May 3, 2010
Updated WonderCon 2010 with a few more details.

Apr. 6, 2010
Happy very belated New Year! Changed the main layout to feature Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor and Karen Gillian as companion Amy Pond in honor of Smith's era on Doctor Who this year.

Added: Photos taken from WonderCon 2010 in Photo Gallery. New links at the "Credits" section at Links Main Page and two of Entertainment Links's subsite TV Stations and Shows Links and Doctor Who Links.

Relocated: Robert Stack and Anne Bancroft memoriams now under Archives and Miscellaneous. Web links for both sites still the same.

Removed: Sailor Moon: Another Story screencaps gallery and any unused or outdated pages not listed on the site but still on its server.

Nov. 15, 2009
-Main page layout for both the holidays and David Tennant who will be leaving Doctor Who after playing the Tenth Doctor from 2005 to 2010. On the latter, the change in layout coincides with the Who autumn special "The Waters of Mars," which aired over in its native UK on this date.

-Doctor Who Links in its own page and new links under TV Shows and Stations Links
-New Horatio Hornblower-related link under Movies, TV Miniseries, and Direct-to-Video Series section of Entertainment Links

-All Star Wars Fan Art moved to Other Art since the Star Wars Fan Art page is discontinued.
-All sections of Sailormoon Section relocated under Archives and Miscellaneous since the main page of Sailormoon Section is discontinued.

-Broken link in Fanime Con 2003 report
-Removed defunct links under "Credits" section of Links Main Page
-Updated memoriam thoughts for Anne Bancroft on front page

-All pages under the Robert Stack and Anne Bancroft memoriams and Sailormoon pages now have the white background, black text, green and brown link format.

Jan. 7, 2009
-New links at Movies, TV Miniseries, and Direct-to-Video Series section of Entertainment Links (formerly "Movies" but name changed to include links mentioned in new name) and Actors and Actresses Links

-Main page layout back in its original state after the holidays
-Photo Gallery page

-Robert Stack and Anne Bancroft memoriams. The links for those two are still the same but I took down the intro page listing the memoriams and linked directly to the two instead.

-DeForest Kelley and James Doohan memoriams. These two sites were actually retired in the previous update but I forgot to mention that.

Nov. 22, 2008
-List of Favorite Doctor Who Theme Remixes under Favorite Songs.
-New link banners under Links Main Page.
-Robert Stack's 2002 chat transcript from Lifetime's website at Stack's memoriam
-Withnail and I: The Two Doctors avatar under Avatars at Archives and Misc

-DeForest Kelley and James Doohan-related web links
-Archives and Miscellaneous page's avatars list
-Sailormoon Links, Entertainment Links, Actors and Actresses Links, TV Shows and Stations Links, Unsolved Mysteries Links, Links Main Pages
-Effective Film Moments. Added more moments for titles already listed and new entries such as Dreamgirls and Withnail and I

-List of Star Wars Articles
-Avatars relisted Live Journal-style in Archives and Miscellaneous

-The DeForest Kelley, Robert Stack, Anne Bancroft and James Doohan memoriams are now in the front page of Memoriam. All of their related pages from quotes to pictures have been relinked and relocated as well.
-Anime Music Videos, Favorite Songs, and Effective Film Moments lists under Archives and Miscellaneous.
-Star Trek-related links in TV Shows and Stations Links and Actors and Actresses Links
-First page of Sailormoon Fan Art moved to its index page. The rest of the fan art pages are intact.

-All thumbnails of drawings under all Art Gallery pages from 150 pixels to 125 pixels

Retired (i.e. no longer on the site):
-Serious, Funny, and Peanuts Quotes pages
-Star Trek Articles
-Carolyn Kelley article from Creation Entertainment at DeForest Kelley memoriam. The new link to her tribute is at Creation's website.
-Old link banners to my site and old avatars
-Favorite McCoy Moments and Lines. The McCoy lines are now on the main page of the Kelley memoriam.

