Sarah McLachlan, UCSD RIMAC Arena, Sun., 07 Dec 1997, 7:00pm

Sarah McLachlan

This is actually the order for the Mirrorball CD's concert an excellent recording, comparable to one of her other live shows like the one I saw/heard. If anyone has the order for this (UCSD RIMAC Arena) show, please email me.

Title (Album, Track)


Sorry, no real set list because I didn't know the names of all the songs yet and can't find the info anywhere else. (Instead you'll see the Mirrorball track list, similar to the set we had.) It was a good but short concert, especially compared to her others on the same tour, so I hear, but still very nice. Sarah sang (of course) and played guitar or piano during her songs. Also playing were Abra Moore (who we missed) and Barenaked Ladies (fellow Canadians). BNL's set just about stole the show, though. Sorry no list for them either. But they're very entertaining on stage, a little like TMBG, but their own style, and a little more mainstream. All of their songs rocked, and they did their usual (I guess, it was also on San Diego's Star 100.7FM Jingle Ball '98 concert) medley of interesting covers, including Sugar Ray's Fly, Aqua's Barbie Girl, and I think Third Eye Blind too. Quite a contrast for Sarah's songwriting forte. A good concert, and yet another night-before-a-test concert, where I do believe I kicked butt on the Bio final the next morning! I like this pattern. Some of my tests have some major suckage. My new strategy: go to a concert the night before!

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