Name: Melrose Place

Type: TV

Buzz Factor: Varies

 Melrose Drinking Game #1
 Provided by: Kelly Ferguson (

 Take a drink if...
      The engaged couple have a fight.
      The engaged couple make up.
      Someone gets thrown in the pool.
      Matt does something wimpy.
      Jake gets angry at someone.
      Someone gets angry at Jake.
      Jake is seen without a shirt on.
      Billy is seen without a shirt on.
      Michael is seen without a shirt on.
      Matt makes a subtle comment to indicate his sexual preference
      without beating the viewers over the head with it.
      Someone confides in Alison.
      Billy acts "protective" of Alison.
      Alison does something naive.
      Any of the characters kiss each other, with the exception of the
      engaged couple, unless they are making up.
      Alison has a guy who falls for her and this causes her to screw
      up her relationship with Billy.
      Someone mentions their parents.
      Someone knocks on someone else's door early in the morning.
      Any character goes to bed with someone. (Drink twice if it's two
      of the regular characters)
      Alison or Billy has a dinner/meeting/date with a member of the
      opposite sex and doesn't have to explain to the other one that
      it's to be purely a business/platonic evening.
      Amanda mentions rent payments. (Drink twice if it's said to
      someone who isn't in the middle of a personal tragedy or crisis.)
      Billy and Alison are about to make love and Alison stops Billy's
      Someone stays very late at the office or works late at home.
 Drink everything within reach if...
      Billy and Alison make love.
      The engaged couple get through an episode without fighting.
      Matt gets a lover.
      A plot carries over from one week to the next, instead of being
      neatly wrapped up. (Doesn't count for season finale.)
      One of the regulars actually moves out.
      Someone new moves in who everybody hates. (If they rerun Amanda's
      debut, drink extra 'cause we all know how this turns out!)
      Someone has a good friend who is not one of the 8 people in the
      apartment. (Lovers are excluded from this.)
      Billy works. (At the office)
      Matt has an episode that focuses on him.
 Go out and buy extra alcohol, then drink everything in sight if...
      Matt is actually SHOWN being physically intimate with a lover.
 Any input is appreciated--comments, concerns, criticisms, suggestions.
 Lemme have it!! -Kel


    Drinking Game #2
    By: Dean M. Rogers
 Little sips taken when you see the following...
      Jane tucking hair behind her ear
      Allison rolls her eyes in annoyance
      Billy stares slack-jawed into the middle ground
      Jo tells Jake she needs time to think
      Amanda strides by the pool in a mini
      Jake wanders about shirtless carrying a wrench
      Syd shows up at the hospital wearing a dress with a prim little
      lace collar
 Gulp upon seeing the following...
      Sydney tries out a new illegal profession/occupation
      Jane refuses to let someone into her apartment and listen to
      their problems
      Michael threatens someone
      Matt leering openly at a man
      Billy fully enunciates the phrase, "I love you, Allison". Smaller
      sip taken for the usual, "Ah wuv eu, Awison"
      Wedding planned for the courtyard (extra drinks taken for
      successful completion of nuptials)
      Someone is arrested, but since they're a regular, you know
      they'll get out soon
 Empty bottle for the following...
      Amanda is spotted in pants
      Jo has absolutely no flyaway hair
      Matt says, "Down on all fours and bark like a dog, slave"
      Characters return from the dead
      Any characters rips off hair revealing tremendous scar


  Melrose Drinking Game #3 
  By Steve Coleman (
 Tis' the season to be jolly, and after the Thanksgiving episode, we
 had plenty to drink about. Please note, this game does not promote the
 consumption of alcohol, you may use your favorite beverege, or BEER.
 But please don't go to work "smelling like you spent the nite in a
 brewerey" (Amanda to Allison). Enjoy.
      DUH look from Billy - 1 drink
      Allison Drinking or acting Drunk - 1 drink (drink with her)
      Shot of Amanda in power suit above hem line - 1 drink
      Use of slang reference to another character -1 drink
      Jo with hand on womb - 1 drink per hand
      Any couple "in the sheets" - 1 drink
      Billy's new chick cooking or in apron. - 1 drink
      Matt & Navy boy hugging or lustfully starting at each other - 1
      Slo-motion pre-commercial flashback - 1 drink per
      Shot of Billy in jeans at the office. - 1 drink
      Jake roughin' someone up, or gettin' roughed up - 1 drink per
      Kimberly's 'evil bitch look'. - 1 drink
      Kimberly's SCAR!!!- 5 drinks (if you can stomach it)
      Someone say "LOVE"? - 3 drinks per
      Michael scamming - 1 drink if you can catch it
      Jane in disbelief (for gettin' stepped on) - 1 drink
      Good/Bad Line - 1 drink
      Kimberly BREASTFEEDING ?!?!?! - drink while the baby does...
 Melrose Drinking Game #4
 Provided by: Kelly Ferguson (

 For professional drinkers only.
 Drink if...
       Billy and Alison fight.
       Billy and Alison make up.
       Jake is seen with no shirt on. (Extra gulp if he's carrying
       Amanda strides by the pool in a mini.
       Syd shows up in a dress that makes her look sweet and innocent.
        (Extra gulp if the dress has a nice and sweet lace collar.
        Another extra if it's in the hospital.)
       Michael smirks.
       Someone uses the word "bitch."
       Kimberly or Michael lie. (Extra gulp if it is to or involving
       Billy stares slack-jawed and blankly into the middle ground.
       The pool is shown.
 Kelly assumes no responsibility for what happens due to playing this
 game, but would love to hear about it. I won't tell you to drink
 safely, because at this point, safety really isn't an option, but
 please don't drink and drive.

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