-All Sailormoon Fan Art page links now numbered 01 throught 05 and all of their fan art image links have also been renamed.
-Original Art now known as Other Art and Other Anime Art renamed Anime Art
-All links to image art scans in Sailormoon Fan Art, Other Art, Anime Art, and Star Wars Fan Art

Feb. 24, 2008
Updated links in Memoriam for Robert Stack, Links Main Page, Video Games, Anime Music Videos List, TV Stations and Shows, Unsolved Mysteries, Star Trek, Actors and Actresses, and startribune.com article on Stack's passing in Stack's memoriam. Added new avatar of actor Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who in Archives and Miscellaneous. Also updated index pages for Archives and Miscellaneous and Lists.

Jan. 13, 2008
Happy New Year! Changed main layout back to its regular appearance.

Dec. 16, 2007
Changed the main page for the holidays. Changed character banners with some pictures rearragned, new characters and alternate pictures of same charcters added as noted below:

Top banner, from left to right:
David Briggs in The Detectives
Makoto Kino in Pretty Soldier Sailormoon
Dr. Gregory House in House M.D.
Chloe O'Brian in 24*
The Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who*
Sidney Bristow in Alias+
Edna Mode in The Incredibles

Bottom banner, from left to right:
Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings
Samus Aran in Metroid
Harry Potter in Harry Potter
Marle in Chrono Trigger
Luke Skywalker in Star Wars+
Emi in Dance Dance Revolution
Eliot Ness in The Untouchables

*new character
+same character, different picture

Added more links in Links Main Page, Entertainment Links, Actors and Actresses Links, Star Trek Links, and TV Shows and Stations Links. Fixed error on when Sailormoon Section became static in Sailormoon Fan Memories: 1995-2007.

Sept. 16, 2007
Main page: Changed main page layout featuring characters from Pretty Soldier Sailormoon, Alias, Secret of Mana/ Seiken Densetsu 2, The Detectives, House, M.D., 24, The Incredibles, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Metroid, Dance Dance Revolution, The Untouchables, Chrono Trigger and Star Wars. Updated About Me.

Links related: Added new links at Anime Music Videos list, Music Links, Actors Links, Sailormoon Links, Video Games Links, and Entertainment Links. Merged all DeForest Kelley and James Doohan-related links into Star Trek Links. Merged all anime-related links in Entertaiment Links and TV Shows and Stations Links. Deleted a now-defunct link at Related Link and Articles on Robert Stack.

Star Trek related: Picture of Dr. McCoy that was in the now-discontinued Related Links and Additional Tributes is now in Lyrics and Music: "Dr. McCoy" by S.P.O.C.K. Fixed broken link to Favorite McCoy Moments at Effective Film Moments list.

Sailormoon Section: Updated and retitled Sailormoon Fan Memories as Sailormoon Fan Memories: 1995-2007 at Sailormoon Section. In Sailormoon Fan Art, Crossover-Sailor Trek section has been discontinued. Both drawings from that section have been relocated to pages 01 and 04 there. Added U2 Meets Sailormoon to Sailormoon Section, even though that link has been around for a long time under Miscellaneous.

Miscellaneous pages: page retitled Archives and Miscellaneous since the "Archives" section now lists Star Trek Articles and, newly added, Star Wars Articles.

Additional updates: Changed backgrounds in Updates (this page) and all Star Trek-related pages except the DeForest Kelley and James Doohan memoriams.

Feb. 20, 2007
Added latest links at Sailormoon Links, new page Sailormoon Fan Memories in honor of Sailormoon's 15th anniversary of its premiere and 10th anniversary of its finale. Updated Related Links and Additional Tributes at DeForest Kelley's Memoriam and Video Games Links. Changed layout of About Me.

Jan. 5, 2007
Happy New Year! To coincide with the upcoming 6th season premiere of 24, I've changed the main layout featuring characters from the show.

Moved actors and actresses links to new section "Actors and Actresses Links" under Entertainment Links. Made minor updates on TV Stations and Shows Links and Star Trek Links. Added more link descriptions and updated links at Sailormoon Links. Updated links at Anime Links. Changed web links colors at Sailormoon Section main page.

In the last update, I mentioned I've changed the colors for the text links on Memoriam to brown and green. I realized I forgotten to upload the changes. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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