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Sakura and Kero
(Dec. 13, 2000)
Medium: Pencil
Series: Card Captor Sakura
Two of my favorite characters Sakura Kinomoto and Keberos (Kero-chan).

Runaway Bride
(June 22, 2001)
Medium: Pencil
Movie: Lupin III - The Castle of Cagliostro
Oh no! Is Count Cagliostro at it again?! He seems to be, as Clarisse runs away from the altar even before saying "I do" and even before entering the wedding chapel.

What is Eva Friedel Hiding?
(Mar. 4, 2001)
Medium: Pencil
Movie: Memories ("Magnetic Rose" segment)
Inspired by Kevin Caldwell’s anime music video of the the “Magnetic Rose” episode to Harajuku’s techno version of “Phantom of the Opera”, Eva Friedel's face is hidden like the Phantom’s.

(Sept. 26, 1999)
Medium: Pencil
Series: Pokemon
Though I’m not a Pokemon fan, I have a Pikachu sticker and it was too cute to pass up to be used for drawing.

Tenchi Masaki (Mar. 2, 1998)
Medium: Pencil
Series: Tenchi Muyo
Probably one of the first non-Sailormoon drawings, this was based on an Ani-Mayhem card of the character of Tenchi Muyo.

17th-18th Century Miyu
(Nov. 23, 2001)
Medium: Pencil
Series: Vampire Princess Miyu
Miyu in 17th-18th century dress.

Miyu Sketches I-III (Nov. 5, 2002 [Sketch I] and Nov. 11, 2002 [Sketches II and III])

Medium: All in pencil
Series: Vampire Princess Miyu
The three sketches above were a preparation for the "Watercolor Miyu" painting that I did about a month and a half after completing these sketches.

Tomoyo Daidouji
(Dec. 22, 2002)
Medium: Pencil, Prang color pencils
Series: Card Captor Sakura
Sakura Kinomoto's best friend. She's so cute, just like Sakura! ^_^

Watercolor Miyu
(Dec. 23, 2002)
Medium: Pencil, Prang ink, Prang watercolor paint
Series: Vampire Princess Miyu
After completing the Miyu sketches in early November 2002, I did a watercolor painting of Miyu, the first watercolor painting in a long time.

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