contribute information and articles on all aspects of Sailormoon from manga to anime and more.

Sailor Dream - A Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Guide - Website covering info on the live-action series Pretty Guardian Sailormoon (Japan 2003-2004). Last updated Dec. 31, 2007.

Sailor Moon Uncensored - Don't let the name fool you. The site uncovers and exposes the differences between the original Japanese series and its English-dubbed counterpart.

The Sailor Moon Soapbox @ Genvid - Fansite that reports Sailormoon-related news and information, along with editorials and what-not. They also have a separate site for their book Warriors of Legend: Reflections of Japan in Sailor Moon (see entry on this page)

The Selling of the Moon Princess: A Look at the Toys & Merchandising of Sailor Moon - Info site on the many Sailormoon dolls, role-playing toys and figurines sold in Japan, Europe, Asia, and North America. Last updated: August 11, 2002.

Warriors of Legend - In May 2005, Genvid L.L.C. published a book on Japan as portrayed in Sailor Moon, titled Warriors of Legend: Reflections of Japan in Sailor Moon. Samples of the book, ordering information, and the Warriors of Legend 2006 tour diary are available at their site.

The Worst Sailor Moon Webpages Ever - There are a lot of Sailormoon webpages out there but how many of them are actually worth visiting or not worth the time? The site not only shows which Sailormoon site is excellent and which one isn't, it offers tips on how to a good web site in general and especially a good Sailormoon site. Although the site is now an archive (the site was last updated in May 2004), the reviews and other content remain intact.

Additional Sites

Bunny's Room!! BUNNY HOP!!! - Sailormoon fansite focusing on the original Japanese and English dubbed versions of Naoko Takeuchi's manga turned anime series. Of note, under the site's "Movie" section is a link to "Theme Song," which features the lyrics of's "Future Girls," the song from the Swedish pop duo's CD of the same name. The song appeared to be a good theme song for Sailormoon and another Sailormoon fan thought of the same thing. This other fan created his first fanmade anime music video using footage from the series set to "Future Girls" and can be found at his site Ninja Cracker Studios. Last updated August 7, 2003.

Sera Myu

Eternal Legend - Website covering all the Sailormoon Musicals or Sera Myu productions

Musical Moon - Sailormoon Musical Lyrics - Lyrics and translations of Sera Myu songs.

Images/Web Graphics

Cooki0005's SM Graphic Shop - Another excellent Sailormoon graphics shop.

Lycentia's SM Web Graphics Shop - Excellent Sailormoon web graphics shop. Since January 6, 2007 the site is now static, meaning the site remains online but little to no further updates will be made. Past desktop calendar wallpapers that were created by Lycentia are still on her site.

Manga Style! - Images from the Sailormoon and Sailor V manga, including cover scans, artbook pages, and calendars. In addition, the site features calendars, splash pages, and original artwork from the official Sailor Moon Homepage, large color scans from the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Original Picture Collections or artbooks, and articles on creating the manga.


Lee Lee's Saban Moon World - Before DiC and Cloverway butchered and dubbed Sailormoon, Saban Entertainment nearly had the rights to Sailormoon. If they had, they would have turned Sailormoon into a live-action and animation, Sweet Valley High-meets-Power Rangers-meets- She-Ra series. If that thought is scary, seeing the infamous trailer at that site is scarier enough to make the dubbed versions tolerable in comparision. The site also features fictional but hilarious character profiles of the five Saban Scouts, meaning of course Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.

Sailor Moon Music - An archive of Sailormoon MIDIs at Prose-n-Poetry, The Writers and Readers Site, which devoted to all kinds of literature, writing workshops, and Sailormoon-related stuff such as galleries and MIDIs. - One of the largest sources for Sailormoon music, songs, lyrics and dialogues from the CDs. The other largest source was Beej's Compleat Sailor Moon CD List, which was also a comprehesive Sailormoon CD info and mp3 archive. While his page is gone, it is not forgotten since the current link to his page is archived on Internet Archive.

Video Games

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Another Story for SNES - Website on the video game consisting of walkthroughs linked at GameFAQs, screen shots, game maps, scans from the game's booklet and more. - Sailor Moon: Another Story - Guide on every aspect of the game including accessories, bosses, allies, and how to play.

The Sailor Moon Super Senshi Playground - Site of Sailormoon web games such as drag-and-drop puzzles, "Which Sailor Senshi Are You" quiz, and all the show's video games for the SNES and other game consoles. (SNES and other game console emulators required to play these video games.) The Sailormoon: Another Story RPG, translated in English, is available for download.

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