Maureen and Ian's Wedding Page
04 January, 2003


We would like to thank those who have helped us in the planning and realization of the ceremony and reception. Here is a list of people who took part in making this day magical. In chronological order.

This list may not be complete. Or correct. Please bear with me.


  • prepared us for married life: Harold and Lisa Mumford and Fr. Mark Padrez
  • presided over the ceremony: Fr. Mark Padrez
  • administrated the ceremony: Deacon Joe Wood
  • directed the rehearsal: Wanda Horne
  • decorated the pews: Josefina Camaclang and Mara Molina
  • put together bouquets: Elizabeth Jew and Jocelyn Jovenal
  • made the license plate "Just Married sign": Frank Cheng
  • folded programs: Bryan Buñag and Dax Garcia
  • ushered: Bryan Buñag and Dax Garcia
  • bride's grandmother: Alicia Buñag
  • escorted bride's grandmother: Bryan Buñag
  • sponsored the couple: Fabbee and Hector Buñag and Vickie and Manuel Molina
  • groom's parents: Josefina and Francisco Camaclang
  • escorted bride's mother: Marc Ibañez
  • beared the coins: Riley Boyce
  • beared the ring: Timothy Camaclang
  • brought up flowers: Larissa Sierra
  • bridesmaid and escort: Claire Camaclang and Marc Ibañez
  • bridesmaid and escort: Marsha Ibañez and Chi Ni
  • maid of honor: Natascha Whipple
  • best man: Benjamin Wang
  • bride's parents: Marilyn and Manuel Ibañez
  • played piano: Christopher Boyce and Roummel Marcia
  • played violin: Patricia McKormick (it says Carranza in the program; her maiden name)
  • sang for the psalm: Charlene Ellsworth and Kimbach Tran
  • sang in choir: Janet-Marie Colby, Michelle Detsch, Jeanette Ducut, Charlene Ellsworth, Nancy Graff, Elizabeth Jew, Jocelyn Jovenal, Phillip Mages, Roummel Marcia, Kevin McKormick, Patricia McKormick, Ivan Oei, and Kimbach Tran (Patrick and Sarah could not make it for practice and Grace was sick)
  • read the readings: Chris Buñag (it says "Christopher" in the program, but it's really just Chris) (Sanna had transportation issues so couldn't make the second reading)
  • presented the veil: Dax Garcia and Abigail Ocampo
  • presented the cord: Jonathan Camaclang and Leslie Garcia


  • designed the layout: Manuel Ibañez and Elizabeth Jew
  • recorded favor CDs: Ian Camaclang and Elizabeth Jew
  • made the table decorations: Maureen Ibañez and Elizabeth Jew
  • made the tropical poster: Frank Cheng
  • directed the reception setup: Elizabeth Jew
  • set up the tables and decorations: Jason Alisangco, Jennifer Alisangco, Frank Cheng, Michelle Detsch, Charlene Ellsworth, AJ Fleming, Natalie Guaring, Masaya Iwamoto, Elizabeth Jew, Eric Jew, Jocelyn Jovenal, Robert Kleemann, Monica Leong, Felix Lu, Christopher McKinney, Teresa McKinney, Roummel Marcia, and Ivan Oei
  • checked in guests: Lily Fan, Karen Felzer, Leslie Flynn, and Joanne Sakamoto
  • DJ: Florentino Apeles
  • introduced the bridal party: Phil Larrabure
  • MC/game show host/magician: Chi Ni
  • ran the Jeopardy buffet game: Marc Ibañez
  • danced for the bride and groom: Riley Hutchins
  • helped finish the cake, cider, and champagne: Frank Cheng, Masaya Iwamoto, Roummel Marcia, and Ivan Oei

What did the bride and groom do (in case you were wondering)?

  • raise Timmy
  • setup the website
  • decide the readings and hymns
  • pick out registry items (mostly Maureen)
  • make the favor CDs
  • pick the reception music
  • publish the program
  • love each other and be there for each other
  • be grateful for the support of their family and friends

What else did other people do?

  • organize the family bridal shower: Sanna Hutchins
  • organize the Christmas party/bridal shower: Sharon Kwan
  • organize the San Diego bridal shower: Natascha Whipple
  • make the chocolate favors: Jessica Bessler, Janet-Marie Colby, Karin Deesen, Michelle Detsch, Natalie Guaring, Marilyn Ibañez, Marsha Ibañez, Elizabeth Jew, Jocelyn Jovenal, Teresa McKinney, and Natascha Whipple
  • organize the bachelor party at Dave & Buster's: Benjamin Wang
  • provide lodging before the wedding: Roummel Marcia and Dave Carta, Eric and Elizabeth Jew
  • basically be our wedding coordinator: Elizabeth Jew

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