Dido, Open Air Theatre, San Diego State University, Sun., 30 May 2004, 8:00pm


Title (Album, Track)



Dido rocks and raves too, with her awesome band with two percussionists, keyboards, and guitar and bass. She performed all the songs from the second album except one and about half the first album. It was a lot of fun, with her club dancing to her upbeat electronic songs, the audience singing along, and her "little conversations" with the audience. I bet she'd be fun to take clubbing in London, just that kind of person that would be cool to hang out with, but don't cross her or she'll write a song or two about you. Tom McRae opened for her with his "songs of misery and death" with himself on guitar and a cellist and keyboardist. He has a very unique voice, and the atypical cello (sometimes with effects) made the songs even more unique.

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