William Shakespeare's Romeo+Juliet

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[seals.gif]The family seals:

[montseal.gif] [capseal.gif]

[cap_005.gif]The family cars:


[thy_ad.gif]Ads spread throughout Verona Beach: [vbsm.gif]

[thunder.jpg] [posthste.jpg]
[sword9mm.jpg] [lamour.jpg]
[hotspur.jpg] [hark.jpg]
[timely.jpg] [rosenkrz.gif]
[phoenix.jpg] [holy_h2o.jpg]
[banquet.jpg] [wscoupon.jpg]

Disclaimer: all of these images come from the movie site (click on the logo above to get to it). The only work I did was to cut out the ads and make things transparent (the family seals were not easy!). This is for entertainment purposes only.

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